Will rumoured bust-up re-open Rangers’ interest in previous summer target?


Following Jason Cummings’ alleged bust up with Mark Warburton at Nottingham Forest (Warburton denied this one, much like he was wont to do at Ibrox as well), the rumour mill has been going on overdrive linking the ex-Hibs striker with a move back north, but naturally with Rangers’ historic interest in his services, 2+2=?

Rangers are definitely in the market for new striking talent next month. Potential departures include Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Hardie and Eduardo Herrera, while Kenny Miller’s injury leaves Rangers’ options up front possibly incredibly threadbare.

Meanwhile Steven Naismith is on the blower trying to persuade Dave King to snap him up, which could certainly fill one gap, while a stunning move for Cummings would fill another.

The 22-year old striker has not set the English Championship heather alight, in truth, with only four goals (Two in the EFL Cup) in total since the summer, and along with this alleged fall out with Rangers’ ex-boss the way could be paved for Rangers to make a bit of a statement and as long as Forest break even on the player (they reportedly splashed out £1M on him) they would likely be open to the sale.

He is most definitely of the quality Rangers need, but he is inexperienced at SPL level only having spent one breakthrough season in Scotland’s top division before his missed penalty doomed Hibs to relegation.

Nevertheless, Cummings and Naismith coming in would be bold moves for Rangers and more than likely favoured by most fans. If the board can also hold onto Morelos too that would be a very decent package of strikers.


  1. If we could it would be great JC 3/4 million plus wages not going happen even if we had the money English clubs will snap him up first

  2. How wud he cost 3/4 million not as if he's set the heather on fire there n if him n warburton have falling out might take quick sale after all team like them will not cry over losing some money on him ,think it was around £1.3m he signed for so I'm sure if £1m was on the table that wud b enuf.

  3. Wouldn't take either of them one can't get a game for forest other can't get on bench at Norwich is this really the standard of player that can overtake them .ffs get real , and don't give me the it takes time pish we have supposedly had the two seasons of building next season we were supposed to be ready to challenge and wuality wise we are not a step forward

    • Not the biggest fan myself but they we aren't gonna get much better unfortunately! – Has Brendan Rodgers signings all been blockbusters or top stars? Sinclair, Roberts, Johnny Hayes..

      Guys like Cummins, Naismith etc working under a good manager would do us a turn are are much better than what we have. And just maybe the types who can help us get back to winning silverware..

  4. Any numpty knows they 2 would walk into our team n make it better.like them or not would make us better end of.get them in

  5. Wouldnt Sign Either
    Naismith – Traitor!… Enough Said
    Cummings – Overrated Pish would rather see Hardie get Games

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