Scott Allan


The Scott Allan saga is one which remains a toxic topic, rightly, for the majority of Rangers fans.

A boyhood Rangers fan who betrayed his own and moved to Celtic before his career then fell apart.

Rangers pursued Allan for what felt like an eternity before the-then Hibs midfielder made a very bad career move and bit on Celtic’s offer rather than waiting it out at Easter Road for Rangers.

He was seen as the answer to Rangers’ prayers; a modern Barry Ferguson type who had dominated the Championship and who then-manager Mark Warburton made a priority target.

But after the comical saga where Hibernian ‘refused to sell to a Championship rival’ Allan had a decision to make:

Wait it out in Edinburgh, possibly being frozen out of the first team for a while then sign the pre-contract with Rangers in January, or accept Celtic’s offer and make the switch to Parkhead instead.

Then-manager Ronny Deila admitted Celtic only signed the guy to stop Rangers getting him. They did not need or want him, but equally they did not want Rangers getting any stronger.

So Allan made that heinous mistake, and he went to the East End of Glasgow. His career crumbled and he ended up in Rotherham on loan. Now Dundee.

And last night? His 13 minute cameo changed the match – and for just over 10 minutes Rangers fans were reminded of the player we had lost out on – a small glimpse of what he was truly capable of.

He was booed with every touch, and might just be one of the most disliked players in Scotland never mind at Ibrox. He made this memorable quote recently:

“Hearts fans probably don’t like me because I played for Hibs. Hibs fans probably don’t like me because I left. Rangers fans probably don’t like me because I went to Celtic. I started at Dundee United but their fans probably don’t like me because now I’m at Dundee. Celtic fans know that when I was a wee boy my favourite team were Rangers and that’s a good enough reason for Aberdeen fans to hate me. What a shambles!”

A small part of me genuinely feels for the lad. He made a really, really poor decision motivated by the need to get away from Hibs, and a misguided belief he could make a career at Parkhead.

Why am I talking about Scott Allan? Well, other than the fact he single-handedly outclassed us last night (not hard, admittedly) I feel such a tinge of regret over that whole thing.

Sure, Hibs would not sell, so there was nothing we could do, but if someone could have given him the advice to stay, wait it out, who knows what Scott Allan could be at Ibrox today.

Of course we have more pressing matters than a failed transfer saga over two years old, but hey, variety is the spice of life!


  1. I kind of feel sorry for him. I get the feeling Stubbs pressured him into going to Celtic instead of Rangers, along with his agents. He should have waited and if he could choose again he probably would.

    We should give the guy a break. I hope he going on to do really well, the more Scottish talent the better.

    • Totally agree. It's not as if he's rubbed our noses in it or anything disrespectful.

      If Kenny Miller can be welcomed back there should be redemption opportunities for anyone. I'd have him even if it meant paying money to Celtic for him (cue the barrage of abuse for me now…!!!)

    • Got to totally agree with you BT we all make mistakes and I am sure this bluenose lies awake at night wishing he hadn't made that choice. He is still young only 25 and is still an awesome player who has not had a break so far. I would approach Celtic also to buy him.what would they have to lose. I can imagine what type of player would be given the right team ie us and getting a run. He would be exactly what niko should have been this not can pick a pass all day long he is what our stickers are missing. But I am sure there is not a hope in he'll of it happening which is a shame for both him and rangers.

  2. Glad we didn't get him!. A good passer – That's it. Can't defend, can't tackle, doesn't score enough and has no presence! We need better quality than a guy who struggles to get a start for moving forward, that's for sure!

  3. You reap what you sew! He shouldn't have needed "advised", it should have been an easy decision for a "bluenose" to make. Instead of being hated for being a bluenose and being loved by the bears.. he's right…he's just hated and I would no longer describe him as a bluenose. At the end of the day he's hardly Neymar (I love that tim-slayer) ��

  4. Maybe he should/shouldn't have signed for us but my main concerns are that murty albeit is a stop gap and the players didn't change tactics to get closer to stop the pass which we already knew he had in his locker,if he ever did get another chance to sign for us then I wouldn't mind and agree that others/Them were most likely messing with his head…watp 2005

  5. I could not give a monkeys ferk if he signed at one time for Donegal St Alluisus Harps. Ic he's better than we have bring ut on.

    Same goes with Naismith etc.

    If ANYONE wether it be manager or players better than we have. We welcome you
    That goes for supporter or investors.
    Dividing your choices limits your options

    • Someone should have mentioned this idea to Pedro before he shipped out a bunch of players only to replace them with the same standard (Dorrans, Jack) and worse (the rest). As for Scott Allan – I think the article remembers him as better than he was. He was decent in the Scottish Championship, couldn't get game time at Celtic and was very poor at Rotherham, although the latter (EFL1)was a big step up in playing standards.

  6. We have to just look wh Miller played for and kissed all the badges and accept the guy has never done
    That I would take him in a heartbeat look at what we have at moment don't forget 95% of us were happy when we thought we would sign him from hibs

    • Hugh1873 got to agree with you totally bud.
      Time the Gers acted like growed ups lol. Cutting our bluenoses off to spite opposition faces is for amateur teams

    • The other thing about not taking this one and that one means they go do a job AGAINST us. The opposite of us buying the best from opposing clubs thus weakening the Sons of biatchez

  7. Absolutely pathetic that we are having this discussion about some second rate nonentity. What the fuck has happened to my club, this whole situation is beyond belief. I refuse to drop my standards as to what a Rangers player is, and its not bloody his standard. WATP

  8. Our club is being grossly mismanaged from the top down and what have Club 1872 got to say about it ,nothing , Kings got them in his back pocket .

  9. RW64,That second rate player is better than any midfielder at the club. What is your standards for a Rangers player?Lets get realistic.

  10. RW,That second rate player is better than any Pena,Jack and Holt. Get a grip kid. What is your standard?John?Herrera?or Morelos?

  11. remember this bears, it disnae matter how many times they try to f**k us for a player,they will never trump wee MO! signng for us even though was against it at first. they still haven't got over it.

  12. Scott Allan is injury prone at this moment in time we need a midfield that is capable of standing Thier ground physically and mentally and not get themselves sent off like that clown Ryan jack does this weakening the team just look at Motherwell as an example ,plus Stephen Robinson Motherwell manager would do for me as he is a rangers fan ,knows how to organise a team and motivate players and is rangers through and through just look what he has done at Motherwell WATP no surrender

  13. The talk coming out of Declan J mouth about beating Aberdeen Is worrying. We don't stand a chance. This is a shocking state of affairs a year out club. What mess we're in.

  14. He wouldn’t have been good enough. He only came on as a sub. At Ibrox McCann hooked him after 30 mins for non effort. Bolton Blue is 100% correct. We must get right manager who gets right players. We don’t know what goes on behind scenes. Many players are selfish money grabbers, indeed as are some managers. Warburton was probably sold to us by Davie Weir. Why Pedro? We will probably never know. And how about Neil McCann? New Young manager.

  15. The trouble us we, via Club1872 SHOULD know what's happening inside the Club. WE are paying for thier presence ffs.

    Neil McCann? Too inexperienced mate.

    I agree with Martin B. But if we don't sort it out Completely abd not in a few months NOW or we will skite down further

    Anyone thinking otherwise is deluded

    • Yeah Savant i understand that concern. Miller dud fantastically LAST year. But like Ally in his heyday.We can't afford to be cuddleys We need to get back to 2017/18 and YOU WILL HATE THIS

      Copy Celtics PROVEN METHODS.

      They hate Huns
      We hate Tims
      Our Captains a Prod but weak physically now and lilly livered shitebag

      THIER Scott Briwn? A young Rangers fan who we wouldn't stump up the cash for. Totally focused on beating EVERYTHING and EVERYONE om his way.

      Hate me for it?

      Tough, sorry. But i am right

      Market value as of this morning
      Lee Wallace 30yrs old £900k
      Scott Brown 32yrs old £3.6million

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