The key decision which destroyed Aberdeen

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Caretaker manager, Graeme Murty certainly got one over current Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes who has so far done well at Pittodrie over the last 4 years and is still evidently in the frame to take over from a failed Ped Rangers side. Is he the right man for this massive revamp job at Ibrox? Last night’s Rangers performance left me again with some doubt about McInnes taking over.

Rangers were a joy to watch last night and looked remarkably fit at last – well done Murty! He changed the team about and boy did it pay off. After Graeme’s first two good performances against Partick Thistle and Hearts, came the totally unexpected and inconsistent failures against Hamilton at a shocked Ibrox Stadium and an inept away display at Dundee.

You never know what kind of performance you are going to get from this current pool of players. I was so pleased at the way last night’s players started the game and much to my surprise they kept it up throughout the game.

19-year-old-rookie centre half Ross McCrorie was my man of the match playing unexpectedly as our holding midfield player and I thought he excelled in his new position. He looks like nailing this vital part of the team, if he can play consistently at this very high standard. I understand why Tavernier was given the champagne after scoring from the penalty spot after Holt was poleaxed in the box by Tansey after only six minutes and also getting on the end of a great pass from an ever-improving Windass. Oh my gosh, some Rangers fans can’t stand Josh – see what I did there!

With McCrorie performing well it left Holt and Jack to get more active with the attacking part of their game and it helped to push Rangers forward more and Pena scored the so important second goal after great work from Holt who was popping up everywhere.

The defence were in control with Alves playing particularly well and Wilson doing a solid job in central defence and John and Tavernier driving effectively and causing trouble for Aberdeen down the wings, it was good football to watch – please keep it going this Sunday at Pittodrie.

A good night for Rangers was completed with Motherwell drawing with Celtic and the night finishing with the Ibrox club in third place only three points behind Aberdeen.


  1. We showed the team that we can be, not the team that we have been.

    Easily best performance since promotion, but can we back it up?

    It shows that with better organisation and motivation that the current team is better than results suggest. It also shows that with the right manager there are foundations to build upon.

    Let's just get mcrorie on a long term deal as he is a lad with real potential.

    Sadly King performance at AGM was not of the same level. Utter charlatan who is relying on blind devotion instead of treating fans with respect.

  2. Let's not get carried away Guy's, we played well and looked hungry last night just like other previous matches which most of us thought we could kick on from,
    I will never be convinced with this group of players which now takes me to Dave king who has reportedly said that Pedro wasn't the wrong choice because every/
    any manager was a risk when going to a new club,What absolute nonsense this is
    There were better candidates out there and he knows it,he is trying to protect Robertson/co who put Pedro the Bull fighter in place who in turn gave us our poorest results in Europe/league matches ever witnessed in our history,he has to get next appointment right and just for the record I wouldn't let McInnes anywhere near the club as I never wanted him previously and last night has convinced me of that….watp Helicopter 2005

  3. If DK is true to his word based on interview the futures bright , u know the rest. im not holding my breath though. so much potential, just hope their up to it. lisening to him makes me think it's walter, it f*****g should be. if not he should be nvolved in appointment surely?

  4. Last night was easily the best peformance I've seen from a Rangers team in… years probably. Absolutely annihilated Aberdeen all over the pitch. I even thought Pena looked sharper and had some good touches, as well as taking his (admittedly, simple looking) goal well.

    Windass is still an engima to me though – does he have nudey pictures of someone on the board or something? I can't understand why he keeps getting a start, especially with the superior (in my mind) Candeis sitting on the bench.

    Just hope we can give Aberdeen another scudding at the weekend and built on from there. If that happens, McInnes should be taken completely out of the frame as a possible replacement manager, as he's proven time and again that he can't compete at the highest level. I'd even go as far as to say that after last night, he shouldn't even be in the picture right now.

  5. Well the AGM basically told the supporters that we need to just wait were saying fuk all till he's signed on the dotted line, no problems from me as long as they nail it.

    Said yesterday that McCorie would slot into that holding role no problemo, when Dorrans is fit stick Jack to RB and Tavi to RM. Big Bruno hes our leader and should be our captain,

    Miller & Windass couldn't find the net in a fishing boat. Sorry won't waver on that they're just not good enough and a waste of wages.
    Moult and 3 or 4 more in January with a decent manager and it could be a happy New Year.
    WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Have to agree with you on those points. Windass & Miller should be subs and that’s it. I’d like to see Jack or Bates played as RB – Bates played RB for a good while at Falkirk.. McCrorie defo a DM.. I’d also play Pena upfront as a floating forward with Alfredo

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