Rangers linked to former captain


A year or so ago this story would have seemed idiotic and not worthy of consideration, but despite a questionable source at best originating it the whole affair does not appear quite as comical now as it may once have.

Southampton’s Steven Davis is being murmured as a potential returnee to Ibrox, the 33-year old being reportedly less in favour at St Mary’s than he maybe once was, and claims have been made by Rock Sport’s Bill Young that talks have taken place between the ex-Rangers captain and the club.

However, before we get all excited over a potentially nonsense story, he further added that Graeme Murty allegedly wants younger players.

Explains 32 year old Russell Martin and 28 year old Jamie Murphy then (!)

Fans are of course colourful in their reactions to this story, with the majority exploding with joy over the possibility of the NI captain returning to his boyhood team, and in fairness, of all the ‘deserters’ he is one of the least vilified by the support and most seem to have forgiven any idea of indiscretion on his part.

Regardless, while the possibility of signing him is now clearly not beyond Rangers, central and attacking midfield are probably not positions we need any further players in quite frankly.


  1. Would rather have James Mcarthur,he's out of contract at the end of the season,worth 6 mill and is Rangers daft and desperate to sign for us….No Surrender…

    • Agree with You Mate! 👍
      Davis has had his time and we need to look foward not back
      He was one of the deserters!

  2. While we are correctly and wisely gathering young and very good footballers for the short, medium and long term is it not equally as wise to bring in one or two battle hardened experienced Rangers minded players who have been over the course successfully before to strike a blow against the east end brigade early in a
    resurgent Rangers era? Murty and Allen are doing a very good job, lets get behind them. They and we are the People!!

  3. Agreed but none have the qualities of Steven Davies. The man is a class act and to replace krancjar with Davies is a no- brainier. We can't afford any mistakes this summer and he is a no risk quality addiction if possible

    • Totally agree re Krancjar, Steven Davis would be a great addition Short term, he has the ethos of the club in his blood. Eventually back room?

    • Totally agree re Krancjar, Steven Davis would be a great addition Short term, he has the ethos of the club in his blood. Eventually back room?

  4. While Martin and Murphy may be older, the fact is that Martin is filling a hole in our side and Murphy is under 30. He is 5 years away from Davis. I think Steve Davis was a great servant, who did the right thing when he left(do you see how easy it is Naismith?) but the truth is that however good he is, he is not going to improve over the next 3 years, he is going to deteriorate. Who can honestly say that in 3 years time they know that he will be any better than Docherty?
    I can't. So I think that unless we can't find any good young players to develop, it is thanks but no thanks. Players over 30 are stopgaps, not the future. There are exceptions, like Weir, but I am generalising. If someone can prove, not suggest but prove, that Davis would be the best midfielder in Scotland in season 19/20 then please do so.

    Great man, past, not future

    • If he was to comeback then a years rolling contract would be the most sensible option. Davis is fit and never really had a bad injury he’d be a great mentor for Docherty & Jack…

      Great servant to the Club but he won’t be the same player as he left. Defo better than Kranjcar

  5. If we sign any more midfielders we will be playing a 1-2-7-1.
    Also as it's been said players out of contract in the summer and under 30.

    Bates looks like he's going through the same Exit as Wilson's!!

    • Aye why am I not surprised about Bates Roobie. Gut feeling they’d be getting rid of him but who’s going to replace him? We’re top heavy in midfield but Miller will be gone into coaching role next season so might be worth a risk for Davis but

  6. Would not take him back!
    Davis has had his time,
    We need to look forwards not back!

    And He Deserted us Too!

    …Tbh if we were going to sign ANOTHER central/attacking Mid …Id go for McArthur or McGinn 👌

    • How did he desert us?? You will find he transferred his contract and then was sold as agreed, sadly they money went to other people’s pockets

  7. Ok il rephrase
    He didnt desert us but didnt follow wallace's example and transfer his contract

    If he was as much of a rangers man as he says he is he would have been playing with us in Div3 along with Wallace

    I still maintain we should be looking foward and not towards ex players 👐

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