Assessment: is Graeme Murty the right man for Rangers?


So we now know what many of us deeply suspected for a long time, but hoped would not happen – Graeme Murty has been appointed Rangers manager permanently.

It has divided the fanbase right down the middle, and it would be a lie to say we are in favour of the appointment.

We are dead against it and consider it a lazy, easy, and unambitious move which looks more than a touch embarrassing considering the hoohah over Derek McInnes and the desire for other more ‘glamorous’ managers.

The fact is Graeme Murty will struggle to attract the calibre of player a more marquee manager would – it does not matter if Mark Allen tries to court a high quality Championship, SPL, or even EPL player to Ibrox – they are a lot less likely to be interested in the move with a youth coach in charge rather than a real name at the helm.

And going by Rangers’ performances of the past three matches, it is the wrong appointment too – while the Aberdeen pair had the mitigating circumstances of the McInnes sideshow, the subsequent three were all disgusting displays. Pure and simple.


We do have respect and admire Murty in light of the job he did as (seemingly) reluctant manager. He did a stellar gig out of his comfort zone, so we have no quarrel or criticism of him in terms of the majority of the work he did as caretaker.


Being the full-time professional manager takes a special individual, and Rangers have not had that special individual since Uncle Walter departed. We do not believe Murty is close to being another of those special individuals.


We are Rangers supporters, first and foremost. Whatever we think of this decision, and however we assess it, we do genuinely wish Murty the best. We want him to prove us utterly wrong about his capabilities to take the hardest football job in Britain and restore the kind of success Rangers fans expect. We also want him to prove us wrong about the board, and our criticisms of them. We need that to happen, because our Rangers have been in the doldrums for far too long.


We do not expect to be proven wrong, and that makes us sad. We expect much of the same that is currently the case to continue. Poor football, frequently dreadful results, and the continuation of the current mediocrity of our club.

It is a weak and feeble appointment on the face of it, with a manager who simply is not the right man, just like his predecessor was not. We called that one out immediately and were sadly right.

We expect no difference this time but would dearly hope there is.

Graeme, it is over to you sir.



  1. The board and mark Allen are the side step show' they just side step issues and question some put to them. It seems like Murty is the scapegoat for their shambolic leadership. Allen and Robertson say that let's just finish as high as we possibly can??? It's smokescreens as usual. I don't trust this anymore. After a long period of listening to their continued BS and then the news of Dodgy Dave King having to pay 11mill in share money. It's an endless supply of lies and mist!!!

    • King doesn't have to pay 11m he just has to offer to buy the shares. He only pays if the shareholders accept (which given its only 20p per share is unlikely)

    • The money has to be made readily avalibile for all to see.
      Watch how this 11m appears like magic from his family trust fund.
      Trust me Kings a fuking crook there's $900M in that trust fund ffs.
      If you think I'm talking a load of pish Google David Kings net worth even if U don't still Google it gents. He got stung with a 50m tax bill in S.A. that won't happen again.
      He's like the cunt in the bar I'm skint yet drives a brand new BMW.
      Short arms long pockets the cunt!!

  2. I think we should show respect to the man and hope to see improvement in performances. They tend to blow hot and cold. I think a settled team where the guys connect with each other to tactics they can grasp will put us on a better footing. Two or three new faces with our injured returning back in Jan/Feb can give us a new look and bring some sadly needed excitement to the team.
    Tactics will matter a lot and Graeme has Walter's ear and looks poised to bring A N Other as an assistant. I'd like it to be Alex Rae. I'm sure Graeme has his man in mind. Sooner he is in the better.
    Next few games extremely important for everyone associated with Rangers. Lets get back to winning ways.

  3. We need to give him a chance. His record against our close rivals is great, if he can figure out how to break down the smaller teams we could be on to something.

    Getting Declan John to stay is his first excellent decision.

  4. I for one hope Murty proves us all wrong but i fear the rest of the season will have many ups and downs but at least his appointment should settle things down with the team and the media farce hopefully go away for a few months. This news does though show that this board under king is clueless and has served its purpose. For them its time to move out. I wish Murty and the team the best of luck for the Killie game and hope its the start of something good. Happy Christmas to all bear supporters.

  5. Would you rather pay for a manager or better players? That’s where we are right now I believe. I would rather have better players. Piggy bank broken so we have the band aid solution for now. Hope it all works out for Murty.

  6. Angry,sad,and totally hacked off. Once again we get another cheap option, murty seens like a decent bloke but never in a million years a Rangers manager. Just starting to wonder if we will ever get our club back to what it once stood for. Another wasted season

  7. No coincidence that this comes on the day that King loses his court case. If Murty wasn't the right man when Caixhina was sacked then he oisn't the right man now – or was McInnes the only idea they could come up with. Murty is a nice guy and will do an honest job – but it is an unambitious appointment that virtually writes the season off. Despite everything Rangers are still within touching distance of Celtic. The title is a long shot but we should be doing everything possible to to put pressure on Rodgers for the first time and see how he copes. Just think what a McLeish might bring to the table – someone who's been there and done that. There is no plan, no ambition, no belief at Ibrox – from Boardroom to Dressing Room. I hate to say it but Rangers seem to have now settled for being second best in Glasgow for the foreseeable future.

  8. think your wrong murty will do well for r,f,c dont think he will tollerate any slackers give the guy a chance to put his spin on it at least we know all pedros signings will be off .hopefully get some money for them we need big characters on the park . murty will deliver

    • When will he start doing well?
      And who will pay for the dross in the squad- what team will pay for Morelos and Pena?

  9. Graeme murty Manager of Glasgow Rangers…. Merry Xmas Ho Ho Ho and a Happy New Year? Any bears happy with this news are deluded and the more ammunition we give to other clubs and their supporters is only making us more of a laughing stock , and just for the record I have nothing against gm as a person but if you asked me what I think of king/Robertson/co..Shite �� watp

  10. Look we all have to get behind the man whether your happy or not, if there's ever been a Rangers Manager needing a 12th man this is the time for us to show we really are the people.
    I know he's wet as fuk behind both ears but he's got Walter whispering in his ears.
    Not one person knows what the finished product Murty shall be, Even Him!! He will get my full backing and I wish him all the luck in the world As the 17th manager of Glasgow Rangers.

  11. Nothing against Murty (he could prove to be a top manager for us) but if the board felt he was the right man they should have backed him with a proper contract. Until the end of the season means the players don't know who will be boss next season and neither do potential January signings. Also, what if he signs players that seasons manager doesn't like and we need to have 3 clear outs in 2 seasons…?

    Either make him the permanent manager or get someone else FFS.

    P.S – I hope the players stop calling him Murts and start showing him more respect.

  12. It seems that unless we bring in Guardiola no ones happy. Will Murty work? Who knows. Did Walter? Different circumstances yes but i doubt even Walter would struggle for fans positive opinions inheriting this side. If Murty/DoF can move on 7 or 8 players and bring in sone local or UK talent that works wonders youll be surprised at the backtracking.

    Ps lets not relate this to the court case. Its heehaw to do with it.

    Pulis or anyone else out of a job is not the answer. At least Murty has had the baws to say the type of football he wants to bring.

    All ive heard is murty this murty that. He gets the job and its slated.

  13. Look mcleish was a don through and through he was never the best manager the only reason murty has got the job to the end of the season is right now we are a poison Challis with no money and a club with no confidence in each other as we have a manager never plays the same team two games in a row we have killie this weekend followed by our oldest rivals whose pride has being hurt by hearts so they will be looking to hurt us we must not be intimindated by their mind games we must challenge for every ball and win every tackle which is what hearts did to them putting them on the back foot we must not let them settle into their game we must be in their faces from the off until the final whistle we must play for each other not as individuals. We are suppose to be a team United for one cause winning the league .

  14. I was watching the press conference today and when Stuart Roberton started talking I was like please shut the duck up and stop talking (ya spoofer) he even had the audacity to say the he felt they had the right man in place to take the team forward. Eh aye right I remember him saying exactly the same thing when he was unveiling pedro. I have just given up on this board now. And I wonder where on earth dave(spoofer)king is gonna come up with the 11illion to pay the existing shareholders. The entire board should be slaughtered(rant over)
    Ps I will accept nothing more than 6 points from Killie and the manky mob. (Rant over)

  15. Come on guys, your being made fools of by the club.

    This announcement is a smokescreen to the fact that the board lied and cheated to gain control of a club they can't afford.

    They used fans dislike of Ashley to get fans on side and perpetrated a myth that nobody else would invest, whilst simultaneously making it impossible for anyone to do so.

    This manager hunt proves one thing. There is no money and Kings lie that he is penniless is simply more proof he won't invest his cash in the club he controls.

    There may be signings, but only if exits pay for them. There will not be the investment needed and Celtic will move further ahead.

    • What is keeping our club is fans money we pay that board to lie to us and it was our money that Pedro spent not the boards,soft loans after soft loans why?we need fan ownership where most of the money is on players we want on the pitch, we are a huge club and we could do that

  16. Yeah. What is Robertson or any PR person going to say? My argument is that board have a hell of a lot to answer. Even if we got McInnes it was a very close split in fan opinion on him. Murty has the job. Lets make a case against the board in terms of how they appointed a manager but not the manager they should have probably appointed 2 months ago. Lets get this right that McInnes is the one that bottled it last minute and we get a guy who appears ambitious, gets on with the team, respects the supporters, doesnt make a fool of himself at PR and lastly…as everyone seems to point out as his greatest quality…a nice guy. Ffs ryan giggs is fav for everything Welsh and never done anything…we appoint a talented coach who is proud and honoured to be here

    • Well said Stephen. He IS our manager and a top guy. FFS haven't we enough arseholes at the club. Graeme can make us proud. The only guy at Rangers right now who appreciates the fans. Lets show our appreciation by getting right behind him so we all benefit.

  17. Very few fans thought Walter Smith was the right appointment when Souness left…answers on a postcard what happened next……..??????…

  18. Guys, hate to say this but I'd be very surprised if the shares are even worth 27p judging by the state of the Clubs last accounts, current finances and requirement for loans. If King does not comply with Ruling, he gets the cold shoulder treatment and possibly remanded. If he stays on as chairman the Club will have serious issues because of this. Any bank/finance house/lawyer/accountant/professional regulated is obliged to cold shoulder the company as a result. King says he is penniless in court yet in the last accounts he provides assurances re. the guarantee of £5 million in funds to take the club through to the end of the season and £3 million next season. If he comes up with the funds then he has lied in court, if he doesn't then he has lied to the auditors which is not good either.
    I think the rest of the board have been sitting patiently behind the scenes waiting on this and have their end game in sight here. They have become over a period of time frustrated by Kings 'manuvers' and conduct. If he doesn't make the offer then they have no option but for the good of the club to remove him from post as chairman. The remainder of the board are clearly a professional, genuine group of people pulling in the right direction. These guys are self made and have run successful businesses but King through shareholding and being chairman has an element of control and as such they are up against him. I would go as far as say the introduction of Alasdair Johnston to the mix recently was a move made with an eye on what was to come. King doesn't make offer, is removed, AJ steps in as chairman and you'll find that all of a sudden a few outside investors who wouldn't invest previously because of King, will arrive on the scene.

  19. it's a strange one and I would have far preferred a permanent manager but if the only options are McLeish, Pulis, Wright and McCann I can see why the board are waiting until the summer. my big worry now is we need signings in January and will having a stop gap manager be enough to entice players to sign.

  20. Why are you willing to give Aberdeen the excuse that the McInnes situation unsettled them but fail to cut our team the same slack even though we've been without a manager for 2 months? Give the guy a chance FFS. Lets see how the players react now that they know theyll be dealing with him until at least the summer. Incredible pessimism on this site. Does anyone think hes not capable of guiding us to second? We almost got there with that donkey Caixinha in charge.

  21. 1) god awful article.
    2) positives from such move means we havent given close to 2M to our rivals for mamagment team and the failure from the media and ibrox noise and sites alike to recognise that ABN are hoping to build a new staduim and need invester confidence.
    3) im starting to think that snobbery and unrealistic realism is setting in amoungst the support.

    we as a club are not all that, we are small fry "damaged goods" and the quicker the snipers of this board realise then they can let the board run this club down the bumpy road ahead.

    we've had regime change, backed two mangers with 30 odd million and they both failed abeit one showed potential but was stubborn to change his way while the other could sell sand to the Arabs" never a manager in a million years" and managed to sell his idea to the board.

    Rangers need someone that will stick with the club for the next 4 to 7 years but im sorry if your coming from English football to Scotland that aint gonna happen.

    im most definateley in favour of Murty and with Walter Smith in the background untill we find someone that will comitt to Rangers in the long term and in doing so we get to mould our very own Rangers man in Murty.

  22. See the knives are out all ready for Murty…How about some positivity on here for once ffs… It’s put to bed the players now know the score with who’s the manager..Celtic aren’t a million miles in front of us eithe.. Big performance needed today against Killie after last wk 🔴⚪️🔵

  23. Correct about Murty being used as a Scapegoat for Board Failures.

    …Think we all need to get behind Graeme

    WATP! #RangersAreComing

  24. Those who backed the board and back what they are doing to the club must not be watching same team I am.

    Shambles is an overused word. But we are a shambles. Worst of all is this isn't a blip, this is our weak team getting found out. We lack quality all over the park.

    Not a case of blaming Murty, this isn't his mess, but he does not have the qualities to fix this.

    I warned over and over again this was coming, and I was far from the only one.

    Listen to this- the fans will soon stop turning up and as it is our money, not Kings, that is keeping the club afloat people should start worrying about the survival of the club. It disgusts me that many show more loyalty to a bunch of charlatans than they do the club.

    King made a lot of promises, none have been kept. Yet somehow we have allowed him to gain absolute control over the club.

    Keep burying your heads in the sand, whenever you look up the mess will still be there.

  25. No big performance today because the players aren't up to it and Murty is the wrong man once again. No obvious tactics, no subs, no plan A never mind plan B. The board have made another massive mistake that will threaten 3rd place.
    Pedro 18 points in 10 games……SACKED.
    Murty 18 points from 10 games…….APPOINTED.

  26. Your all deluding yourselves after today's performance we will suffer humiliation at the hands of our oldest rivals and why I here you all ask we have a team that don't no how to play as a team because they don't get the chance week in week out we end up with changes that don't have consistence we just haven't gelled as a team and we won't with no permanent manager I don't believe murty is the right man for the job and we need investors at ibrox and king must get rid of Allen or the fans will look to get rid of him and the board . Let's here what you have to say …?

  27. To be a rangers manager he must learn to savage the players when needed otherwise he gets no respect you cannot let the big egos to control the dressing room that's why I don't see murty as the permanent manager we need someone who get the best out of the team week in week out someone who will take a no nonsense approach and isn't feared to drop the big egos if that's what needed for the greater good of the club.

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