Murty gives significant update on Jordan Rossiter


Rangers manager Graeme Murty appears to have implied defensive midfielder Jordan Rossiter has suffered yet another setback in his latest return from injury, by confirming the former England youth international is to be ‘assessed later on in the week’ while discussing those currently injured.

The 20-year took part in a youth clash with Valencia recently and was omitted for the subsequent clash with Man Utd leading some fans to think he might be in the squad for the weekend trip to Martin Canning’s lot, but Murty has confirmed Rossiter is still in recuperation and will not be involved at the weekend.

It is a two and a half year nonsense now involving the likeable Liverpudlian who must be aching to get some serious game time in the seniors, but for love nor money cannot seem to keep himself fit enough to become a credible selection.

He still has age on his side and we pray he can get out of this hole.


  1. I said we should have caught our losses last summer, if anyone want to pay me £10k a week and I don’t have to do anything for u just let me know

    • I'd rather play football and get paid £5k a week than do nothing and get paid £10k a week.
      Especially, if it's playing for The Famous.
      Don't insinuate that this boy is just here for a pay packet. He wants to be a top pro.

    • Stuart that’s a bit tight like mate! Any athelete hates being injured period. I was a very keen long distance runner and hated not being able to do any training. Getting paid doesn’t come into it my book…

  2. I Say Cut our Losses … Move Him On
    His Body is obviously too Damaged/Fragile and wont be Fit anytime Soon!

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