Is it the end at Ibrox for this Rangers star?

Is it the end at Ibrox for this Rangers star?

While his form this season has been far from inspiring, no one wanted this fate for Kenny Miller.

A leader on and off the pitch, Miller has given Rangers a great deal, and even if his best playing days were behind him, for his Rangers career, and possibly playing career, to feasibly end like this is an absolute heresy.

After pulling up with what seemed innocuous at Easter Road (always the most worrying) and being greeted by cheers as a result by the fine caring fans which infest that stadium, Miller was stretchered off in clear distress.

He has been diagnosed with a ruptured hamstring, which is far worse than just a pulled hamstring, a common football injury – in this case Miller will be out for an indeterminate period of time which could be as long as over a year. Think Steven Naismith and his cruciate back in 2008. He was ruled out for 12 months even although he managed to beat that by four months.

Sadly in this case Miller is nearly 38 rather than Naismith’s more tender years of 22 and recovery in this case is surely going to be a lot longer.

It does seem like Kenny Miller’s Rangers career is at an end, and while most fans did want him out of the team (us included, and we make no apology for that) this is not the way we wanted it to happen, and our hearts go out to him. The man will be dying inside.

Kenny Miller knew his playing days were coming to an end, hence doing the right thing and preparing for his coaching days. But the man would have wanted to bow out of the game on his terms and with the chance to say goodbye. Being carried off by the medical staff is a horrific way to end it.

If we are to be incredibly optimistic for his recuperation, he would be in his fortieth year by the time he was fit again, and unless Rangers attacking options are so diabolical by early 2019 that there is a place for him, we cannot see any way back for the man.

We have supported Kenny as a Ranger through thick and thin, and called his form honestly and accurately – both good and bad. He is one of us, and this really is a vile end if that is to be what this is.

That all said, if Kenny has done one thing his whole career, it is defying odds. Maybe he will play again. Maybe for us again.

If anyone can, it is him.

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    • If this is the end of his playing career all we as fans can do is celebrate his achievements not think about how his career ended just think of it as a great coaching career is what he has to look forward to

    • No time for sentimental E-Chef. This is a guy who run about like a mad man when he scored for Celtic against us. Total Rangers man eh?He has been on borrowed time for a couple of seasons now. He’s been the best of a really bad bunch!

    • Big Jim, he has paid that back 6 fold. He only played for us for 1 season. He didn't owe us anything. Coming back when he had it cushy in Canada took baws, especially when we were in lower division. Hope he gets to run out for us one more time.

    • Bigjim1872.Yes he did run around like a mad man when he scored but he did that for all the teams he played for when we did not want him, he is a true Professional more players like him would be a plus for Socttish football he is one of the greats of our game.

  1. This is a man who has always given his absolute best, he is a committed Rangers man and we should treat him with respect given what he has done for the club.

    He will be missed, he has so much experience and we really, really need that right now. Sure his form has not be great this season but given what happened under Pedro its now clear what was going on behind the scenes we didn't know about.

    I think he'll be back before turning into a coach at Rangers. I would not be at all surprised if he made the last selic match of the season and scored the winner…everyone will love him then eh!

    Work hard Kenny and get back on the park where we need you!

  2. I've got agree with john gillies its time Kenny faces reality his time is coming to an end it wont be easy for him to come back from such an injury we need to replace him now . i know everyone will not agree but it will give him the chance to help coaching .

  3. His time was up long before the injury.
    Time to get the handicap down.
    Rossiter should be sent to America to find out what the fuk is wrong with him, he can be a player for us.
    Hearing people saying get him to fuk, thank God he's not going to there homes for Xmas

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