Exodus: up to seven Rangers players could leave next month


With Rangers now confirming Murty in the hotseat till next summer at least, we now have a fair idea of the route of certain things.

But there remains a consistent threat of the obligatory January exodus with a glut of first-team squad members looking like they will be on their way out.

Alfredo Morelos is a major target for Championship giants Aston Villa. Despite his dry spell, he has been a hit for Rangers, one of the summer businesses few, and Steve Bruce and company are said to be weighing up a bid for the Colombian.

Bruno Alves has not enjoyed Scotland in the way he would have wanted, and with many sub-par displays blighting his time here, and no guarantee of first team football under Murty, the 35-year old Portuguese defender has been heavily linked with a move out.

Carlos Pena has been mostly a disaster and Rangers would look to recoup as much of the £3M fee splashed out on him as they can. The Mexican allegedly wants to go home.

Eduardo Herrera has been a failure too at Ibrox, and is only ever a substitute. He is not in any kind of favour under Murty. It is incredibly unlikely he will remain beyond January.

Fabio Cardoso, beyond the ‘Celtic Incident’, has been targeted by Estoril from his homeland. The 23-year old stopper has been disappointing at Ibrox and Murty is unlikely to desire to retain his services. Rangers will be happy to recoup what they spent.

Ryan Hardie has been made a priority by QPR, specifically their U23s, reportedly. The 20-year old striker, like Herrera, is not favoured by Murty and has never broken through at Ibrox. He is likely to be sold.

Lee Hodson is a long time target of Charlton and other lower league English clubs. He has not had a look in under any manager at Ibrox, and if a bid comes in, the Northern Irish full back will surely be sold.

Expect yet more upheaval in January!


  1. Okay, for the most part I do agree with this post! However, to call Herrera a failure is a bit of a joke, the man has not been given game time to prove hinself. He has scored twice when given enough time. I challenge you to do your job for 2 to 5 mins at a time and be as productive as you would be on a full day.

  2. 7 players of better quality need to be brought in no point in getting rid of duds to replace them with duds. It's gonna be an interesting transfer window we await what materialises.

  3. King needs to go first. I see he has just claimed to be penny less when ordered to make an offer for the shares. He's an embarrassment. It's been claimed multiple times that the other share holders would reject his offer of 11 million. Why drag this through the courts, he's needlessly attracting more negativity on the club. Also he better be using his own cash to fight this

  4. Irrespective of who leaves or what players comes in,i for one,will give my full backing,to our new permanent manager,graeme murty!I wish murts all the very best in his new job,as becoming the 17th manager,of the greatest and most successful football club,on the planet!We have to all,as true bears,get right behind murts and our team 'till the end of the season!Murty is a good coach and there's a very good chance,this could work out for our football club!We all owe the guy patience to make sure there's a chance it could work out superbly well for the rangers family's benefit!!GOOD LUCK GRAEME MURTY!!

  5. You have to add Dalcio & Nemane to this list, and for my money Candieas would be no loss either. Alves needs to be told he is going nowhere and then maybe he will knuckle down and hit a bit of form if he wants to keep his world cup chances alive. Morelos is the last striker standing at the club – so unless you are going to bring in someone of quality he has to stay. The loan players including O'Halloran can frankly stay on loan.

  6. unfortunately,there is no one that i'll be sorry to see go,just shows the standard we have dropped too,doesnt help either when tv pumps billions into our neighbours league,and players prefer the English lower leagues than coming here !!!

  7. I agree with auld yin 1690, there's more names that can be added to that list.. Hopefully some decent players coming in to replace them.. We'll see soon enough..

  8. Morelos or Bruno ain't going nowhere and players "WILL" be brought in on the winter break, Murty & Allan confirmed that this afternoon. Why Lie!!
    Pena & Herrera will go back to Mexico with Pedro hopefully? Cardoso will jump at a chance of playing top flight at home.

    Honestly we had to have a Manager before the window opens or we would have got absolutely fuk all transfers, been saying that on here for over a week. First thing that useless board have done right for months!!
    We're in a Hell of a lot better place today than yesterday for sure.


  9. If hardie gets sold with out getting a run then there has to be a good look at what’s going on with our youth system. He always scores and get good reviews away from ibrox. Yes he’s a Kris Boyd type of number 9 that does nothin fornthe team bar score goals. Him and morales could be a great pairing

    • Simply not given the chance… Same goes with big Ed tbh… The boy will do better moving away from Ibrox that’s a sad thing to say… QPR must see something that’s for sure

    • It's been the same ever since I can remember all the years I have been supporting rangers and I'm 43, youth has never gotten a chance to break in it was always success over youth.

    • Scott that’s the supporters to blame for that though.. They want instant success and if he’s not a world beater then he’s pish in their eyes… Too many believe that to get success the cheque book must come out… No patience to see Youth work

    • Just look at Bates for example. He was being crucified only the other month after pritty much coming out of the youth team

  10. I don,t know how many times I have posted on here that "Things cant get much worse" but I have come to accept things look set to get much worse. It looks like a real bleak Xmas and no new year hope. As already stTaed what a shambles!

  11. On IN & The Blue sea of Ibrox so many people are so downbeat some even suicidal ffs.

    Me I'm upbeat we have a F/T Manager before the window opens thank the lord, players are arriving in January's window, some will leave and that could get us millions back for possibly all identified transfers.
    Mark Allans first window, Can't wait to see who he gets us.

    All we need now is 2 away wins before the winter break kicks in.

    We are the Rangers ⚽️⚽️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽️⚽️

    • Aye your not wrong there Robbie.. Be a right laugh in their hooses this Festive ffs lol…Like you I can’t wait for Murty to put his stamp on the Team and the new signings.. John signed up is a good bit of business done quickly 🔴⚪️🔵

    • Sorry but anyone who thinks this is good news either doesn't or doesn't want to understand what this means.

      No cash, no plan , no direction, no further forward than two years ago – arguably a far, far worse position.

      Anyone who thinks this helps us catch Celtic needs to get real.

      The board admitted that they needed exactly what they have failed to deliver, and taken an age to fail at that.

      A Christmas present for Mcinnes and Aberdeen, a Christmas cracker joke for Rodgers and Celtic. A look of bewilderment from everywhere else.

      I wonder what it would take for some.

      Plus – Declan John cannot defend. Second mistake of the day.

    • E-Chef it’s till the end of the summer not the next 3 yrs. Look Allen gave the Board a list of Managers they went with McCinnes we all know how that played out..Things aren’t perfect off the pitch but I’m more concerned with what’s on it…I’d play John at LM and he’d support LW if needed

    • Agree with E-chef…Totally irresponsible and everyone outside our club are laughing all the way into the new year…watp Helicopter 2005

  12. We now have all the crap warburton bought and the rubbish pedro signed,our sqaud is full of absolute dross,whoever gets the job next season needs lots of money to build a new sqaud.

  13. SThe Hardie thing pisses me off. How do we know how good he might be if he doesn’t get a chance? The kid is hungry and deserves it as he looks like a real poacher. The ruling today regarding King is mental as who is going to jump in on an offer of 20 pence a share? FFS!!!

  14. Get Rid of :
    Foderingham, Dalcio, Windass, Kranjcar, Alves, Alnwick, Pena, Nemane,
    Candeias, Dodoo, Forrester

    Undecided :
    Cardoso, Herrera (Got a Soft Spot for These Two),Rossiter

    Keep :
    Tavernier, John, Wallace, Wilson, Jack, Miller, Dorrans, Morelos, Holt, Bates, Thompson, Hardie, A.Wilson, Barjonas, Beerman, McCrorie, Burt, Atakayi

    For The Left Side :
    Bin Windass, Wallace at LB : John at LM

    For The Right Side
    Bin Candeias, Tavernier at RB : O'Halloran at RM

    Other Points :
    Hardie Deserves a Chance Up Front
    (how do we know if hes any good if hes only getting 2mins here or there)

    We Should Give Halliday & O'Halloran another Chance in The Team
    O'Halloran could Boss The RM Slot
    Halliday could Replace Pena in the Attacking Mid Hole

    Yes People will Disagree with me But I Think if given another chance and being managed properly and being played in their natural positions then they will be a massive boost for our beloved Rangers!


  15. its only a shambles if the support let it be turned into a shambles by some external influence namely what is supposed to be the best football club in Scotland ah ha what a laugh grow up you lot turn a deaf ear to it all its not worth the bother

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