Did Rangers just get Derek McInnes for free?

Did Rangers just get Derek McInnes for free?

After another 12 hours of twists and turns in the Derek McInnes saga, it has emerged today that he is on the verge of resigning as Aberdeen manager.

It is the absolute confirmation that the next Rangers manager will indeed be Derek McInnes, and the man himself wants the job – he did not take Aberdeen’s training session today so that pretty much corroborates it. Also assuming, of course, the various sources claiming he intends to resign are indeed correct.

But after we slaughtered the board last night, we may have to eat a little humble pie should the next conjecture be true:

Is it possible this board has played an absolute blinder by getting their first choice for free?

McInnes was the number one target from the get go, but naturally the compensation issue of £800,000 was not ideal. Rangers would have likely been willing to pay it, but a combination of paying it purely to speak to the man and Aberdeen’s rejection in the first place of the request to suggests the Blue Pound here might not have been enough.

Ergo, by making an official approach, and having it rebuffed, McInnes is now 100% clear to make the switch to Ibrox knowing he is absolutely the top priority target – hence he can now resign from Pittodrie instead and give Rangers what we want without club coffers being touched.

The one who loses out, of course, is McInnes, to an extent. He will not get severance from Aberdeen – they would have to fire him for that, and resignation forgoes a pay off. And if this is indeed playing out this way, you have to afford the man respect in the way Paul Le Guen earned a lot back in the day for waiving his pay off too.

If Derek McInnes is willing to resign and give up hundreds of thousands of pounds to become Rangers manager, it shows his dedication, commitment, and heart.

Of course he will be handsomely remunerated at Ibrox for his endeavours, so do not worry folks, he can still put food on the table, but we always have huge respect for anyone who sacrifices a pay day for their club.

Those who do the opposite attract derision.

But if all this is indeed on the money, you would have to say the board has played this terrifically – and we happily retract our criticism from last night and forward our apologies. This is not to say McInnes is absolutely our first choice, but all our first choices were in work so regardless, the board would have had to do this for any of those we preferred.

But nevertheless, if Rangers get Derek McInnes for free, the board played it well.

Very well. 

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  1. If he resignes Aberdeen go after him for breaking his contact,rangers will still have to pay a contract worked both ways.

    • Correct Gg. Someone has to pay up the contract terms and whilst the sheep may have to go after DMCI it will be Rangers who eventually pay. Article seems bit naive tbh.

    • Gents if it's in his contract that a 3rd party offering 800L compo comes in and makes an approach and they REFUSED contact negotiations, who do you think is in breach of contract first Derek or the sheep???
      Don't think it will go down that road he seems to get on well with the chairman and we will probably be paying around 900K.
      If the sheep want to play hard ball I'm sure Kings briefs will tie the things up for years so no point in going down that route for both parties.

      Moult Walker in January.

      Not my first choice but welcome home son of William u have my full backing.

      We do not choose we are Choosen🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. I think we may find that this may be the basis of the discussions DM is planning to have with S. Milne this afternoon. Either the sheep let him speak to Rangers and thus get the compensation when he leaves or he will resign and the sheep will get nothing. I suspect the former will be the resolution.

  3. We don’t know what is in contract. But put yourselves in Aberdeen;s shoes. They have got to be seen by their supporters to have made life difficult for Rangers. If McInnes walks away the fans will be happy as they have just lost two games to Gers. They will have been seen to have tried to screw Rangers and I have no doubt some cash deal will be done rather than put money in scum,s pockets( scum= lawyers).

  4. Technically no if he resigns but I would imagine some agreement will be thrashed out before it comes to that.

  5. This post doesn't make any sense. McInnes can't just walk away from his contract with Aberdeen and join us for nothing, that's not the way this works. He won't be sacrificing any money if he resigns in fact he'll no doubt be getting a significant pay rise. If he does resign Aberdeen will be due significant compensation which Rangers will have to pay.

    And Paul Le Guen didn't do us any favours. He left the club by mutual consent because we found out he was sh*t and he was offered the PSG job (he joined them 11 days after leaving us). Again he sacrificed nothing, there's no respect due this man.
    Rangers will get their man and the sheep will get their money. Who gets the better deal only time will tell.

  6. I think you will find if rangers had met the compo fee they would have had to let him talk to Rangers. As this never happened rangers must have offered less or the money in payments over god know how long.
    So to say the board has played a blinder is a bit of a joke.
    6 weeks for the 'global' search for the new manager to come back to the guy everyone & their granny was saying from day 1.
    Remember the last time. after a lot of due diligence, we got Pedro after 4 weeks.
    The board are a joke & don't know how to run a football club

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