A £20M windfall at Ibrox


Hot on the heels of James Tavernier’s bumper new contract is today’s continuation of the theme with Josh Windass committing himself till 2021.

With a glut of clubs sniffing around both players last summer and January past, it is evident Rangers chiefs can see they have assets on their hands and were keen to increase their value.

We have to praise both players too – Tavernier and Windass have committed themselves to our club long term, and while we are sure they are being handsomely rewarded for that, the fact both have signed such deals shows they are both committed to the club, and happy to help the club get lavish transfer fees for them in the event of sale.

Coming immediately after Rangers rejected a fourth bid from Renhe for Alfredo Morelos weighing in at £9M, from a squad once filled with Emilson Cribari, Rob Kiernan and Joe Garner, Rangers suddenly have at least three significant assets with huge value on their heads.

We know James Tavernier will fetch at least £5M now, likely considerably more, and Windass has had the vultures around him as well, with a reported escape clause in his old contract of £3.5M. The lad from Hull is evidently worth far more now, and if we add Morelos’ current minimal value of £10M we are essentially looking at at least £20M for the three of them.

This is forward thinking, and is the first time we have felt in a long while that the club has a strategy with regards the players. Whatever happened with Danny Wilson was based around player value, and it was evidently decided his value would not grow hence no deal was offered.

Only players who have potential growth and worth to the club on both a football and financial level are being targeted and we cannot really complain about that too much.

There is no coincidence we tied down promising young Ross McCrorie to a new deal and have set in motion discussions to get David Bates similarly committed.

It has been a long time since the club had valuable assets on its hands, but Windass, Tavernier and Morelos are just three that the club currently have, and we know there are many more.

It is the right direction.


  1. Yeah it really feels like we are going in the right direction now. If we win 9 of our last 12 games, which should be failry realistic, we would finish at least 20 points better off than last season. If this were the case and we still finished 3rd, I would say that we stick with Murty because getting circa 20 points more than last season is a significant improvement, especially if you take the Pedro debacles into account. With a bit of stability going forward into next season, we could conceivably be pushing for near 30 wins, which would get us within touching distance of the title. If we fire Murty we will be back at square one.

    • Stumbler I can only agree with you. The Team are responding to Murty and the staff, add the players on loan at the end of season and it’s looking good. Only need 2-3 players of quality to add to that in the summer, then I’d say we’ve a very strong squad. A very young squad too which with stability will help their game no end. Rangers can’t afford another project…

    • Murtys not the answer if we want to move to the next level….League and Europe.If Allardyce left Everton we should push for an experienced manager who will cost us but get the best out of the young squad we are building

  2. Not exactly got a queue of better options to Murty in my opinion. He's still learning the job and there can be little argument against the fact that we are improving both the squad and performances. I personally would keep Tav and Josh but if the stories are accurate then Morelos could go for £12-15 million. We could really strengthen with that kind of investment. Thank f Pedro has gone. Shame it took them so long.

  3. Why is my post gone? …oh well

    Delighted with The Direction we are going In.
    Delighted with Murty & Allan

    For Tav, £7.5m Minimum
    For Windass, £4.5m Minimum
    For Morelos, £10-12m Minimum

  4. Lovely to see all the haters in a tailspin over Rangers footballing and financial re-emergence. Rangers players wanted by foreign teams and willing to pay very large sums for them – this is not supposed to happen, right? Rangers are skint, about to go into administration, it's all a MSM fabrication (although trying to work out who in Scottish MSM is a friend of Rangers beats me) and their players are all bang average, aren't they?
    If any of that is wrong, then the terrifying truth for the haters is that last five years have been an exercise in delusional self-deception. I suppose they will continue to bang their gums until they see the Morelos money actually on the balance sheet when the next set of accounts come out, but in the meantime it's lovely to see them suffering increasing agonies as reality bites.
    Here's today's example (it's Hibs but it could be any of them) – hibs.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=521657

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