Further surprise revelations about Derek McInnes; reports


Breaking news today from a number of outlets has strongly supported our earlier article claiming prospective manager Derek McInnes changed his mind after agreeing to take over at Ibrox.

Reports circulating the wire today suggest McInnes went as far as discussing the offer with the board and even mused with interim coach Graeme Murty over Saturday’s selection to face Ross County.

In short, Derek McInnes appears to have had a last-minute change of heart after principally agreeing to take the Ibrox job.

What caused the alteration in his decision is less clear, but many have rounded on the idea he realised the job was too big for him – and frankly, it is something we were worried about too.

The task of turning Rangers around is probably the biggest club job in Britain right now, and the toughest. And it takes someone truly special to handle that responsibility.

Derek McInnes never appeared convincing that he was able to take Rangers back to the glory days, and evidently he has realised that himself.

There is also the Sunderland factor – where he did exactly the same to Sunderland – another club who would expect to be a Premier League side but languish in the Championship – another job which was clearly too big for him.

In a sense, players and managers like him are wise – they do not wish to damage their reputation so play safe with less demanding or smaller clubs. Think of Antonio Di Natale at Udinese. A legend because he stayed with a mid table club in Italy. Imagine the damage failure at a Milan, Juventus or Inter would have done to his reputation.

Not convinced? Serie A’s hottest striker in 2004/2005 Alberto Gilardino was Italy’s hottest striker at Parma. Moved to Milan, struggled, and killed his reputation stone dead.

Derek McInnes may have made the wisest decision for himself, and ultimately, the right decision for Rangers.


  1. hen pecked comes to mind we dont need a manager who will not stick up for himself looks like he was bullied by his chairman .he is got to be sick he turned rangers down it must have sunk in by now old stadium 10.000 fans on a good day no chance ever winning a trophy for sheep again .will any other team ever win a trophy again in scotland outwith old firm dont think so .

  2. Agree, lets move on but the sheep and mcinnes only look good because Rangers have had one or two wee problems.

  3. Final words on this if he had so may things that were tying him to Aberdeen why in the first place did he even talk to Rangers The thing that annoys me is the statement made by Rangers regards his non committal to us, who on earth made the statement could it have been from our so called pr expert? Traynor sounds like something he would say

  4. I defo let's park the rollercoaster,
    Let's talk about the future last week is the past.
    Good end to the season to look forward to starting with fibs.
    Let's shut ginger up aswell!!!

  5. Lets Go and Appoint Tommy Wright!

    is He Cheaper than DM ? …Yes
    is He Better Manager than DM ? …Yes
    is He a Boss than can Take Points off 'Them Lot'? …Yes

    Does He Know The SPL Inside and Out ? …Yes
    Does He Know Rangers? …Yes
    Does He Know the Exepectations and Could He Handle The Job? …Yes

    Does He Know how to Get The Best out of His Players? …Yes
    Could He Make MOH a Rangers Standard Player? …Yes

    …Then the Decision is Pretty F*cking Obvious

  6. Mark Allen signing players and not whoever becomes manager is the reason he turned it down, the club has set up a recruitment department with Mark Allen the head of it

  7. King and co have set up a recruitment department with Mark Allen heading it to sign players not the manager and this is why McInnis turned it down,even nutty told us so today

  8. This could be the reason McInnes turned about face on the job. Having Mark Allen bringing players in. What superstars did McInnes have line up? Ooh, let’s raid Aberdeen for Shinnie and McLean! That would make us champions my arse! Upwards, not fuking sideways gang!

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