Big decision; has Murty got this call right?


Graeme Murty has done a lot of things right as interim coach. Bringing back Kenny Miller, giving Jason Holt a real run, and trusting in Ross McCrorie. But one name has been conspicuous by his absence in every match under the youth coach, and while his season has been a disaster, we really wonder what the future holds for Mexican Carlos Pena.

Ok, sure, the guy cost a ridiculous amount and seems to be the symbol of all that was wrong under the last ‘manager’, but while he has only really delivered in one match (St Johnstone) the same could apply to Graham Dorrans (same match, incidentally) and he has been under a lot less pressure than the ex-Leon man.

The thing is, Pena showed some real technical class in that match – his vision was excellent, his goals well-taken, and some of his passing showed invention and quality – something we have not seen before or since from the 27-year old.

Murty has completely overlooked Pena in the match day squads, including the other night’s testimonial win, which does suggest, under Murty at least, Pena will struggle to even get a subs’ appearance never mind a start.

You cannot argue with this approach – Murty’s work so far has been good, and he has carried himself with dignity – it is not exactly ‘in Murty we trust’ yet but the man has been a very safe pair of hands with this interim malarkey.

And if he feels Pena is unsuitable for action, so be it. Things do look pretty nifty with Jason Holt playing in that kind of role.

But we shelled out circa £3M for this guy, and one really wonders if that was just a waste of money or if the ex-manager was simply the wrong coach for him.

If we recall, Pedro sold Pena as a ‘box to box midfielder who gets into the box late for goals’. Half of that is true – but Pena clearly is not a box to box midfielder. But he has scored some curiously fine goals, and otherwise looks like he really has something about him.

But somehow the lad is not fitting in – and yet we want him to. We saw what he can do on his (rare) day and even the fans took to him that day, applauding him off in Perth with aplomb.

If there is a way Murty can get Pena to wake the heck up and realise his potential we would be all for it. £3M is a lot of money to lose, especially with Rangers’ finances the way they are.

But we equally will not flog a dead horse, and many would make the case Pena is an also-ran who should have been put down long ago – it really is up to Carlos himself what he wants to be at Ibrox.

He could be special, but equally he appears closer to oblivion.

Up to you, sir.


  1. I think Pena's exclusion could be his own doing, i just dont think his head is in the game, he is possibly homesick? doesnt speak the lingo and the 1 man who had faith in him is no longer there. If his exclusion was simply down to Murty i would suspect the DOF would be telling Murty to play Pena (to a degree) in order to try and at least get some cash for him in the new year, as it stands the money we spent on this guy is gone.

  2. Pena has had plenty of time to prove himself–and he has failed. Time to get rid of, and cut our losses as much as possible. Same applies to Krancjar, Herrera, and the ever injured Rossiter. Get rid of them all–they are a waste of money on the payroll.

  3. Although I appreciate that the foreign guys need time to adapt to a whole new culture,language,climate etc etc, the guy was bought for around 3mil he clearly wasn't fit so combined with the fitness issue and the taking time to adapt.if I was manager I wouldn't quite give up the ghost on him yet.we could argue that josh windass has not performed granted he cost a lot less than pena but he is horrid inconsistent also.

  4. I'm not sure we watched the same st Johnstone game because although he did take his goals well, he gave us absolutely nothing apart from that.

    And I feel you're being harsh saying the same game is the only game dorrans has delivered. It was definitely his best game but not the only game he has played well.

    All in all Pena has shown he can score goals, but thats about it so i would have him as a bench player with possible impact sub appearances.

  5. "he has only really delivered in one match (St Johnstone)"
    There are stats and then there are stats. About a minute before the first goal I remarked that he was a complete waste of space. He scored. Yay! After that. He was a complete waste of space. He scored another. Yay! After that. He was a complete waste of space. He's so bad even not playing he's a complete waste of space. Now if he plays and was to average a goal every game fine but I'm pretty confident the only way he will score a goal a game is if he's playing Subbuteo or something. Even mince don't want anything to do with him!

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