McInnes snub a blow?


latest episode of the Rangers soap opera played out last week, with the long
courtship of Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes ending in a humiliating rejection
from their prime target.

quest to appoint a successor to Pedro Caixinha has already taken longer than
some managers survive in a job, but now Rangers are back to square one and with
any subsequent appointee knowing that they were not first-choice for the post.
The new betting favourite the job is caretaker boss Graeme
Murty, largely on the basis of having overseen back-to-back wins over the
aforementioned Aberdeen during his current spell in charge to take Rangers up
to second in the table.
Murty is now as short as 1/33, but caution is advised given that
McInnes was also betting odds of 1/33 earlier in the week. It’s always worth
keeping an eye on
all the latest football betting offers when it comes to having a bet on a
football specials market such as ‘Next Manager’.
As far as the bookies are concerned, the door still seems
slightly ajar for McInnes at Ibrox, with him still being available to bet at
5-1 (second favourite) for the job with Paddy Power.  That almost seems to be a case of them
not quite believing that McInnes is totally convinced he has made the right decision to stay put at Pittodrie.
The club will no doubt deny it, but the fact that it is now six
weeks since Caixinha departed does rather suggest that they put all their eggs
in one basket in their pursuit of McInnes and leaves them now looking somewhat
As if Aberdeen and McInnes rejecting Rangers’ approach wasn’t
bad enough,
the board further embarrassed themselves by issuing a statement ‘endorsing’ that decision.  It’s an incredibly
childish response that attempts to show that, in turning them down, McInnes
proved he wasn’t up to the task.
Rangers have confirmed that Murty will
remain in temporary charge until the New Year, which is a further indication
that there really was no Plan B in place. 
In reality, if Murty can come away from Celtic Park having avoided
defeat on 30th December, you would have to think that the job will be his on a
permanent basis.
It would certainly be preferable to have
someone as a permanent successor to Caixinha once the January transfer window
opens for business, just so that any potential targets know that they have a
decent chance of starting games under the incumbent manager.  Few players are going to be interested in a
move if they don’t know who their boss will be.
One would suspect that Aberdeen midfielder Kenny
McLean and Hearts winger Jamie Walker might well be potential January signings
(perhaps on pre-contracts to join at the end of the season), given that both
were targets over the summer and are out of contract at the season’s end.
In reality, Rangers have precious little
hope of reeling in Celtic at the top of the Scottish Premiership table this
season, so their main goal has to be securing the runner-up spot and looking to
pick up some silverware in the Scottish Cup. 
A long overdue victory over their Old
Firm rivals wouldn’t go amiss either. 
was a Scottish Cup semi-final win on penalties after a 2-2 draw in 2016, but
since then Celtic have won six and drawn one of seven Old Firm matches in all


  1. How can it be considered a blow when the manager in question was never good enough in the 1st place to manage Rangers.

  2. Of course it's a blow, and a major embarrassment for the club. Wether Mcinnes was right man is debatable but after six weeks the board had decided he was. Clearly they assumed he would take job, despite his public criticism of the process. They also assumed Aberdeen would roll over and let him talk, their move to force him to resign to do so was better strategy than our club has shown in years. It worked, they won we lost.

    Look around European football, with exception of Everton (who now have the right man) no other major club has or would take so long to appoint a manager. Look at Dortmund, manager sacked and new one appointed same day. Ie they have a board with a plan.

    Murty is a great guy, who can keep team ticking over but if we want to catch Celtic we need a proper experienced manager with a strong vision.

    Worst of all is the contempt this board has for the fans. The 'statement' has been rightly criticised as playing to the worst elements in our support – bitter and childish in the extreme. The fans deserve proper answers not to be treated as a bunch of mugs.

  3. I think Ibrox Noise should draw a line under the Derek McInnes saga, its over!!
    Lets concentrate more on the future. The board has no intentions of discussing their plans of recruiting a new manager to anyone, so we can only work with the tools we have, ie, Murty and the team.
    No use speculating, guessing or getting into a tizzy of what might have been and what may be.
    I've never even known anything like this in all my born days, and shellic are there for the taking this season too.
    Back to football, it seemed we were back to our usual inconsistent selves on Saturday, but we got the 3 points. The players are only raising their game when they feel like it and that annoys me. Massive game on Wednesday, I'm hoping Murty gives the team a rocket up their backsides and start producing their best again because Ginger nut will get his team to fight, kick, wind up and bully our team.
    We need to stand up physically as well as mentally. They beat us at Ibrox, I pray we repay the compliment and send that wee ginger planet of the apes extra home greetin!!

  4. Wednesday is a great opportunity to close the gap and breath down the necks of septic albeit they have a game in hand but they will know we are right there.

  5. The only way the Board could add to their embarrassment is by going back to McInnes and asking again. I think that's a non-starter. While Murty has stepped up to the plate and done reasonably well – he is not the answer. Rangers don't need an inexperienced manager atthe helm right now as we try to rebuild. He will have very little clout in making transfer demands on the Board, and his contacts in terms of bringing players in will be limited at best. This sort of internal promotion vary rarely works in the long term. The performance against Ross County was uninspiring, and Murty's tenure on both occasions has been littered with ups and downs. It is appalling that a club of Rangers stature is in this position. Serious questions have to be asked. We are looking at yet another player clear out post Pedro. Another transfer window where we will have lost ground in terms orf rebuilding. Another season written off. Huge questions with regard to what Mark Allen as DoF brings to the table. Mr King – transparency as promised now required!

  6. Just putting this out there and I imagine I might get stick, since Rangers fans hate him so much, but what about Lennon for manager? He may tell us to get lost, but there's no doubt he's a great manager.

    • I've always liked the guy despite some dubious history (and I don't mean playing for/managing Celtic), I hated him when he played for them because he's the type of player you love to have in your team but hate when he's not. He never gave less than 110% on the pitch and always played for the team.

      I'd have no problem with him being Rangers manager but he actually said if he was McInnes he would have taken it, but he's not, and as Neil Lennon I really don't think he would take the job. He know's he'd be on a hiding to nothing. Think MoJo x 10, it's just never gonna happen.

  7. Waste of time talking about it now it's done & dusted, we are where we are, move on fibs Wednesday let's get behind the team and Murty.
    Barry Scott businessman appointment to board today don't know much about him apart from he put money in to get rid of MA.
    Please let's talk who has arrived at the club not someone who's arse collapsed⁉️😂.

    We Are Rangers ⚽️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽️

  8. Time to stop with the McInness issue as I think most of us feel we dodged a bullet there.

    We can't have Murty as good a guy as he is as manager full time because we are one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Furthermore we need a very experienced manager to catch Brenda.

    With that in mind, had we not lost to the two teams bottom of the league we would actually be top of the table right now! Also remember we are effectively starting the last 5 or 6 games with 6 men because we are playing Pena ! Other than that we have young guys filling in and give all that we are still 2nd today. As for Saturday the key thing was we dug in and ground out a result…so not that bad really. Add the fact we had a crazy Pedro that lost to His, selic, Hamilton & Dundee ( 12 points lost ) and draws against Hearts, Patrick and Killie ( another 6 points lost ) we would be very top of the table….all with out any sensible manager in charge. So, get the right guy and we could challenge them. They nearly collapsed yesterday so we need to see how good Brenda is under some pressure.

    We just need to get a good manager to get us through the season. I recommend McLeish personally.

  9. Murty might be ok, but he has to have the cojones to drop Miller. If Miller was a dog he would be a pointer! Murty coach for rest of season and Miller to the under 20’s.

  10. Must be alot of fans asking for a sandpit off Santa.

    Can appoint yet another director but can't appoint a manager. Yet that's ok….how exactly?!

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