Has Rangers managerial hunt descended to farce?

Has Rangers managerial hunt descended to farce?

With tonight’s borderline comical news that Aberdeen formally rejected Rangers request for permission to speak to Derek McInnes, it must be said Rangers’ managerial search has hit farce territory.

The overriding sense of ludicrousness is why Rangers’ board waited six weeks to request talks with the number one target, only to then be dismissed out of hand by his employers.

Quite honestly, the managerial hunt following Mark Warburton’s departure was an absolute shambles, and somehow the board has managed to sink to new depths with an even more incompetent one since Caixinha was fired.

To wait a month and a half for a no was an absolute waste of time, and unless Rangers are prepared to ‘pay’ £800,000 for the right to speak to McInnes, should that claim be true, then the club have wasted yet more time this proud institution does not have.

They have now formally confirmed Derek McInnes is indeed their first choice, and sources close to the board told the site yesterday that a number one had been absolutely identified and would hopefully be wrapped up inside days.

Not so.

Aberdeen’s rejection confirms that first choice to be McInnes, which now removes all doubt over the vision the board has for the club.

Regardless of whether or not the ex-St Johnstone chief is the right choice, Rangers have shown their hand and been frankly humiliated by a lesser club who have, like Hibs, told them where to go.

It is not a good state of affairs at all, and yours truly and many others are truly worried for the future of Rangers under this increasingly incompetent board.

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  1. Yes, a long time ago.

    I'm not saying Mcinnes is a bad manager, but how can it take more than a month to do what was the obvious option from day one?

    I sincerely hope he is one of several candidates because otherwise this is a complete joke.

    • HE WOULD Seem to be, THE BEST MANAGER available tbh ?

      This is A Great Appointment IMO…. AWESOME tbh !

      Get IN THERE Derek AND FIX OUR Once Great Club Again !

    • U need to go bk to ur Celtic fan pages. Ur always saying u know better but don’t give anything to back it up. We could have got morinhio and you’d still be complaining.

    He/them are the enemy from within. Should be exposed. If no resignations from the board, all are culpable.


      So Get In there Derek and sort some wrongs buddy….. 🙂

  3. I am not unhappy with this.
    We have unsettled the Sheep.
    McInnes may ask to talk to us, making things worse for them. If they say no, they have, at best, an unhappy manager who has lost the fans support.If they say yes, we can talk but are not committed to anything.
    In an ideal world, he resigns. We then give Murty or McLeish the job until the end of the season, leaving McInnes and sheep deep in the disaster zone. That would be a lovely Christmas present. Then Dundee to beat them on Friday:-)

    • Agreed, Stewart Milne only saying what the bitter fans want him to say. he knows if Rangers meet the clause he cant stop them talking to DM and if DM goes go SM will get his money regardless while playing his own fans like a fiddle. The sheep wont see it that way though, they are probably all drooling over the papers now just on the fact they have said no to Rangers.

  4. no board have played this right why should we give them 1 million to speak to there manager ,weve made move for him lets see if he can speak for himself he should be doing cartwheels to get to ibrox .im hoping hes a milne puppet and stays with the sheep .we dont want him and his celtic lovers at rangers ,

  5. i have said on here many times that this board are amateur in their dealings, when you sack a manager its not done on the spur of the moment it comes after a few bad results in which most professional boards would be discussing the best replacements before the sacking, it makes us look even more of a laughing stock, but mcinness has had 4 years to build that aberdeen team and if the last two games are anything to go by he hasn’t done a very good job, i would rather give murty to the end of the season.

    • Mmmmmm, well then, here's the story….. Derek DIDN'T HAVE the players to DO SO to the filth.

      With us (RFC) Derek can go into a far far better market to entice players to us, RFC….. are NOT SO FAR AWAY from the filth….. easy to catch.. and what with 'them' playing EVERY thursday evening in THIS SILLY 'Thursday Cup'
      THEY will catch load of injuries and probe be KNACKERED to play Thursday/ Sunday
      Games… one after another like…
      Thus enabling 'us' and others….. to get right-into-em !!!

  6. feckin pissin me off, cnsolidate tll end of season wth murts or mc liesh or both.A change now could f**k up any momemtum and squander mere hard earned fans money. never feckin learn?

  7. We showed them respect by waiting till they were pumped twice, we are going back with a 1m bid tomorrow and he will say he wants to talk … he will be here for the game on Saturday and personally I'm well excited! Cheers up you lot, it's happening and we have to back him and the team! WATP

  8. Hate to disagree with so many fellow bears, but McInnes has done a great job at both St Johnstone and Aberdeen with a fraction of the cash given to Warburton or Caixinha, and a far better eye for a player. Of course Aberdeen will play hard ball on the compensation – any team would – but the fee is refundable if a deal does not go through. Have the Board taken too long? Perhaps, but I'm not unhappy with having had Murty in charge for 6 games, and perhaps it was best to wait until after the two games v Aberdeen. Plus, having made such a mess of the last appointment, they probably wanted to give the impression of having thought long and hard.

  9. It's all BS. McInnes is the new Rangers manager and thats the end of it. As the ET reports: “It is understood that the Gers opted to do the honourable thing and wait until after the Premiership double-header with Aberdeen last week before making an official approach for the Reds boss. RANGERS will meet the compensation fee required to land Derek McInnes as their new boss.”

    This is nothing more than Stewart Milne trying to look a hero to the Aberdeen fans. When McInnes signs in the next day or two he'll then waffle on about how Derek has let us down blah, blah, blah, not my fault, nothing to do with me. I rejected Rangers but he wanted to go.

    Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind
    Baa. Baa. Baa.

  10. We should not be doing anything impulsively. Mark Allen will be charged with nominating manager. He only arrived shortly before Pedro left. Manager must be in place by January window. We never know what is going on behind scenes. Sheep fans want rid of McInnes now. If we don’t take him sheep are screwed. Maybe not a bad plan.

  11. Absolutely, this board have not got a clue what they are doing.
    we sacked the manager and didn't even have a short list.
    We then spent the next 6 weeks doing nothing while finally going for the bookies and media favorite. It makes me wander if Tommy Wrighte had been the bookies and media favorite would they have gone for him?

  12. McInnes is no Jock Stein or Alex Ferguson, if he had any exceptional talent like those two it would have shown through long before this, but he has done nothing exceptional at the pasture ( sheep)and especially bringing in that taig with him who I think hates the Rangers, unthinkable!
    I think we should bring McLeish to work along with Murty, give them the money we've saved to buy in January and lets see how they get on. At least it would bring back a bit of respect to our diminishing stature as a club!

  13. I can only suspect it's no coincidence that Pedro was confirmed the new manager of Cruz Azul yesterday.
    We have never been told on how Pedro was told to leave Ibrox.
    Was it gardening leave?
    Was he still getting paid?
    Was an agreement made by Pedro and the board that Rangers would pay his wages until he found another club and that both would forego any compensation should he find a club?
    This would now free up his wages and compensation demands. And suspiciously enough, Rangers are now making a move for Derek McInnes as soon as Pedro had been announced the new manager of Cruz Azul??! Something similar to Warbutons situation?!
    Now, we all know our club isn't currently blessed with millions of pounds just yet, therefore, I am not upset if Rangers had to wait all this time if it was going to save us a million to pay both Pedro, his staff and Aberdeen compensation. We have to watch and save the pennies.
    Is McInnes and Docherty the answer to our prayers? Are we hoping that McInness can beat shellic if he is given a better class of player? Only time will tell, if he comes to Rangers. But what a test of his metal now that Aberdeen has refused Rangers access to Derek. I have no doubt McInnes has had talks with Rangers in the background, because you dont resign from a job unless you have another one to walk into. Watching this space with anticipation. But it's no surprise all of this is now surfacing after Pedro found another club!!

  14. Misery, doom and gloom. This on the back of two of the best performances we've had on the park.

    Don't see the big deal, myself. Any employer worth their salt examines the employment market and available options, whether they have a preferred candidate or not. You never know when someone is going to come in left-field and blow any interview panel away. As a veteran of being on 100+ interview panels, I should know- happened to me a few times.

    Why should the Board pander to anyone? Most clubs in Scotland hate us and treat us with contempt, along with the bulk of the media, so why not do things the way we want.

    Spur of the moment decisions rarely work out. Everton took 5 weeks plus to get Allardyce, despite saying in the second week he was their preferred candidate.

    Macinnes may not be the most glamorous appointment, but I think what he does seem to possess is the ability to get the best out of what he has.

    Some good man-management and our team will be cooking with gas. I've said it all along- we don't have bad players, we have players who have been fannied about in position and have lost confidence. If Del Boy brings that to Ibrox and builds on what Murty and JJ have started, more power to his elbow.

    'Mon the Gers.

  15. Mcinnes is going to rangers but his number 2 should not. Murty should be afforded that spot.hate the idea of someone who hates rangers being on the management team.

  16. How is it a farce except from the Celtic media who has said so. Rangers have done everything correctly. Took time to see who they thought was best. It was the media that has been stiring it up mostly that Sutton. And now rangers have made an approach to sign who they want. They’ve offered a price, but it’s aberdeen that have made up a new rule of cash up front before even speaking to the guy. He could (but prob won’t) turn down rangers deal and then we would prob have to fight to get our money bk from Aberdeen. Some fans need to get a grip and stop reading what the Celtic media are putting out there

  17. Yes its is a farce! Its real typical old school Rangers…arrogant and ignorant as we have waited for 6 weeks and destabilised Aberdeen and I think they had every right to play hard ball. Everyone on this site would do the same if a big bully wanted your manager. We have not change – no wonder no one likes …and yes I don't really care but…

    We should save the money and get McLeish + Murty on the case. We could have done that 6 weeks ago as well and we would have won the two games we lost and be ONE point behind that lot. We could then start to apply some pressure to them – as we seen last night they are not invincible.

    Board are making a big mistake with the man!

  18. Sack The Board!
    Yes, They Saved Us But They Clearly Arent Fit to Run the Club and Dont have the Finances for us to Catch them Lot.

    Either Appoint Murty with an Older Head to Help Him or get Tommy Wright!

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