When a photo paints a thousand words


We will have a proper analysis for you in due course but this photo just about sums up tonight’s stunning victory over Aberdeen by a resurgent Rangers with a rejuvenated Graeme Murty.

Having regained his composure from the last two matches, Murty put out a surprise selection, and boy did it work, but this photo of the second substitution sums up how the man believed in his players, and had them play for him.

Substitute Eduardo Herrera, spoken to like an equal, given inspiration, and support, and this kind of morale-boosting work clearly helped going into tonight.

In short, Rangers slayed an out-of-sorts Aberdeen who simply did not know what hit them, and 90 minutes later a deserved home win saw a much-needed boost in the arm for Rangers and our fans.

There were many more key and inspiring moments in the match, but this subtle one really stood out for us.


  1. Can someone tell me who that was playing against the sheep tonight cause it certainly wasn't the Rangers I've watched over the Hamilton and Dundee games. Hunger, desire, fight and heart – finally the players showed some character and what their capable of. A happy bear tonight. Same again up there and hopefully some good news at AGM.

  2. For such an unfit Rangers team they sure gave the sheep a real shaggin'
    Play like that every game and win the league. Immense.

  3. Two words,,,"Bruno Alves!!!!!! Leadership at it's best. A special note to McCrorie. I've always said this lad needs protection, but he was immense tonight, worthy of a start on Sunday on that performance!
    Feet on the ground of course,,but it feckin angers me that we would have been top of the league if we won our home games!!, We are not out of this yet, the next move of appointing a quality manager is vital.
    Sunday is a very important game, but as I have always said, inconsistency has always been our enemy. Was a delight to watch tonight, but need to play like that every time, not when it suits them!!!

    • Indeed big Bruno was immense tonight.
      McCorie playing in that role is better than 3 at the back.
      Was wanting 4-1-3-2 but 4-1-2-1-2 worked well.
      Think we can do even better than that with Dorrans, Morelos & Candias in and Holt, Miller & Windass on the bench.
      Then 3 new players in January but Moult has to be got at any cost to partner El Buffalo.
      Just hope we play like that till the window opens!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • That's a ridiculous statement. Celtic absolutely thumped rangers at Ibrox, you can't just say 'but if'…
      7 points behind having played a game more, and only 5 points dropped at home either than the Celtic game…so rangers would still be 3rd

    • Liam, I was pointing out that shellic are dropping points this season. If we won our so called easy games, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Hamilton etc, we would be at the top of the league.
      We simply have not capitalised, for reasons we all know. But to beat Aberdeen in the manner that we did last night, then its obvious to me the Rangers players only turn up when it suits them in games, that's what angers me. Inconsistency is our enemy and is preventing us challenging shellic!
      As for shellic, I think they are carrying a lot of luck in games and referees in their back pocket!!

    • i think the point that's being made is, that our downfall is down to a lack of consistency and not putting teams away despite numerous chances rather than anything to do with how good the INVISIBLES are. A well run rangers with the right manager and brenda would be off back to england. even pedro could manage celik and win the title the last 5 year ffs.

  4. Proud of our team tonight, fighting spirit, desire, quality. Now we need consistency. Mccorie cdm superb. Wasn't feeling confident but at last we win an important game at home. Go to a it, Ave got a soft spot for pena. He has something about him.

  5. We need a decent manager who will get us to play consistently well and I would go for a safe pair of hands, until the end of the season. I can't believe I'm saying this because I wasn't his biggest fan last time, but Alex McLeish is the best man available for the job. We need to get someone in that the players will respect, so they stop picking and choosing their games! Last nights performance should be the standard the players achieve in most games! We need to be consistent and Murty is not up to the job!

  6. Hunting in packs. It's been a while. McRorie gave Jack and Holt some licence and they used it.

    Just brilliant.

  7. Listen,it was good very good, but it was a home game that we looked much fitter than Aberdeen was it not around this time last season we played them off the park?look i will be well over the moon if we can turn them over as easy this on Sunday its not about a one off game lets see if we can notch three in a row.

  8. Got a Soft Spot for Herrera Myself
    Great Result Anyways!

    Miller and Windass can GTF

    In Jan …We Should Sign, Moult, McGinn & Walker

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