If Rangers want EPL manager, time is running out…


If Rangers are serious about landing a decent-quality manager, the board better do it in a hurry.

Tony Pulis has been heavily linked with the position at Ibrox for some time, but since his recent praise of the club making his opinion quite clear, it is evidently a job he is seeking to take.

Recently Stoke City confirmed to Sky Sources that they were not interested in re-employing their former manager, but unfortunately for Rangers, Swansea City fired Paul Clement over the past 24 hours paving the potential way for another relegation-threatened EPL team to acquire Pulis’ services and save their hides.

However, the caveat here is Welshman Pulis is said to be a Cardiff City fan, making a switch to their arch rivals a very heavy move indeed.

So while he is favourite for that job, he might wish to avoid staining his reputation among fellow City supporters and avoid taking such a position. However, Sky Sources today claim Swansea are equally not interested in employing him. 

But, it is no guarantee.

If Rangers want his services, and many fans are in favour of snapping him up, they really should do it very swiftly indeed because time is not on their side.


  1. It could be possible that he has agreed to come to us but doesn't want it announced until after xmas. I see he said he didnt want to take a job until after xmas, as he hasn't spent xmas with his family in x amount of years. Murty has been given the job until the end the year Pulis doesn't want one until the start of next year. I like to be optimistic and think the board have someone lined up and already discussed transfer targets for Jan

  2. ITS the Rangers board we are talking about if it's possible to mess it up and not get him in then they will manage it😳

  3. Should the board hire Pullis then I will never walk through the gates or support them whilst they remain in place. Do not waste this opportunity to put this great club in the hands of our young guns led by a forward thinking modern manager with entertaining the fans with a winning brand of exciting football. Murty till end of season then Clement or Howe. WATP

  4. Should this board hire Pullis then I will not walk through Ibrox gates nor support them financially whilst they remain in place. FFS we have an one off opportunity to put our faith in young Rangers players led by a modern, forward thinking manager that wins while they entertain. Sparky if he comes available…Howe or Clement perhaps.

  5. We will probably find out he has a younger brother who manages a team in the Conference and we'll make him an offer instead. I can already hear the claptrap about "rough diamond" and "huge potential" etc…

    Just get it done FFS…even allowing for the 6 week approach to McInnes, it's been a fortnight since he knocked us back. Most teams have a replacement sorted within a fortnight so come on Mark Allen, stop dithering.

  6. Please God let the time run out faster. Really boring teams, really boring tactics and is man for saving teams from the drop. He's the kind of guy you get in to stabilise a club, not to take them forward. We need someone who is going to take the team forward.

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