Are Rangers close to smashing the Scottish transfer record?


With yesterday’s breaking news that Turkish cracks Fenerbahce have joined the hunt for in-demand Alfredo Morelos, there is a massive queue now forming for the Colombian’s services.

It appears 100% certain his spell in Scotland will be for just the one season, but if the purses of the interested parties are anything to go by Rangers could in line for the biggest windfall in Scottish football history.

Chinese side Beijing Renhe offered £8M for the ex-HJK man and this was rejected purely because we do not have to sell him – initially the BBC’s Kheredine Idessane reported the story was false, and that a ‘source close to the Chinese’ knew nothing of a bid – the fact the BBC reporter quickly (and honestly) put out a further statement retracting that claim and admitting the story was true has been somewhat ignored by the conspiracists.

But with Morelos admitting now two or three times that he sees himself moving on, Rangers are on the verge of a titanic profit. The Scottish transfer fee stands at a pretty impressive £11.5M for Celtic’s Virgil Van Dijk, but with a wealthy club like the Turkish giants inquiring today to identify how much Morelos will cost, well, we could well see a new record on its way.

The £8M fee is out there, and it is widely known Rangers expect more. And with cash-rich sides like the Chinese, the Turks and even some of the wealthier English Championship sides keeping tabs, Rangers could very well be looking at a £15M+ fee, maybe more.

This may sound hysterical, but by rejecting £8M we must applaud the board’s canny move in thinking ahead – they have indirectly announced nothing less than base minimum of £10M will be accepted, and with a glut of heavily-coffered sides after him, and a bidding war on the horizon, well, you do the math.

For a player we picked up for roughly £800,000, the profit could be stunning and could seriously help in the summer for further high-quality signings – thank you so much to Jonatan Johansson for scouting this lad and bringing him to Ibrox.

He might not be the best striker we have ever had, in fact he probably is not close, but he could end up netting us the kind of transfer fee we could only dream of a year ago. 


  1. Poor lad moving to turkey though. He prob won’t get paid after 6 months and then be fighting to get out of his contract 😂😂

  2. Columbia have 2 friendly games next month against France & Australia pre World Cup.
    If Morelos does get a call up and pulls the yellow shirt on then his value doubles.
    If he makes the world cup squad and plays and scores name your price.
    Rangers are in a win win win position here with Morelos, even if he doesn't get a call up.
    His agent arrives in Scotland from America later this week to thrash out a new improved deal. (Hopefully with a extension)
    Get that done with a hefty price on his head plus a 10% sell on clause.

    I'm sure he will get 20+ leauge goals before the end of the season.

    He's money in the Bank⁉️
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Bang on the.button Robbie lad…Defo 22 before end of season I reckon…. He will only get better if he learns the lingo too…I’d keep him for one more season mate..

    • Bang on the button Robbie lad.. Defo 22 goals before the end of season I reckon mate! Thing is I’d keep him for one more season as he'll be even better in a settled Team and formation..

      I rate the Buffalo highly and can improve yet…If he makes the National squad the boy can print money 💶💶💶

  3. Spot on Robbie at least £15.000000 million the guy is a good player I think he will be 20 odd maybe more goals this season but would love to keep him at Ibrox but it's all about££££££

  4. If we do sell Morelos let us hope we have scouts out looking for a replacement of similar quality, not only to benefit Rangers on the park, but to copy (not something I condone often), the Eastend Mob in turning over players for huge profits over the past five or so years. Had they not supplemented their income from the sale of these players, even with the money they got from European campaigns, they would be in financial difficulties.
    I reckon if we received £10+ million for Morelos it would be an outstanding bit of business indeed.
    Footnote: Alfredo has had his critics too since his arrival from Finland, but as one of the lads commented, he is the best striker since Jelavic, which I can’t disagree with, but his positioning in the penalty box and movement in the 18 yard box is reminiscent of Rod Wallace and dare I say a youthful Ally McCoist, so if we sell him for a huge amount of money, good business, if we keep him I’d be very happy.

  5. Calm down everybody the boy has done nothing looks a player but it’s stupid to be talking about that kind of fee after a few months in the Scottish league which we say is the worst league in The world We would laugh at the Tramps for doing the same thing remember 🙈. WATP 🇬🇧

    • whats wrong with you? are you afraid he stays for a few seasons or the money gets well spent on good quality! or have you got the shakes that Brendan has capitulated on tv! I wonder

  6. If we get 15m then sell. Surely we can buy a good striker for 5m leaving 10m profit. The fans would not let us sign Kyle Laggerty and now he is scoring regularly for Hearts. I bet 500k would still get him.

  7. He’s not the best striker we’ve ever had aye ok IN… He’s a million miles better than Joe fucking Garner fact… Funny how you had him sold to Villa for 4 million just not long ago?

    I’ll go as far to say he will go even further in the game than your love child Cummings…Yes he misses chances but so do the best strikers ( simply because he makes those chances ).

    JJ has to get a nice sweetener if we do get a huge offer as he basically told Ped to get the boy…I’d keep him until after the WC make the most of him while he’s burning for a move to the EPL…

  8. He's raw but with bags of promise, and while I'd love to see him stay at Ibrox long-term and become the next McCoist the simple fact that if we get offered anything in the region of 10million or more then we have to sell. It would recoup the money wasted by Pedro in one full swoop, and enable us to go for 3/4 players of around 2/3e million mark to really add quality to the team.

  9. Cracking young player. Bags of potential although should anyone come in with 9/10 mil the club would have to seriously consider it. Its an 8/9mil profit which could seriously increase the chances of silverware nezt season. Cant see the transfer record being smashed cant see us gettin more than £13mil they got for wanyama.

  10. Morelos is a Monster!
    Proper Goalscorer!
    And like other commenters have mentioned if he gets called up, has a decent world cup and gets a few goals we will be looking at around £15m 🤔👌

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