Rangers announce surprising timescale on new manager


Rangers have surprisingly announced tonight that they are unlikely to appoint a new manager any time before the tail end of the month, and will take as long as necessary to find the right man.

In a statement released tonight, the club confirmed that no one has been interviewed for the job, and further applications are anticipated by the end of the next week, suggesting Monday the 21st is the earliest possible date a new manager could be unveiled.

The club said:

“THE Club confirms that since the departure of Pedro Caixinha it has received numerous applications for the now vacant position and is anticipating further applications by the end of next week.

The Club will then consider all viable options available to it. At this time the Club has not interviewed any candidate and will take its time to ensure that the best possible decision is made.”

Without doubt Steve McClaren would have been one of these applications, along with likely submissions from Billy Davies and possibly Graeme Murty himself, but we do now know a timescale for the new manager, meaning Murty is extremely likely to get the next two matches on the 18th and possible 24th before a permanent man is found.

Unless it is himself, of course!

Nevertheless, we now know the time period the board are working to, and hope they get the right man and take their time to find him.


  1. Cannot understand the negative reaction & dissent from some fans. It is only right & proper that we get this appointment absolutely correct. That takes time. Due diligence must be paramount.

    • Totally. Sometimes even when you have a preferred candidate, the volume and quality of other applications make you step back and think deeply.
      Absolutely right and proper.

  2. I hope they have made this announcement simply because they seriously considering Murty, and want to give him some more games.

  3. No, rush. Murty is good enough and if we win every game till then he will have a good chance of staying there. A big name does mean success. But the squad is playing for Murty and likes him too

  4. At last the club appear to be carrying out business in a dignified and competent manner and not jumping in immediately to appoint the media's choice! it has to be right this time who ever is appointed. This will give Mr. Murty and JJ, a window of opportunity albeit, a narrow one, to show us if he can do with the first team squad what he has achieved with the young lads.

  5. I have no problem with the board taking their time to appoint a new manager as long as they get it right but are we going to have to suffer more shite from the media circus speculating on the out come? Of course the good thing is Murty is going to get a few more games under his belt and keep the smiles on our faces. I hope.

  6. Whatever mate, under PC the board should've seen this coming and drew up a suitable list there and then. There must always be plan B but apparently not at Rangers! There is only a couple I'd real candidates for this job at this time and we all know it!! The longer they take the more it looks like the board don't have confidence in him and the less likely it'll be he moves to us!! IMO

  7. It's imperative this appointment is correct this time, so I've no problem with the board taking their time. Some of the players have publicly backed Murty and speak highly of him so there's no rush.

  8. I think this is a sensible move.

    Personally, I would see if Murty wins his next 2 games. If he does, state a decision will be delayed until the end of January. If we then get a positive result from the double header with Aberdeen, positive being 2 or more points, announce Murty has the job until the end of the season. If we take second place, Murty gets a rolling 12 month contract.

    Bigfish, I see your point, but if Murty can deliver, let him. It could of course also be that they have decided on Michael O'Neill if Norn Irn fail to make the World Cup and are waiting to see how that pans out. They couldn't announce that in advance, so are playing for time. I suspect they have had a list of preferences, but these things are always very changeable.

    Onwards and upwards

  9. Don't find it surprising at all, been saying till Mark Allan has exhausted all avenues he won't submit his recommendations.
    What's the hurry?? None!!
    Just get it nailed on simple.
    Our next preferred manager may not be available as yet.
    That's just speculation from myself but no worse than the media circus that's ongoing at the moment.
    Time will tell keep the faith.
    🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  10. Graeme Murty, JJ and Alex Rae for me. No need for anyone else to call us. In due course if need be we can call them.
    Presently we need look no further than these three men.

  11. No knee jerk appointment needed. Murty et all can handle next 4 games and if he wins them all…….
    then we panic!!!!

  12. Definitely the right thing to do and make sure we get the right man in place this time. We are clearly in very capable hands with murty who has done us proud. If he gets us another victory or 2 he can't be ignored for getting the position on a permanent basis and I wouldn't be against that appointment at all! In Murts I trust!

  13. The board should have been well ahead on the appointment of a new manager. The way the results were going all could see it was not working with Pedro. Any other team can get a new manager appointed in a timely manner, this just makes us look like amateurs.

  14. Murty can I think give us short time success,but in the long time not got the experience but then again I don't think McInnes is the answer in the long term would probably go for Sam Allerdyce if you want success in the long term.

  15. Has anyone given credence to the potential new manager, should circumstances evolve that Northern Ireland fail to qualify for 2018 World Cup in Russia, that the preferred choice might be Michael O’Neill ?
    Before anyone shoots me down and accuses me of all sorts; this is not a personal choice, we all know the sectarian implications that would be said, etc. but I personally think he is in the running after what was issued in the statement today from Ibrox.

  16. This is another farcical episode. Murty is a good stop gap but not the answer. The players respond as he gives them freedom,
    what about when they need him to decide and guide them on an alternative plan of action to "naturally expressing themselves" and what is all this about "same as the progress he's made with the youths" I've yet to see what success he has acheived
    at the level he's managing at? All this crap about due dillegence, yes it's very important to carry this out most of the time before important decisions like this but the last few time this delayed period happened at our club where the board were taking their time we ended up with Pedro as manager at the club. Ok McInnes might not be everyone's favourite choice but it's a lot safer bet than some of the muppet names being branded about. I'm genuinely concerned that mark allen is going to have too much to do with this decision and it's going to be another clown from left field. Most of the fans know what needs to happen and this dragging it out isn't doing anyone any favours.

  17. Absolute common sense at last. The board have been badly stung by the last choice and will be determined to get this right. In the meantime I sense that the vast majority of us bears are in a more upbeat place with Murts holding the fort. Mon the Gers

  18. About time and gives the Club more options. It’s a great show of faith in Murty too which will give the Team a boost. Onwards & Upwards 🔴⚪️🔵

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