Rangers to sell disappointing summer signing; reports


Breaking news today claims Portuguese cracks Estoril are to snap up out of favour Rangers defender Fabio Cardoso in January.

The 23 year old stopper, who made controversy after seeming to support Celtic in a social media video recently, lost his place in the Rangers starting XI following his broken nose sustained at Hampden.

And with full fitness now seemingly restored, the ex-Setubal CB is nowhere near the first team, having to settle for a place on the bench as Bruno Alves and Danny Wilson monopolise the rearguard while David Bates is the backup.

With the £1.25M summer signing failing to impress following an initially bright start at Ibrox, he has faded from the match day picture and few would be disappointed to see his departure.

Once described as a ‘future Portuguese national CB’ Cardoso could not seem further from that accolade if he tried, and a move to Estoril would be a borderline backwards step in his career given Setubal were midtable when he left and Estoril are currently second bottom in Portugal’s Premier Liga.

But he does seem surplus at Rangers and it would probably be best for all parties if he moved back home.


  1. I say that we sell no one until we have a decent manager who can judge efficiently who should stay and who should go. Fair enough, there are a couple who should go regardless of there being no manager but I don't believe Cardoso is one. He's been unlucky to come to a country very different to his own, the football is very different, his former club are miles smaller and less demanding than rangers…….and worst of all, he's a Caixinha signing. I think he could be a good defender and at least he gets involved in the type of challenges that resulted in his broken nose. Wilson conveniently is absent from those.

  2. For Saturday put Tavenier into midfield with Hodson at right back. When Wallace is fit recall him at left back with Declan John left midfield.

  3. The lad has been ok, give him time ffs!

    Honestly the people that do nothing but make bitter pathetic nasty comments about players should just get lost.

    I have said it a thousand times, they are an average bunch, even by spl standards. They need our support not heckling

    The problem is the board who have made a complete mess of the basics. No plan, no clue and no cash. Yet, trump style, they have managed to brainwash a section of the support into believing they are the only people in the world who can run the club.

    Support the players, question the board.

  4. It's not the lads fault that he was brought here by a halfwit who was hired by the Board. What has always niggled with me is that we allegedly paid over £1m for him and he plays exactly the same way as Rob Kiernan – who we let walk away. Much the same with the old guy we brought in alongside him – he's never looked as though he likes it here, whereas the old guy we let walk away (who was on far lower wages) seemed to love every minute. Yep…..the Board have a lot to answer for over the past year, but I doubt they will.

  5. Its a clean out we need,we spent £10 million and we will be lucky to get back couple of million never do that again.

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