Rangers star caught up in Celtic storm


If Rangers’ problems were not bad enough after yesterday’s atrocity at Ibrox, out of favour Portuguese defender Fabio Cardoso has been caught in a ‘Celtic-supporting’ storm after appearing to chant ‘mon the Celtic’ with a fan of the East End.

The video, posted to SnapChat, has been quickly denied by the former Vitoria de Setubal stopper, claiming it was edited.

But Rangers fans have been quick to disregard his denials.

It comes after Rangers’ good run of results came crashing down at Ibrox with what appeared to be the worst display in Govan from a Rangers team in a good many years, and fan morale is on the floor.

Many wondering why Cardoso is not in favour under Murty with Danny Wilson and David Bates both being significantly preferred may find this video giving some clue that his heart might not be in Glasgow’s South Side after all.

It has echoes of the manager who signed him supporting his ‘Celtic Brothers’ back in his pre-Rangers days.



  1. This sounds like a lot of pish please let's get serious and get talking about the need to get a manager like Tony Pulis in to the managers job at ibrox he has practically tried to talk his way in to the job in the last few days and I for 1 would b delighted to have him in the job….. thoughts please fellow bears????? All his teams in England were hard to beat and bullied teams ano it was not great when he got sacked from westbrom but premier league is getting harder and harder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. the smellies are taking the piss right out of us begining to think the board are all smelltic supporters .no other club in world football has been treated like this ,im afraid it looks to late for rangers playing in scotland we cant watch manky mob winning muh more trophies and games .only chance we have moving englnd .thankyou ,d,muray ,mr king .not least wee prdro the smelltic supporter they have done some job for selltic .beat stjohnstone we are 2 points behind the wmellies and we dont even lift a leg .i know the answer been saying for years two simple steps get rid those stupid david murry screens put smellies in corner 60,000 bears thats the first thing that should have happened ,second terry butcher .

  3. Let's turn on the players!!

    That will make them play better (thinks a complete idiot)

    No wonder team is nervous and making so many mistakes at home when a section of the support doesn't know what being a supporter is.

    The team is average by spl standards and man for man we are no better than the other teams. This isn't the players fault this is the fault of those who have overseen this mess- the board.

    • Correct m8. There's the smell of badness still inside the Boardroom. Not the Manager Not the Players.

      There's something sinister inside Rangers and needs found.

      Step in Alisdair Johnston. Please.

      Another huge problem is the Fans who are turning against the team rather than make an effort to actually support them.

      REALLY poor backing at Ibrox

      really pathetic backing.

  4. Why do you immediately jump to the conclusion that this young man is guilty when he has denied this and concentrate on the fact that he has always done his best on the park and indeed when he does make a mistake he is crucified for it yet other young players who have been guilty of worse mistakes are (rightly)cut some slack .He suffered a badly broken nose which is highly unlikely to happen to Danny Wilson who continually turns his back in challenges yet suddenly because he scores a couple of goals is forgiven all his other inadequencies Its also Cardosa's first season in Scottish football and yes he has to learn and improve but he has potential.

  5. Social media dross for simpletons,get a life the guy might not be good enough but posing with a tim is not the reason,to help them we need more players of influence like Dorrans,Wallace,Halliday,Wilson,Alves and the home produced contingent to make the rest appreciate what it means to be at Ibrox.

  6. Listen, our guys do the same to the shellic players, getting them to pose then shout "We are the people" for example,, Thug brown being the victim of some pranks which were hilarious. It's nothing but rivalry banter. We give it out, we should be adult enough to take it back. So onward and talk about our team.

  7. You have a readership guys. That gives you influence. Take that seriously. This guy is an asset of our team. An asset with £ value. Instead of telling him to ‘get out of our club’ we should be asking the question as to how this guy is being developed into a £££mn player.

    All this player hating has to stop, start being fans and get behind these guys. It’s for the benefit of the club. God knows we’ve got enough people attacking us.

    • e chef the problem is we have had enough ,can see a lot of fans walking away if they dont get it right ,its not a certainty thats going to happen

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