Rangers fail in pursuit of number one managerial target: report


A national publication has tonight claimed Rangers have failed in their attempts to secure Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes, and have instead turned their attentions firmly to ex-England boss Steve McClaren, as we discussed on the site only yesterday.

Whatever the reason the McInnes pursuit has failed is unclear, albeit it may be due to compensation or indeed the man himself turning Rangers down, but if the reports are correct, Rangers’ attention will focus on other avenues, including aforementioned former Newcastle manager, Alan Pardew who similarly managed at St James’, and David Moyes who has confirmed he has a few offers on the table.

If true about the ex-Rangers player, it will come as something of a disappointment to Rangers’ board who had made him the number one target, with odds-on regarding the likelihood of his capture.

But the reports do originate from a source with a mixed track record at best, and while the chances of his capture may now have reduced, the story is not over till the fat lady sings.


  1. Well if its not McInnes then it has to be somebody that can get the team performing and winnig games. Murty. This talk of McClaren is really starting to get on my …

  2. King has instructed Mike Allan to make a 3 man list up and present it to the board with his recommendation.
    To be determined.
    That's his job D O F

    Don't listen to none of the pish thats being spouted our media are pathetic at best.

    I still fancie Jenifer Aniston but Mike Allan might have his own ideas

    • If this turns out to be true regarding Mciness then I really think we should be looking at Graham Potter at Ostersund FK in Sweden, and before you start shooting me down please take a look at this guy's record, took over Ostersund when they were in the 4th tier of Swedish football, has taken them to the top division, 1st time this season and they lie 4th, has won Swedish Cup, have qualified for Europa Cup, beating Galatasaray on the way, now sit top of their section. Potter will be a big big manager soon, so why don't we start him on his way..

  3. Don't know what ibrox noise thinks as well as all my fellow blue nose supporters but this pursuit of a new manager is possibly about to become embarrassing!Do me a favour,steve mcClaren as possibly becoming our new manager is a no no from me!My message to our DOF and our board of directors,as a shareholder & season ticket holder,of over 40 years is please DON'T appoint mcClaren as our 17th manager!!This will be devastating for our now long suffering loyal supporters!We may never recover from this appointment!Give graeme murty the job until christmas and if our upturn in form continues,give murty a 12 month rolling contract at the festive period!!No risk IMHO!Please please don't appoint steve mcClaren!This guy is washed out as a manager now!He's outdated and a now managerial dinosaur!This will be a disaster for our club if he gets the managers job!!Thoughts please fellow bears and you also ibrox noise!!

  4. IT has also been reported that Graeme Murty has put his name forward for consideration. Rangers should bite his hand off and grab him.
    If we don't someone else surely will, and quickly.

    • I believe billy Davies would do a good job but I would keep gm in charge until after N Ireland's play offs and if they don't qualify then go for M O'Neill and my second choice would be big eck who done a great job the last time 🚁🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 watp

    • No no no to Davies, McLaren etc.

      Graeme Murty is the man for at least the winter break i don't want McIness he is not good enough

  5. If McInnes doesn't want the job which I find hard to believe then we give Murty till the end of the season at least. Steve Mclaren, Pardew, David Fkn Moyes haha absolute jokes all of them

  6. Don't make us a bigger laughing stock if we can't get mcinnes let's look closer to home in murty he has got us winning again if not murty what about bomber brown / or barray Ferguson but don't bring pardew or McCLaren to ibrox the board could face a fan revolt if the board go down this road it's got to be blue blood in their veins or has the clubs ethos at heart .

    • Sorry Bud but Bomber or Ferguson are great ex gers. Leave it that way and appoint Murty and HIS second choice as right hand man

    • Murty loas to ICT & DUNDEE in his 1st stint as caretaker but i agree if Mcinness is a no then murty poss bring barry frrguson in as coach till end of season

  7. Not heard 1 story saying McInnes has even been approached by the club yet. Aberdeen have already said if we put up the money they want (800k – 1.5mill) we will be able to talk to Derek!! The only announcement to listen to is the one the CLUB makes and thats it!!

  8. Oh God, not McLaren. Alan Pardew if not Graeme Murty. With Jonatan Johansen & Kenny Millar, good bluenoses, ship would be steadied.

  9. All the media want to make this a fuking circus.
    Stop listening to there media, how can we approach anybody the short list hasn't been surrendered by Mike Allan as yet so how the fuk can we approach anything.

    Scottish media just spout lies,no weight to none of there stories NONE!! for the love of God your all Rangers supporters U should be used to it!!

  10. None of the names I've heard mentioned fill me with any great excitement or confidence. Leave Murty where he is for next 4 months then make a decision. There is nothing to be gained by jumping into a quick decision right now

  11. I'm pretty sure if Aberdeen rejected the approach, or if McInnes himself said no then both would have made their position clear to the press in order to win credit with their supporters.

    The fact they have not means McInnes remains a viable option of Mark Allen wants him. Agree Murty would be the 2nd choice by a mile…

  12. The best way to end all this ridiculous speculation is for Rangers board to get their finger out and make the appointment swiftly and professionally. Failed journeymen like McLaren & Pardew have no place at Ibrox – and are only now eyeing Scottish football as a place to rebuild ruined reputations now that the Premier League down south has turned its back on English managers. Rangers at this moment need experience and stability, and a sound knowledge of the Scottish game. McInnes may not be an exciting appointment but he will stabilise things and place us firmly in second spot this season, and we can kick on from there next season. Murty is doing a great job – but he would be a rookie appointment and for me that's too big a risk right at this moment. Let's thank him once again – get him to keep working with the youth – and maybe next time around the job is his.

  13. Board seem to want McLaren – been saying for over 2 years they are the problem. What more evidence do people need?

    Not saying McLeish or Mcinnes or even McCall are perfect, but in comparison to McLaren.. ..

  14. I'm more interested in the paradise papers if the press can make something stick re desmond then it would make for bigger moves than worrying about a manager we don't have gm s winning leave him alone never know where it could go? and it would confirm what we already knew about celtic and desmond wonder what dave king thinks about all this?thats assuming he can think but ive got my doubts

  15. Okay boys it's time for a reality check it's time king gave up the reins if the stories that he is penniless we don't need this we are currently looking for a new manager get rid of mark Allen we don't need pardew or hopless McCLaren derek isn't my first choice he is still green behind the ears as is barrie we need a strong personality and I'm telling you all its time to say farewell to Kenny miller yes he has being a good servant but when you Calood with others to get a man the sack because you fell out with him which could so easy destabilise the club as happened to Chelsea when the team got mourhino the sack mark Allen and Kenny miller have to go and anyone else that didn't show the respect for the clubs choice as manager because he dropped miller I would bring back Walter because he stood no nonsense from anyone bring back Walter with derek as his number two because I think key personel will do the same as they did to Pedro but certain players at the club think their egos are bigger than the club

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