Staggering claim made over McInnes to Rangers saga

Staggering claim made over McInnes to Rangers saga

Today it has been reported that Rangers are on the verge of making an approach to Aberdeen for manager Derek McInnes, but one outlet has made a staggering claim which simply belies all common sense.

And yet it could well be true.

The quoted compensation value to break McInnes out of his contract at Pittodrie is £800,000. This is pretty well documented now.

The oddity arises with the claim Aberdeen want Rangers to literally pay that sum up front as a kind of ‘rental’ of McInnes’ time to simply speak, and if talks are unproductive, Stewart Milne’s men will then ‘refund’ the cash.

It might just be the first time we have ever seen a football club ask for a near-million purely for the right to speak to their employee, which borders on extortion.

We knew Scottish football was filled with madness and hatred of Rangers, but this certainly takes it to a new level if there is any truth in it.

From teams refusing to sell us players because we are Rangers to teams wanting us to simply ‘give’ them nearly £1M for effectively nothing is so base and comical we can barely figure out where to begin with it.

So we shall not.

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  1. Stuff them. Not so keen on him, after our youth coach outsmarted twice in a week, without half a first team (Wallace, Alves, Cardoso, Dorrans & Morellos), the latter of which further lost Wilson at half time, then Jack via the red, not long afterwards, away from home.

    Not looking worth £800k+, now.

    Like Brexit, with new relevant, important information, a moment to pause for reconsideration, perhaps leading to a change of plan, may well be the wisest option.

    • Your Brexit comments are most unwelcome given the democratic mandate for leaving. We vote in politicians at every election. Are you suggesting the results should be overturned and ignored because some people can't get over the fact that their pet project has been exposed as a bullying anti- democratic and globalist nation wrecking entity?

  2. I can see where Milne is coming from though. We don't have large cash reserves & they are spitefully highlighting that.
    There are other ways of contacting McInnes without paying up front!

  3. What stinks even more is that Graeme Murty didn't get the job until the end of season.
    And use that cash for Moult, Walker and one other in January.
    The Daily Record have been bawling about McInnes for weeks and the board are eating it up.
    Pandering to the sheep is weak and wrong, so very wrong.
    Why are Aberdeen not 12 points ahead of us?
    Because we now have a brilliant young manager that took us level.
    It is insanity once again, total madness to do this.

    • Mate don't think Murty is ready as yet but would have him in a heartbeat before McInnes.
      Honestly don't think we're intrested in McInnes after getting humped twice in a week,
      Why would we be?? also admitted openly he doesn't know how to beat Brenda to go along with his great CV!!!!!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Robbie you might be right about Graeme but right now we don't know for sure. He gained 12 points in two games. What more does he need to do?
      Why the urgency? Because the Daily Record says so? But for the club to fork out a million to Aberdeen when it could be going to Motherwell and Hearts for excellent players is plain daft.

  4. If it is true (its possible because the sheep are so bitter and twisted when it comes to Rangers) then Rangers should simply leave it and stick with Murty. DM is in a dead end job at the sheep, going where except further down the table, it would be his loss and if he wants to speak to Rangers and his board do this he will not forgive them so they will likely loss him to another club, but hey they would quite prefer he went to another dead end job rather than allow the guy to progress and better himself and move to the Gers. WATP

  5. I have said before that we dont want McInnes if he insists on bringing his assistant Anthony Docherty who is the opposite of what the fans want, if what you say is true then we should forget McInnes the only thing he has more than Murty is that he has more experience at managing the last two games showed who had the better tactical nous

    • lets stick with murty end of season we will be in a very strong position what a fantastic job murty doing with young guns sign couple more for free january we will be flying

  6. Maybe Milne frightened we kidnap him after all Aberdeen are as tight as a crabs ass when it comes to collection day

  7. let them keep him, they're going nowhere anyway, derek will be off soon as he's taken them as far as he can. keep murts or bring back eck tll end of season. I would rather use the money to buy moult & erhun oztumer (walsall) respectively. If all else fails just put ARLENE FOSTER in charge! knows how to negotiate is a gers fan and a billion quid in her pocket ha ha.

  8. There is and can only be one answer Fuck Off ..We don't want Mc Innes and especially his rotten assistant ….WATP GSTQ

  9. All media speculation. Neither Rangers or Aberdeen have came out with this story. Aberdeen have already confirmed they have not had any inquiries from Rangers with regards to McInnes.
    It has all be kept tight at Rangers for reasons given at the AGM.
    We will all just have to sit tight, wait and see. Micheal O'Neil may still be a contender!

  10. Can we please relax with all the Murty for Manager patter. We seen in two horrific games (Hamilton and dundee) that he presided over and didn’t have the answers to give us what we needed in those games. This recent double header was a red herring if you like, any honest gers man out there would recognise that we played our best football in the first 45mins of the 3-0 game at Home but the other 135mins of the two games we were quite poor but Aberdeen were worse, McInnes and all his players seemed a bit shell shocked and not at the races, it obviously has an effect on things and had mcinnes mind been on the games he would have outfoxed Murty with ease, that’s what I believe. Mcinnes is a safe pair of hands who will have us challenging the scum next year, of that I’m confident.

    • Baloney. Murty went with Pedro's system the players were used to until he said fck it I'll do it my own way.
      McInnes was totally tactically outfoxed in both games.
      Are you aware we played with 10 men for 35 minutes, unsurprising that our first 45 was better.
      We were looking at a 12 point deficit with the Sheep. Graeme Murty was the reason it didn't happen.
      Give Graeme Murty the credit he is due.
      Why oh why must it be McInnes and why now? Doesn't make sense on any level.
      Murty could well prove himself to be the best young manager in Britain and deserves his chance to prove it.

    • So the only reason we lost against Hamilton and dundee is because Murty was going with Pedro team and system lol, absolute nonsense. Murty immediately changed personell and system with the first game in charge vs Hearts. You’re dreaming to suggest that Murty is ready for a job like rangers manager full time. Let’s see what happens and revisit this debate come the end of the season and into next season. I will happily hold my hands up if I’m wrong, will you?

  11. let them keep him and we keep murty untl end of season, but line up benitez after he leaves newcastle and let him take us forward

  12. Murray is by far a better manager than mcinnes got players playing for the jersey again give him till end of season then judge him save money aswell

  13. Keep murty & jj & Miller to the end of the season ,I don't think Mclnnes did not win enuf when Rangers were down over the four years when they had the chance .

  14. There is and can only be one answer Fuck Off ..We don't want Mc Innes and especially his rotten assistant ….WATP GSTQ

  15. Not one comment gets near the heart of the issue. Six weeks without a manager and no sign of any progress. Forget 'candidates' quoted by the bookies and the media. Who is actually in control at our club and responsible for this shameful and embarrassing debacle?

  16. why the f**k would we want to fill their coffers with gers fans money after they wanted us buried, let' not forget their delight & contribution in cahoots with lawell during our darkest moment. give them S.F.A. I say.

  17. if Del arrives i hope he isn't bringing that Celtic mad Tony with him as part of his team. We cant have sunk that low surely that we would have management who actually have and pay for, a current season ticket at our main rivals from the east end of Glasgow ! That is just too much for us loyal fans to take Mr King !

  18. Get Graeme Murty in and stop pandering to these bitchy wanks

    And you have a man who has MANAGED players Pedro could Not

    Murty for First Minister

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