Graeme Murty has a big problem


With the excellent news that Declan John (the best summer signing, incidentally) has now made his Ibrox stay permanent, there is a huge question mark over the future of either Lee Wallace or Josh Windass.

John has been a stand out performer the past few months, and has made that LB slot his, and with Wallace now near full fitness, new manager Graeme Murty has a decision to make.

Does he permanently leave John at his current slot and appoint a new captain, leaving Wallace benched, or does he shift John forward, ditch Windass, and restore the club captain?

It is a bit of a conundrum for Rangers’ new manager and we will be very interested in what he elects to do in his first big decision as boss.

Personally we would ditch Windass and leave John advanced where he can do such damage, and restore Wallace at the back who is a slightly better defender than the Welshman.

But there is no guarantee that will happen, and one thing is for sure – John will expect to start every match. As well he should on current form and having signed the new deal.


  1. Agree with getting shot of Windass John has admitted himself that he would rather be playing further forward no way should wallace be leaving The announcement that Murty is in charge till the end of the season has set the alarm bells ringing as to our financial stability and just highlights even more how much of a disaster the appointment of Pedro has been

  2. Simples
    Windass is no good as a winger. He plays in behind a striker, or two strikers, or he doesn't play. Like Candeias, who plays as a winger or doesn't play.
    Nobody questions why Foderingham doesn't play on the wing. He's not a winger. Neither is Windass.
    Get it?

    • You need to be careful with common sense answers like this. It's almost as though you've been paying attention to the formations that GM has been using!!! Windass looks like a different player behind the 9 and has scored regularly from there.

  3. That's a no brainer ffs, Wallace will be LB & John will slot in at LM. If Walker arrives don't know what's in store for Windass??

    Mate Murty will be given players in January with the help of Mark Allans oversight. Hopefully Mark can get us a few loan deals from Man City also.

  4. This is most sensible thing Club could do. Buys us time and gives Murty a chance. Re King and shares: A stupid decision by our corrupt professional class"

  5. There is plenty that need to leave before Wallace. With all the injuries we have at the moment the value of having players competing for places and decent squad is plan to see.
    Murty's real problem is being given the managerial reigns before he has the experience and gravitas for the job. It's no coincidence that this decision comes just as King loses his court case. I like Murty and hope he does well – but we might just end up losing a very good youth coach.

  6. The board and mark Allen are the side step show' they just side step issues and question some put to them. It seems like Murty is the scapegoat for their shambolic leadership. Allen and Robertson say that let's just finish as high as we possibly can??? It's smokescreens as usual. I don't trust this anymore. After a long period of listening to their continued BS and then the news of Dodgy Dave King having to pay 11mill in share money. It's an endless supply of lies and mist!!!

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