More names as the manager hunt descends to madness


Over the past 24 hours Rangers’ managerial search has gone from frustrating tedium to absolute farce.

A month us fans have been waiting for something, anything, and all we have to show for our patience is a bunch of rejections from a great number of out of work managers. And a few in jobs.

But the farce? Presumably spread as a joke, ex-Arsenal manager Tony Adams, whose spell in Spain even outweighs Frank de Boer’s at Palace for failure, somehow got linked to the Rangers job.

Is this what we have become? A joke, linked to managerial comedians? In 94 managerial matches, Adams has won 18.

What clown decided to even start this one?

Of course, we were equally as derisory when linked to Joey Barton, and looked what happened there.

But then Robbie Neilson’s name got added too – outstanding at Hearts, he has been middling at MK, and it does now seem desperation has kicked in and any old name is being torn out a hat and being linked to the vacancy.

There are of course rumours that Rangers have failed to pay off Pedro Caixinha properly and that is causing the hold up – well, it is claimed Santa Laguna want him, and the man still is not in a job yet, one month on from his sacking, so who knows what the heck is going on.

All we know is the longer this desperation goes on, the more Rangers will struggle.

And that is not wanted for any of us.


  1. I guess all signs are pointing to thursdays agm. What will come out of it im not sure but all the 'potential' Rangers new manager names dont do it for me now. Its at the stage where it is past a joke. Everything associated with Rangers.The sooner King and co sort it the better.What more can anyone say????

  2. Rangers need to be sold lock, stock & barrel to someone who can drastically improve the corporate governance of the club, profitability and in turn football performance. King's only job now is to find that someone.

  3. All joking apart and let’s be honest, it is no joke being a Rangers fan at the moment it. I have commented often enough in here recently to say in my opinion what has to be done at Ibrox and apart from those fans with blue tinted specs or are absolute morons, as Sam said, we need a clear out (buy out) of the present board. Let us not forget that this board, however incompetent we think they have been and still are, brought the club back from devious miscreants out to line their pockets with Rangers fans season ticket money, but as Sam says, the time has come for them to sell up, BUT, to who?
    My main point on obtaining a new manager is; can anyone seriously tell me who is available, who has the ability and who has the knowledge of our famous club to turn Rangers back into the force we once were?
    I don’t currently no of anyone and let us be truthful here, what manager in his right mind would even consider coming to a club so devoid of quality players?
    The answer to that is Alex McLeish, now don’t start shouting at me, as I don’t want him any more than around 80% of other Rangers fans, but he is the man we should have appointed after Warburton on a rolling contract and maybe, we will never know, but I am sure Celtic would not have beat us 5-1 at home or us being knocked out of Europe by Pogres Niederkorn. He has to be appointed on a rolling contract to try to salvage something from this season and that may be just getting into the top six and avoiding further humiliation at Fraserburgh.
    McLeish is a proud Rangers man, he wasn’t our most successful manager, but blue blood runs through his veins, like all the guys who contribute to this forum. He is hurting like we are at the moment, did Warburton and Caixhina hurt? I doubt it.

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