Murty drops massive hint about senior star


Article by: Richard, for  Ibrox Noise

Ibrox Noise has numerous readers who are adamant that Kenny Miller should hang up his boots with the first team and start spending more time coaching our under 20’s and possibly joining his young players as an over-age player.

The general feeling with fans is that Kenny is too old, out of form this season, doesn’t stay up the park often enough and that he runs all over the place.

Well I have news for you – the managers who have been selecting teams in recent years have all liked playing Kenny Miller in their first team.

My feeling is that Murty has every intention of using Miller’s talents during the 2nd half of the season, where he could be especially useful coming on for the last 20/30 minutes of certain games as a high impact substitute.

If Murphy is not having a great game playing wide left – Kenny could replace him.

If Windass is fading out of the match or picks up a knock – Miller can also play in his position.

Morelos or Cummings could be having a stinker and King Kenny could easily slot into either of their places.

With having a multi-purpose and a superb professional available for your service, you would be a fool to devalue his efforts and overall usefulness – too numerous to ignore.

After battling back from a fairly serious hamstring injury, Murty felt that Miller got some vital match minutes under his belt against Ayr United, when he returned to action following several weeks out of the side.

Murty said:

“You see him like that every single day in training where he brings all that enthusiasm, application, attitude and quality as well. We need to make sure if we are going to have people keeping him out of the team, it is because they are at a higher level of all of those things.”

He finished by saying:

“Kenny is a real professional and a top guy to have in and around the changing room, so to bring him back is a special thing for us and we need to utilise him correctly.

That tells me that Miller will continue to be a major part of this new Rangers team – and personally, I agree with Murty.


  1. Great article and I agree 100%. I have a feeling Kenny could be the guy who nicks that last minute goal that either beats that lot or beats who ever is trying to keep us off 2nd or in the next round of the cup. We also need him to be helping some of these youngsters settle in. I'm sure young Doc is loving training and then playing beside Kenny Miller. I hope he becomes a first team coach next season.

  2. You're all deluded. We've watched Kenny all season and he's got worse and worse. No first touch other than a poor one, can't pass, spends most of his time in his own half. He's been a great servant to the club but as a first teamer he is finished. finito. game over. Time to join the coaching staff permanently.

  3. Must have forgotten about that 40 yard pass to Windass for him to score at Murrayfield against Hearts… Kenny without a shadow of a doubt can still make an impact on and off the pitch, his influence is evident to the younger players the way he trains and his professionalism, anyone who thinks otherwise has no clue about the game and is indeed deluded.

  4. Afraid I have to agree with FulhamJohn. A great servant to the club, but so was John Greig and nobody thinks he can still do a job. Judged on his efforts this season, which is how he should be judged, Kenny has failed.
    So take what he can offer, which is on the training ground. Give him the last 10 minutes of a game already won if we need to keep him happy. But he cannot be the go-to guy any more, sorry.

    And I am a big fan of what he has done for us

  5. With his legs gone and there fore his pace which was always his greatest asset then yes he can be a great sub player. Just like novo was in his later rangers years

  6. Would rather a 18 year old was getting that last half hour of a game.
    We have plenty teenage talent, surely the future should be playing not the past!!!
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. As much as I have Loved Watching Miller pull on The Rangers Jersey, It is time to hsng up his boots and go into Coaching.

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