Rangers in four-way stand off?


Rangers currently find themselves embroiled in a very curious four-way battle. At around the same time, three big English clubs are managerless and Rangers are in the same market as they all are, with the same names all being touted for the top jobs.

First to be relieved of duty was Everton’s Ronald Koeman, after a pretty dreadful spell of results at Goodison. The Toffees had splashed out over 150M Euros on players, yet got little return on that from their Dutch coach before dispensing with him.

Next to go was Championship Sunderland’s Simon Grayson, another club in shambolic disarray and who Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes rejected only last summer.

And yesterday, West Ham confirmed what the world knew and ditched Croatia’s Slaven Bilic after, again, a diabolical start to the new season.

And as we know, in the middle of all this, Rangers finally shed themselves of the disaster that was Pedro Caixinha.

It has led to a very curious situation where the likes of Bilic, David Moyes, Sam Allardyce, Steve McClaren et al are being touted for these positions.

In short, at a very unexpected time of the year, four major British clubs have fired their managers and are now competing with each other for the same names – this happens frequently in player circles, where bidding wars take place for players before the individual in question decides on his destination.

But in manager circles it is less common; reports are today that ex-Sunderland manager Moyes will take over at the London Stadium – just 24 hours after distastefully admitting he wanted the job that Slaven Bilic was currently employed in.

If there is one thing out of work managers never do, it is to promote themselves to a position which is not actually available yet. Extremely poor.

Meanwhile Sam Allardyce, former Sunderland and West Ham manager (keeping up yet?) is said to be in talks with Everton to replace Koeman (or technically David Unsworth).

And our very own Rangers? We have no idea now. After a few days where first it was Derek McInnes, then Steve McClaren, now with claims that no one is the first choice we have to wonder who the board is actually looking at.

There are limits to how many managers are in this ‘available’ circle, and with Bilic becoming one of them, some Rangers fans would like him in charge at Ibrox; but he can technically join the currently-full queue (!)

It is good that there are options. It is good that some of these options are rather viable. But it is surreal that we find ourselves essentially facing off against English clubs to fight for the managers currently available.

That said, perhaps the board have an ace up their sleeve whereby they are close to a name we have not posited already.

Tommy Wright would be just lovely, thanks. But the St Johnstone man has never been spoken of in this management race, surprisingly.

Perhaps that is evidence we might actually be looking at him.


  1. Not to mention the vacancy at Scotland national team.
    The board are hopefully waiting for the outcome of Northern Ireland's WC play off.

  2. Richard mate U need a few days holiday, sounds like UR heeds burst with this media circus.

    "Carry On Manager!!"

    Untill Mike Allan submits his final 3 to the board with his recommendation as instructed by King everything else is either lies or speculation.

    Big Slavan Bilic will be walking to Glasgow today apparently, hope he gets the weather!!

  3. Much as I’m glad we are taking time to find the right man, it seems every day we are linked with another manager, and as we have seen recently with the McLaren link it’s starting to get silly, so if it’s McInnes let’s just get it done and move on please, and stop agents using Rangers to raise the profile of clients

  4. Be looking for the cheapest possible option.

    Wages and signing on fees for top tier managers, even if unemployed, could be more than we can afford.

    Especially after those disastrous accounts.

  5. The Next manager we get we must keep or no manager worth anything will toch the job you can bank on that.

  6. Yeah we no who Allen wants it doesn't mean he's the right man for the job look let's be fare to murty give it to him until the end of the season he seems to have them winning again . One further point the senior players at ibrox should take along hard look at themselves especially those who think their egos are bigger than the club namely Kenny. His recent behaviour was that of a spoilt brat and not that of a true rangers ledgend his behaviour on being dropped please don't put pardew or McCLaren in charge because their friends of our director of football.be brave not stupid we don't want to be going through this again by the end of the season .

    • What exactly has Kenny Miller done that was the behaviour of a spoilt brat?
      Rumours and innuendos to sell papers, no accusations from Caixhina who said he "is one of our own" and that he was feeling an injury. Don't you think Caixinha was feeling the heat and trying to divert attention from his own failings? . Can't defend Miller because I don't know factually if there's anything to defend him from. I do agree with you about Murty being allowed to carry on in charge. Mon the Gers

    • What the hell are you talkibg about?

      So does that mean that O'Halloron and Forrester did no wrong?

      Think about it Same manager GAVE away McKay for half a million

      Caixinia was a riddy

  7. McLaren was made up dross, Moyes in at West Ham (thankfully), Big Sam at Everton (little disappointing bit never expected it to be him) Bilic….no no no!!! So is it Derek or are we waiting for results of the international break to see of we move for Michael O'Neill!????

  8. should give Murty to the end of the season at least..and if he does well…give him the job.. its got to be cheaper than shelling out 1 million or so for McInnes

  9. I think it is fair to say that most Rangers People Don't want Mc Innes He is not of our standard and has shown he cannot win even when in the most weakened of SPL line ups. Pardew has all the right credentials but does he have the OF staying power… Brenda has had nobody pressuring him at all I think he would buckle if they lost a few games as he did at Liverpool . Murty is doing a good job but I'm not sure he could take us to the next level .

  10. The Board need to end this media circus and get it done. If Allen seriously thinks McLaren or Poyet – or a goldigger like Pardew should be allowed anywhere near Ibrox then he can go now as well. Either give it to McInnes – or bring back Walter or McLeish until the end of the season and let them sort out the dross from the few that still might cut it in a Rangers jersey. This all getting embarrasing for f'sake – now we've got some idiot Australian manager throwing his hat in the ring. We'll be looking back in Qatar and Mexico before long!

  11. All aboard the Media merry go round one more time lol… I’ll pin my scarf to the post for #TeamMurty and give him the reins at least till the end of season… It gives Murty time to build on the Team and results go our way then an improved deal on his existing one.. Murty will know if he can handle it too plus it gives DOF plenty of time and the Board to have someone in place if it doesn’t workout that's what the DOF is for… Let’s be honest if we finish 2nd and not 20 odd points behind that mob it’s improvement who knows might end their unbeaten run too 🔴⚪️🔵

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