The six men who want the Rangers job


So the Rangers manager saga enters its fourth week (or whatever, we are losing count now) and as an alternative take on the whole affair, Ibrox Noise decided to bringing you a who’s who of who actually wants the job.

Not necessarily those who will be in the frame for sure, but a reasonably exhaustive guide of every manager who has thus far admitted interest (or more) in taking over from Pedro.

Here we go:

Graeme Murty:

Yes, while the interim coach (who is doing a fine job thank you) is very much in the frame anyway, his comments on the job were very precise:

“I would find it difficult to turn it down, but I didn’t come north of the border to become Rangers manager.”

So, if offered, it would be an ‘aye’, but apparently the 43-year old is not looking to become Rangers’ latest manager.

Frank de Boer:

Another one who has admitted he would certainly listen if offered, the ex-Rangers defender has had a pretty awful time in management since quitting his homeland, but the SPL is certainly more comparible with Eredivisie than either of the two leagues the former Dutch international has managed in:

“As a player I played football (for Rangers) for a while and the atmosphere was fantastic, you never know if it can come back. We have to look at the possibilities, but they have not contacted yet.”

They may yet. We shall see.

Henning Berg:

Said to be one of many who has actually submitted an application, Berg was a very solid defender under Eck’s reign, and while Rangers got him at the end of his career, there was good leadership in there. His managerial time has been alright, with a peak of 61% in Poland with Warsaw, but it has certainly got the black mark of his three months in charge of Blackburn where he managed one win in 10 fixtures. His last four jobs have also led to his dismissal so it is probably not a surprise the man is looking for work.

Steve McClaren:

Another who apparently sent in his CV, McClaren is not said to be genuinely on Rangers’ radar; this might be as a result of the outcry from fans when reports broke that he was. The ex-England boss is not seen as an inspiring manager, but he could probably use the money.

Gus Poyet:

Reports the ex-Chelsea man is in the frame are not wide of the mark, and he is open to discussions if Rangers come in for him. Has not gone as far as an application (as far as we know) but would definitely be interested:

“I would [be interested in the Rangers job]. Nobody has called me, nobody has said anything but it is one of the jobs I would be interested in.”

So now we know.

Tim Sherwood:

The last in the list, Sherwood is one who gets linked to pretty much every job when they become available, and he seems to be aware of this hence his comments on the Rangers job:

“Yeah I would consider any job at the moment. I will talk to anyone and see if their ambitions meet mine, so yeah certainly.”

Very inspiring (!)

Anyway, that is the lot for the moment. Would you take anyone from that list?


    • De'Boer – 4 Dutch leagues in a row and the Dutch cup..complete Failure?

      Murty never managed a club..Great choice?

      Nae bother! Maybe they should give you the managers job because you seem right clued up..

  1. The only two on that list that I would even consider are Murty and Sherwood. I think that Murty has a much bigger chance than the bookies odds suggest, and the more wins that he gets while in charge, the more that strengthens his case. Davie (well hidden and silent) King would want to save money, so he will NOT be appointing McInnes from Aberdeen, and he also knows that every week that he delays any appointment is saving the club money–as well as strengthening Murty's claim…

  2. I've said it and said it again. McInnes is the man. This BS about not beating Septic is ridiculous. Name me the last Gers manager to achieve that feat in 90 mins? Was it McCoist? I can't remember but McInnes has done it since we last did it. If not McInnes then Murty or GVB if he's interested. Don't get me started on McLaren, Pardew, etc. Complete failures. Someone listed Pardew's "achievements" the other day – if he was that good why was he sacked from his last 6 jobs?? Because he starts good everywhere then it all goes to pot. Remember Newcastle? 10 unbeaten then 10 losses on the trot (or thereabouts) – same at Crystal Palace. The players hate him, the fans hate him, the Board hate him. His dog even hates him. And how many people has he punched/headbutted/denigrated etc.? He wouldn't last 5 minutes here. The list above is a list of the worst possible managers we could get except Murty. Rant over.

    • It was me who mentioned his achievments, and those achievments make him vastly more experienced than Mcinnes! Not even gonna mention Murty who has never managed a team! Your trying to judge a guy who's been competing in the toughest league in the world and managed to get to two cup finals and win manager of the year awards. remind me what Mciness won in England? The fact Pardew has had more jobs to lose in tougher leagues than both put together tell me he's got a btter chance of succeeding! Better managers and higher profile managers have been sacked a plenty in the EPL! – as for people not liking him, and what? Rodgers has been sacked or walked out on every club he has had after leaving them in a worse state except Celtic(didn't look that great till he came to Celtic did he?). He also had the Liverpool team that spend £300m and he won nothing in the EPL! De'Boer got sacked after 5 games, Moyes barely got a chance at Man U. It's how the EPL works.

      P.S since your talking about losing runs try these two. Micnnes dragged Bristol adrift at the bottom of the championship with a run of 8 losses in a row before getting sacked. Losing 10 games in the premier league isn't great when your playing teams like Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Arsenal and the likes, but Mcinnes was facing preston,Millwall, Shefield etc! what was his excuse. Here is another one. Mcinnes has faced Rodgers more than half a dozen times and been cuffed every single one of them!

      So the fact remains – Pardew had more experience in football management than Mcinnes, He's worked with bigger clubs, he operated in bigger leagues and he faced bigger pressures been promoted from 2 different leagues, been in two FA cup finals and won 2 manager of the year awards. Damn tooting I'd take him over Mcinnes..

    • …and been sacked every time. Wasted a load of money on duff players. And headbutted a player!!, physically abused a linesman and verbally abused several other managers. Yes what a manager he'd be. He's got plenty of experience all right – just none of it any good! McInnes managed in a league where he had less money than most of the opponents. Pardew spent more than most of his opponents and still got nowhere except the dole queue. And the courts for the various transgressions. As for slagging off Rodgers – you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Unfortunately they've gone 60 odd games unbeaten. Get Pardew in and that run will go to 100 before he gets the tin tack again.

    • You talks some amount of garbage man honestly! First of all, I'm not slagging Rodgers im stating a fact. He spent £300m with Liverpool and won nothing. 75% of his players were voted as duds. So Pardew didn't spend anywhere near as much as him and took smaller teams further than him and won himself more awards along the way. Check the facts for yourself.What did he win before he came to Celtic? Secondly Mcinnes has 4 seasons and won 1 trophy, never got by the third qualifier in Europe and been knocked out the Scottish and League cup on more than 1 occassion at round 3 or 4. In those 4 years –

      Year 1 No Rangers in the league, Hibs and Hearts both at the bottom of the table. 1 decent manager up against him in Stuart Mcall and he finished 3rd behind Mcall and Motherwell with something like 31 points behind Celtic and 50 goals worse off. He won the league cup by beating Alloa(6-5 on pens to scrape through the second round, before beating Falkirk, Motherwell and St JOhnstone to meet ICT in the final and only winning on pens after a 0-0 fulltime score. So he didn't face any clubs bigger than Aberdeen. Any time he did he never won a cup!

      Year 2 – No Rangers, Hearts, Hibs. Motherwell now at the bottom of the table. He finished 2nd, 17 points behind Celtic and nearly 50 goals worse off(That's up against the worst Celtic manager in recent memory)

      Year 3 – No Rangers or Hibs, and he managed to finish 6 point in front of the newly promoted Hearts somehow with a worse goal difference. He also finished again 50 goals worse off and 14 points worse off than Celtic.(This was the year he had his chance to finally beat a bad Celtic team with a bad manager and he bottled it)

      Year 4 – He finished 2nd behind Celtic, 30 points and 40 odd goals worse off. Yes he beat Rangers with one of our worst managers in history to second. Wow! fantastic eh. You think that deserves to manage our football club! – No way in a million years.

      So that's your argument answered, done and dusted , null and void. And please for the love of God stop trying to compare that record with a guy who's been managing at a much higher level all his career, it's just ridiculous and embarassing!

  3. None of the above! Murty is doing a great job but is not the long term answer. We need to find the money to get Gio and also give him a reasonable budget to challenge our dear friends.

  4. Only Murty stands up here as he really gets the Rangers thing .so would still go for McLeish with either Doddsy or wee Alex Rae or Barry. Murty 1st Team Coach. Need to stop 10 in a row urgently

    • we need to Stop 10 in a row urgently so –

      Ignore a guy who won 4 league titles and a cup in a row but..

      Sign Murty – a Youth coach who has never managed.

      Bring back Barry – A guy who nearly got Clyde relegated!
      Bring back Rae – A guy who couldnt hack it at Dundee or St Mirren!

      Why not push the boat right out and bring back Ally then, he knows the club better than them all put together..Didn't think so.

      To beat Celtic we need a good manager and coaches, regardless of where they are from. They need to know football, not Rangers! Being a die hard fan and ex player unfortunately means nothing when your managerial and coaching skills are rotten! Did Rodgers know Celtic inside and out?, Did the little general know us inside out?, did Ranieri know Leicster inside and out? Total myth we need an Ex Ger..

  5. The more this drags on the more concerning it becomes.

    It's beyond ridiculous that the board seems to have had no plan or strategy in place when it decided to sack Pedro. It was stated that the decision was not a snap reaction and had been thoroughly debated. Well if that's true then where was the debate for the plan ahead?

    The board stated last week it expected more applications. Where is the boards plan here? It seems we are hoping that the right man will come forward rather than having any clear idea over who that is. Why aren't we proactively making a short list of people? Because the board is clueless.

    Taking time to get the right man is fine if that's what is actually happening. Unfortunately it's just a soundbite from the board to fool gullible fans.

    I would love the board to prove me wrong. To show that they have thought this out clearly. That they know who they want and that they can find the money required to improve the team and catch Celtic. Unfortunately that wish is as unrealistic as the calls for Murty to get the job.

  6. Murty has absolutely no pressure to deliver as things stand, as soon as (IF) he was awarded the job he would crack under the pressure or maybe he wouldn't, no ones knows how he would handle it cos he has never been in that position before. So how can he be a better choice than GVB, DeBoer, McInnes, Sherwood, Gus Poyet etc etc
    why would we take the risk on Murty, someone who has never managed any football club in his life.
    This is not me slagging the man off, i think he has done an outstanding job however the big difference from him in the position and the last 4-5 managers is that he has no pressure to deliver and the previous managers had enormous amounts of pressure to deliver.
    You need to be able to handle enormous pressure to manager Rangers and no one knows if Murty has that capability.

    • Spot on! – Utterly ridiculous to shout about signing a youth coach who has never managed a team on one hand then shout guys like De'Boer aren't good enough. Surely when looking for a manager the questions should be, Who have you managed, What level, what have you won or how far have you got in cups?

    • completely agree William, but lets answer these for Murty and see if he would qualify for an interview:
      Who have you managed – NO one
      What level – NA, see above
      what have you won – Nothing, see above Q1
      how far have you got in cups – Nowhere, see above Q1.

    • Kenny Dalglish won the English league in his first job. Souness won us the title in his first job. What are you guys on about? Let's hire an experienced failure rather than take a chance? FDB might be a decent manager but his recent track record is not good is it?

    • FDB wasn't even given time to find his feet at Inter or Crystal palace. You can't judge any manager on 5 games at CP or 14 at Inter. He did have a 60%+ record over a 6 year period with Ajax winning 4 titles and resigning after losing out on the 5th on the last game of the season. Rangers should go all out to get FDB if he is genuinely interested.
      Totally agree with William, Murty's doing a good job and would be a great choice for assistant manager but he's years away from having the knowledge and experience to take the job on full time now.

    • FDB had 21 games between 2 teams in 2 different countries in his last 2 jobs and thats what you focus on FulhamJohn?? Wonder why eh. Why not focus on his 4 leagues in a row, His young dynamic team full of pace, power and ability, his forward thinking attitude?

      Also very very curious as to why your talking about FDB's recent track record but your shouting for Mcinnes or Murty?? Any chance you can tell us their recent track records please…I must have missed something.

  7. You people live with your head up your ass . You worry about the wretches winning 10 on the trot , you should be worried about the long term future of the club. The new man will be as much a business decision as a coaching level or can he stop Celtic decision .
    Mr. Murty is doing a grand job , handles the constant Anti-Rangers from the D.R.
    He has the dressing room , and has the team working with him. Give him the job till the end of the season Then judge. Forgot to mention he only gets a pay rise , doe's not cost a Million to talk to.

    • Short answer is no! – And today proves it. He is a youth coach, has been a youth coach since he quit playing, and has only ever been a youth coach! A youth coach is not a man to even consider taking over Rangers! Stop being ridiculous..

  8. Some people need to absolutely get a grip. We have some big names rumoured to be wanting the job with impressive cvs. Yes some of them may have been sacked from previous clubs. But that's football unfortunately it's a visious circle. So let me say that I'm a fan of murty I think he has accounted himself very well seems like a gentleman too. But he has no pervious big club management credentials apart from taking the helm of our great club. I wouldn't be comfortable with that appointment if it should happen but like managers before him he would get my support cause it's what we do as rangers fans is support our club.

  9. I thought it was that we didn't want anymore foreigners, and the manager had to have knowledge about Rangers. So the only person or manager that suits the job is D.M . Walter Smith and a lot of ex Rangers players and managers have said Dereck is the man to lead our club forward. I just wonder if there's a money problem, which is holding us back from getting our managers sorted out.

  10. Murty & McInnes would give 110% for the club of that I have no doubt whatsoever they would both get us 2nd place as they couldn't take Rodgers on.
    We need a Manager with tactical awareness.

  11. Bears I have read all comments etc about this one and that one as rangers fans we now have to be realistic on where we stand in regards finances and who we bring in as our manager to stop Celtic and their aim of beating our nine in a row ? Do we forget they done it first ? So they are trying to beat heir own record . Enough about them as rangers fans we should be looking at someone who loves rangers ,knows the club ,knows Scottish football ,and can work within a budget , Tommy Wright fits all , a rangers man through and through ,is well respected in victory or defeat he has achieved with at Johnstone in organisation without the best players etc we need continuity from youth to senior levels in our team a structure that is so important not just for this year but for the future years ,and bears like it or not we have to start asking ourselves who is running our club and for who,s benefit ours or Thiers ,why are we still getting n debt ? ?? How much interest on soft loans ????? We need answers now for our future or we are going to have to reinvent ourselves again ,WATP.

  12. Cant even believe Rangers fans would even consider McCoist as our manager again.
    He WAS absolute shit…he would be my last call..
    Can honestly say,the guys who seem to be interested have a lot of negatives about them but so did Brendan Rogers….i still dont think Mcinnes is the right guy,his record against Celtic was pure shit..and cause we aint got no money,think our manager who ever it is,will struggle, Depending on ALEX McLEISH,how much he wants AND if he thinks he can bring us back to where we were as Scotlands best..knowing our finances are limited,he would be the guy i would want as manager,,,,

  13. I thought we were in good hands under Murty but that was a piss poor performance today, no fight, no passion and no clue once we went behind. If we can't win 3 in a row (and let's face it, the opposition has hardly been great) then things are bad. The longer the wait for a managerial appointment has me thinking the DOF and board have no plan, no short list of candidates. They claim sacking Pedro was being discussed – so why no plan? I think they were hoping Murty could plod along until the end of the season but 1st time he comes up against an organised team, hasn't a clue. On a separate note, absolutely heartbreaking to see Fernando today.

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