Will these two forwards make a difference for Rangers in January?


If Rangers have lacked one thing in recent weeks, it has been a reliable goalscorer and a convincing attack. Alfredo Morelos’ return yesterday was welcome, but we now know the guy can blow hot and cold when it comes to sticking the ball in the back of the net.

Kenny Miller’s best days are behind him, and Josh Windass reverted to type with a selfish and immature display – we cannot rely on him for consistency. Eduardo Herrera has just been poor.

However, Rangers definitely have two returning forwards come next month, who have had varying fortunes on their loan travels both north and south of the border, and one cannot help wonder how much of a role either of them may have to play from January onwards.

Joe Dodoo will almost certainly be back after what amounted to a disastrous spell with Charlton. Managing just two goals and not a single 90 minutes in the senior side, Dodoo’s time in London was pretty dreadful, beset by injury and poor form. Manager Karl Robinson was hardly flattering of the lad:

“He went up there (Rangers) as a bit of a teen sensation and it didn’t really materialise. We know that Joe is a top player. He’s still miles off, you can see he doesn’t get in shape yet, he plays off the cuff but hopefully he can grow with this team.”

Still to actually start for Robinson’s men, they will be bringing in more striking options and one cannot see any way Dodoo will remain there.

However, Michael O’Halloran’s current loan spell at St Johnstone definitely will come to a close next month, albeit Tommy Wright might try to extend it.

Mind you, that’s even if Wright remains livid over ‘TrafficGate’, and indeed is even still Saint’s manager with Rangers’ hunt ongoing and the links continuing. MOH has had a good time back at McDiarmid. Nabbing five goals in a blazing start, they dried up but the winger’s form was pretty consistent and he won August’s Player of the Month.

He was hit by a niggling injury though and his form through October and November was not so smooth as a result; but with both Warburton and Caixinha out of the way, the speed merchant may well find himself wanted at Ibrox again.

He would be an asset if used correctly.

And Rangers need all the assistance we can get.


  1. Don't think these two are the answer . MOH maybe make a contribution , but can't see Tommy Wright getting Gers job . Interesting comments re Arthur Neuman and Davy Provan regarding Alex McLeish being the best man for the job at this current time . I see him in a hands on general manager's role , with Murty as head coach and Alex Ray and Barry Ferguson in coaching positions . This would give us a solid management team who all know what Gers are about . Can't believe the amount of punters who come on here rubbishing Eck's achievements last time he was boss . The man took over when Advocat was clueless on how to combat O'Neil's very good and very physical Celtic team and did a great job , winning 7 trophies and a treble among them . His last season he was only allowed to bring in free transfers , most of whom were shite , thanks mostly to a rubbish scouting set-up , yet he still got us through to the last 16 in the European championship ( the first Scottish manager to do so ) . Eck was brought by Murray to take the flack for the fuck ups made by himself and Advocat , but he rose above it and did a brilliant job . He could do it again . Don't give us the shite about yesterday's man and too old and all that bollocks , did that apply to Walter when he came back ? Eck's a lot younger even than Walter was back then and similarly he'd have a young coaching staff under him .

    • It's about moving forward and any managerial appointment must reflect that. A manager with ambition and ideas not this stop gap guff. If we have to hold out till summer to get in the correct manager. Then murty should be afforded that responsibility. Why bring in big eck to fill the gap. And if the board do decide to appoint big eck and he fails what then.???

    • Scott, that question applies to any manager. If we bring in someone with no experience of Rangers and they fail, that may be an excuse. McLeish has a good track record, he downsized massively after the spending spree of Advocaat and still won trophies.
      Who is the correct manager? I honestly don't know. I don't think anybody does, except with hindsight.
      McLeish with Murty as deputy addresses the one question mark against Murty. With no experience, how will he deal with a setback? McLeish can help and support him through that, then step aside with our thanks, or step up to Director of Football. That gives us experience and continuity but also Murty with his understanding of our youth players.
      Would seem the ideal solution, unless we can afford to bring in Guardiola and meet his transfer needs. I don't think we can

  2. Both not good enough let them leave and get as much as possible.
    Time for the next phase of our recovery Moult is a must for us IMO.
    Reading earlier that Mark Allans been a very busy boy and consulting Murty on strength requirements (Hope there's 6 on that list!!!)

    Methinks UR big Eck's brother in law!??

    De Boer apart I personally don't think the correct manager for us avalibile at this moment,
    That can change Monday morning!!!

  3. What we still need is strength in midfield. Holt, Halliday, Windass , Pena, simply are not good enough. Doran’s appears lost cause.Best strikers need inventive midfielders with strength. Jack must remain disciplined. He didn’t deserve red card against Aberdeen but was stupid against Hibs and Kilmarnock and refs were waiting for an excuse as they had been rescinded. If he had never been sent off in first two games I doubt if he would have been sent off at Aberdeen. Even then it would have been rescinded. If Wallace is fit maybe move John forward. But we need one more midfielder and a striker to replace Kenny.

  4. Hi,

    This is my first post and I was interested in gathering people's thoughts on a suggestion for the next manager at our club:

    The board made a suggestion that nobody out of work is suitable to the job, but I seem to disagree.
    There are a few managers that I think would be a success wearing the navy suit, brown brogues and club tie.

    The popular choice being Frank De Boer. But I'd also like to make a case for Martin Jol.

    He has been out of work for the last 18 months, where he left Egyptian side Al Ahly as league champions.
    Possibly the fact his last post was in Egypt is the reason that he has been forgotten, and not discussed when managerial posts become vacant.

    Jol is well known for his successful spells at Spurs and Fulham. Finishing his two full seasons with spurs in 5th place, and finishing his two seasons at Fulham in 9th and 12th place.

    Jol has two Dutch Cup successes to his name but unfortunately not the Eredivise title. He finished one point behind FC Twente in his closest attempt. In that same season Ajax won 14 consecutive games at the end of the season, and posted a record goal difference in Dutch football, double the goal difference of the next best team's. This shows a manager with the tactical nous to open up teams to score goals, but be defensively tough to score against.

    I also think he is a realistic appointment and affordable.

    If we are looking for managers who have a proven success at winning trophies we have to define that success. Managers who have won recognisable leagues such as top European leagues are likely to be out of our budget. Caixinha had a proven record of delivering trophies but he was doing this at a level lesser than or club demands. And if he had been winning trophies and leagues in a decent European league (i.e. Portugal, Netherlands, even English championship) he may have demanded too high a salary.
    Martin Jol has delivered a high level of success with regards to his managed club's expectations. This might not be trophies but success is success.

    I'd like to think he should be contacted by our club as a potential candidate, so we can assess. And maybe one day he can proudly wear the navy suit, brown brogues and club tie.

    I also think we should open talks with Frank De Boer, and maybe also Cristoph Daum (another not mentioned by the media). A conversation will at least determine if these three individuals are right for the job and if they are interested. In my opinion, all three of these managers have a better trophy success and CV than Derek McInnes.

    What are your thoughts?

    • King….
      Wants a British coach mate, don't get that me at all.
      Why's Jol not been working is he ok??
      Would love De Boer me, 4 Dutch titles spot on in my book!!

  5. I think Michel Preud'homme would be a good acquisition as our next manager, looking at his track record.
    I was under the impression that his agent had put his name forward to Rangers.

    • you and a lot of people on here have dismissed murty what if he beats hibs ,celtic .do we just bin murty give the guy a bit respect

    • Murty has been in my mind also. I've said before that giving Murty money in january to make his mark on the team, wouldn't be a bad thing, as he has only been able to work with other managers signings up until now.
      What has already been quoted in the media is that Murty doesn't want the job though.
      So it's not a lack of respect on my part(to put you in your place Stevie).

  6. Astonished these two are being touted , dodoo I think could be tutored to play as a striker bt ohalleron never looked like he wanted be a bear

  7. dont think doo doo is answer ohalleron is worth a try hes got something to prove .i think we will be in a good place after new year injuries e,t,c we just need to get few good results againsts hibs smeltic and we will be sitting right up there ,we have players fighting for places in all areas brilliant first time for 7 years .ibrox noise could you do article about state of ibrox stadium ,all we hear on daily rags its crumbling e,t,c with people that are against our club jackson . sutton e,t,c .it really is getting beyond a joke .our main stand must be the best structure in british football .all we hear is doom and gloom .its not the case how can aberdeen hibs be the second biggest clubs in scotland when celtic is second ,can you write a piece how great a team we are . ibrox noise doing a great job .

  8. I would take both back. Dodoo has got the skill, he just needs a good fish supper and do some weight training to beef himself up a bit. MOH has got the pace and can do a turn if his attitude is right.
    There will be fresh injuries and the suspensions will be due soon with the totting up of the yellow cards, therefore we will need a good squad to combat this.
    Agree with article, Kenny Miller and Windass are just not good enough in the full 90 minutes. Pena is just lost in the scottish game.

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