Graeme Murty has a huge decision to make


With James Tavernier publicly proclaiming his desire to be new Rangers captain, there are a number of issues which arise as a result.

He, along with Jason Holt and Russell Martin are the three to most recently announce their pride and honour (and intention) when it comes to the captaincy, and it looks just a little like a number of candidates throwing their hats in the ring for the job.

Normally the captaincy issue is nowhere near as tabloid as this, with the manager quietly selecting his man, but as we know, Rangers work to different rules to everyone else and get judged differently too.

So what is the problem?

Well, here is what Tavernier said:

“When I first came here it was always something I possibly want to do, captain Rangers and what a great honour that would be and I have had the chance to do that now.”

This can be interpreted two ways; Tavernier just stating that he got to be captain, enjoyed it, and that is it for him, or Tavernier proclaiming his intention, quietly, to do the gig permanently.

The problem with all of this, whether it be Tav or anyone else, is the often-overlooked aspect that we do actually have a captain already called Lee Wallace. Declan John’s form and Wallace’s injury seem to have created a false reality where Wallace has been relieved of the armband without getting much of a say.

Naturally others have to fill in while he is unavailable, but when he is fit again, does he just have to accept he is no longer captain?

Do not get us wrong; we have long-advocated that John’s form leaves him as sure fire first choice LB. He has had the occasional poor game of course, but he has been excellent this season and frequently gets overlooked when it comes to rating Rangers’ best players.

So even getting his place back could be a challenge for Wallace. And rightly – we should always pick the best and most in form players.

But we do find something a little dodgy about all these players talking about a position we already have filled. No one has even mentioned the club captain while discussing their own little spell in the role, and that for us is a lack of respect to a guy who sacrificed so much.

Has Wallace been a great captain? Probably not the best we have had, no, but he certainly has not let his club down and does not deserve this mild insurrection over the armband.

We do hope this does not become a massive elephant in Graeme Murty’s room.


  1. It's not really an issue is it?- team selection come down to players form, DJ is on form and Waldo will need to sit and wait for his chance, with that comes the plain fact that if he's not playing he can't be wearing the armband,till that changes I'm happy for Tav to wear it, he's shown his commitment to the club by signing new deal so why not?

  2. Wallace has been a loyal and dependable player and deserves all the recognition we can give him for that but he can't command a first team place at the moment so how can he expect to be captain? And he is a very uninspiring captain anyway so should be relieved of that burden even if he regains his place in the team. I for one would be happy with Tav as captain – he shows 100% commitment every game and inspires his teammates I believe. If not Tav then Martin or even Jack if he can curb his temper.

  3. Greg Docherty and Ross McCrorie will be competing for this honour by the end of next season.
    Two Rangers greats in the making.

  4. Wallace Hasnt Been as Bad as "Fans" are making out.

    He is still our Captain!
    He is Solid & Reliable
    And above all…
    He Stayed for The Fight & Led us Back to The Top!

    My Choice would be to Keep him as Captain…
    But if Wallace was to Give up The Armband Id be Happy with Tav or Holt

    Wouldnt agree with Martin being Captain as not a RM Fan

  5. This should be an organic process; over time a top dog will appear in the pack. If it doesnt we will have to buy in. I worry about this. Why so many comtenders? In the past we had outstandimg squads and yet there was always a stand out figure. Caldow, Butcher, Greig. Curious!

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