Has Graeme Murty made a big call for Hamilton?


 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

It was so pleasing to see Rangers play well against Ayr United on Sunday and score 6 goals in the process. It was a brilliant attacking line-up that treated the fans to 31 shots on goal and mostly superb performances all over the pitch.

There was a real desire to win this away Cup tie and boy did they deliver – yes in droves! There were so many positives to take away from the Somerset Park performance, but alas, pundits might point out that it was only against inferior opposition from the lower divisions.

We have witnessed Rangers struggle for a number of years now against inferior teams, so I was delighted with what I was watching down in Ayr.

The weather was atrocious and the pitch was heavy and to me, that makes the win all the more impressive.

There is no denying that a number of Rangers fans have never felt that our goalie Foderingham is the best, but he certainly has improved since coming to Ibrox.

I personally feel that he is a good shot stopper but exceptionally poor with cross balls which continue to cost us goals. I would be looking for us to sign a much taller, experienced goalie, if we are to actually win the league again.

Murty changed to a 4-4-2 formation to include a diamond midfield shape. His idea was to see if he could get Morelos and Cummings working as a goal scoring pairing and it did work out fairly well with 3 goals between them.

The fans are very interested to see if Morelos and Cummings can start more games together to see if it will work in the SPL, where most teams flood their midfield and defence against us to try and deny us space. Murty has confirmed he is interested in sticking with the formation. He said:

“It is in its infancy and it is a start. I just wanted to see if it would work and if they would complement one another, and I thought at times they made the same runs as they are a similar type of player. But, we showed we have got people who can score goals, and if we can get both of them understanding one another, and we can get a better understanding with them, then it is something I wouldn’t be afraid to do again.”

But for his next away game against Hamilton this Sunday, will Murty go back to his preferred 4-2-3-1 SPL line-up or remain with the pairing up top?

The performance against Ayr United will have given Murty plenty food for thought. Personally, I would play the same exciting team again as the Accies are really struggling at the moment (not surprising given we signed their best player) and Aberdeen beat them 3-0 in their last match.


  1. 4-4-2 for me too Richard. It would be brilliant to see if Alf and Jason could make a partnership work. Agree on Fod's lack of confidence at crosses, but the Ayr match is not the one to make a terminal decision on – he's been good for the most part and he's better than the back up options. Very optimistic about the second half of the season!

    • That’s the thing Jak would’ve been playing if it wasn’t for personnel problem ( whatever that was ). I just think his concentration goes a wonder when balls coming at him at feet..
      A lot to be said for old school but I do prefer Rangers playing in a 4-4-2

      Things will get better…

  2. Spot on regarding the keeper spot, Wes is good at stopping shots but atrocious at cross balls and his distribution from feet is just as bad, would like to see us going for Joe Lewis from the sheep .WATP

  3. keepers like everybody else make mistakes

    I remember The Goalie fucked up in a european game after he signed and it cost us a place in the next round which as far as I'm concerned was a very soft goal but look how he turned out
    youtu.be/LfLt_CF-xK4 around 21.10 mark

    yes there's keepers out there who are a thousand time better than Wes
    but unfortunately we can't afford Manuel Neuer atm

  4. 4-2-3-1 with Goss and Docherty the defensive/holding midfielders and Candieas, Windass and Murphy the 3 attacking midfielders.
    Tav is far more effective with Candiaes in front of him.
    For me Mcrorrie when fit should go straight back into the team at CB.
    He has all the attritbutes required of the modern day CB to play at the highest level, composure, technical ability, speed and can do the dirty work as well.
    Plus his drives from the back to start counter attacks are major assett.
    The clamour for 4-4-2 from some fans boggles my mind, are they clinging to past glories that were played in that formation or is it the mistaken view that we need Cumming and Morales on the park at the same time ?

  5. What I feel we have lacked is the ability to change the formation mid-game when things aren’t going our way. 4-2-3-1 should be how we start most games. Although the ability to switch to two up front or even three at the back should (and hopefully is) being worked on.

  6. We can't afford a keeper who is better than Fod. He's the best in the SPL and for me, was key to keeping us in the top 6 last season, never mind the top 3. His improvement since he joined has been impressive and his handling of crosses has come a long way from what we witnessed in the cup final. Looking forward to the weekend!

  7. I think the criticism of Foderinghams stupid mistake on the day is acceptable, but on how many occasions in over 100 games for Rangers has he been to blame for lost game and lost points? Not as many as you might think. I agree that in a few crucial games he has made mistakes and is far from faultless, but he secured our third victory without doubt in an exemplary performance against Aberdeen for definite and had done so on other times as well.
    I also agree he needs to concentrate more with the ball at his feet and move it quicker, choose not to go for a second touch, which was the mistake he had at Ayr.
    If there is a better keeper around at an affordable price, then by all means sell Wes, he must be in the £750,000 to £1 million category, but I am happy to stick with him for the moment.

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