Rangers: “No preferred candidate”


Rangers have today via unofficial channels dismissed press reports of interest in England’s Steve McClaren, and claimed Derek McInnes is not the preferred choice.

In a lengthy statement, the club have seemingly namedropped a number of the mentioned candidates, including McInnes, McClaren, David Moyes and Billy Davies, and stated that there is in fact no number one contender right now and all press comments to the contrary are wildly inaccurate.

If the report is to be believed, Rangers remain as far as ever from appointing a boss, with the commentary including the falsehoods expressed by certain journalists about the impending appointment of the Aberdeen boss.

However, the ‘far as ever’ is implying a more methodical process of selecting a new manager, with Rangers’ board seemingly taking as much time as necessary to appoint the right man.

We fully endorse this move. Many fans have reservations about McClaren, and not all are convinced by McInnes either; indeed, through this managerial vacancy, the only three men we have witnessed to have received majority praise and endorsement from the fans at large are Northern Ireland’s Michael O’Neill, the current caretaker Graeme Murty, and a few strong hands of support for former Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce.

But it does indeed seem that any announcement is not imminent, and in fact could see the whole international break used to find the correct chief to take Rangers forward.

This is not a decision to get wrong. And the board knows this.


  1. No matter who gets appointed. It will still be a case of you can keep some of the people happy some of the time but you can't keep all of the people happy all of the time
    But for the love of God please board just make the right appointment. Each and every fan has a thought on who they would like as next manager. Personally I would like to see Michael and Brian laudraup get it, but hey that's my opinion. Just get it right king and Co.

  2. Sorry but I have to disagree that the Board are to be praised for taking their time over this appointment. It has worrying signs of last time – and look who they came up with – Caixhina. Besides surely it has come as no surprise to them that at simon point they were going to have to act and get rid of Pedro. They could and should have had a replacement sorted quietly behind the scenes before Caixhina had left the building.

  3. Im pretty much convinced the delay is waiting to see how Michael O'Neill fares this week with Northern Ireland.

  4. I may be wrong but my own gut feeling now is,that rangers will not appoint our new permanent manager,until possibly beginning of december,thus being after our double header,with aberdeen!The board know rangers currently have a safe pair of hands,running the ship,in graeme murty!!I've said before and i'll say it again,i would leave murty in charge 'till Christmas,and if our upturn in results continues,i'd give him a 12 month rolling contract at the turn of the year!It looks very much like,derek mcinnes is NOT our preferred candidate,to become our new permanent manager,as if he was,i truly believe we would have made a move for him by now,bearing in mind we have a double header against them,coming up in around 3 weeks time!Murty currently ticks all the boxes for me,meantime!There's no risk attached here!!

  5. Not worried about not appointing a new manager in knee jerk fashion. Quite happy for GM to remain in charge for next 4 – Hamilton, Dundee & Aberdeen x2 Get 12 points and he deserves a shot until the end of the season.

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