A new era at Rangers

A new era at Rangers

Today’s news has seen the confirmation that former Rangers manager and well-known Bluenose Alex McLeish is set to take the reins again as manager of the national team.

Our initial reaction to this news is good – we are happy to have a good Rangers man as manager of Scotland again, and this opens doors for the Rangers team as a whole.

Some reading this might wonder why we are happy Eck is now Scotland manager when we expressed our horror at Walter Smith doing it – well, that was because we wanted Walter as Rangers manager, but were less enthused about McLeish doing the job in Govan.

But it has all worked out nicely, and the strongest period in Scotland’s recent history could be set to return as the ex-Aberdeen defender retakes his seat at Hampden and we sit here at Ibrox Noise with baited breath to see if this becomes a Scotland that we can identify with again.

It could, could it not? Rangers have plenty of players quite capable of playing for the national team – Russell Martin, Jamie Murphy, Lee Wallace, Ryan Jack, Graham Dorrans and Jason Cummings to name just six are all quite valid selections (when fit in appropriate cases) and that can only raise their value to Rangers and the affinity Rangers supporters can restore again to a national regime which has gone out its way in recent years to alienate us.

It is no coincidence when Gordon Strachan left that the two main serious candidates approached by the SFA are both strong Rangers men. With Rangers growing slowly back something like into a Rangers we all expect, the calibre of player we are signing or indeed developing (David Bates, Ross McCrorie) is rising too, and it is evident this dreadful era for the national team could be about to develop into a much more profitable one with Rangers playing a heavy role.

The toxicity of the tartan army will probably not leave for a while – they are likely to be hostile to all Rangers players in the national shirt for some time yet, but when Jason Cummings scores the winner in a world cup or Euro qualifier off a Murphy assist, that hatred is likely to be laughable, and to dim over time.

With the appointment of Eck, we will be very interested to see just how many Rangers players get call ups, and just how more integrated our club becomes with SFA FC.

It can only be a good thing long term to have our feet back in the door of the national regime again.

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  1. Lawell is trying to manoeuvre himself ( or another celtic employee ) back into a major position of influence within the SFA again . That's why he's calling for amalgamation of the two governing bodies , so he can get all the anti Rangers clubs back on board to his way of thinking . There should be an enquiry into the part he and his cohorts played in having Gers bumped off into the fourth tier of Scottish football and he should never be allowed to hold any influence within the ruling body again .

    • He didn’t actually want rangers out of the league. That’s why he gave it to the fans vote. He has came out and said it was a big mistake and cost them too much money but was just keeping his fans happy

    • If Liewell really wanted Rangers to stay in the league why did he put the decision in the hands of the fans (as other clubs did). What did he think would happen?
      The truth is he saw a great opportunity to put his club years ahead of us with unrestricted success and access to the Champions League. At the same time he was able to increase his personal and his clubs influence at the head of Scottish football.

  2. Is good for ours player international Carrers, but something deep down still makes me think the sfa have made there bed with us and until there are board changes then I wouldn’t want our players playing for them just in case of injury.

  3. Good luck to big eck but to be perfectly honest I couldnt give a monkeys or lose any sleep if Scotland win,lose,draw …..My reason,It's all about the Famous!!!

    The way our club has been treated over the past few years by most/other clubs
    supporters has been nothing but Poisonous towards our club/players and let's be honest the biggest majority of them Are the so called tartan army and when our players do get called up,will the poison stop ?…..I think not and stuff the lot of Them……watp Helicopter 2005

  4. The people who have treated our club the worst are not the SFA, The Tartan Army,or other Scottish clubs. .
    It has been The British, especially Her Majesty’s Customs & Revenue, The British Government.
    The sooner people realise the reality the better.

  5. Hope McLeish Does Well but I Agree with DaveTheRave 👍

    My Opinion is that Rangers Players Should Boycott The National Team

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