“Sack the board”?


Three years ago a hostile AGM took place in December 2014, with the Rangers board now firmly entrenched as the enemy of the fans.

David Somers, Derek Llambias, and the Easdale brothers were among the directors at whom a level of enraged hate was aimed, and the attending shareholders chanted ‘out out out’ at them.

Enter Dave King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan – portrayed as the heroes and saviours of the club, and those who would restore Rangers to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football, they won the following year’s EGM election by a landslide, and fans were filled with optimism and belief with regards the future.

Fast-forward to November 2017. Gilligan is gone, Murray went silent years ago, and King’s occasional soundbites have created part of the recipe of heroes staying long enough to outstay their welcome and end up villains.

Now, we are not accusing the board of malevolence, but Thursday’s AGM is the first time real pressure has been put on these men, and the manager debacle will be uppermost on attendees’ minds.

It is unlikely the current board will be greeted with the ‘sack the board’ and slurs that the AGM in 2014 saw, but there is no question the goodwill and support they had a couple of years ago has thinned dramatically, and the general opinion among fans seems to be that the current incumbents have taken us as far as they can.

Ibrox Noise was against this board from the start – we gave more slack to the previous one than others did, but by the end even we agreed their time was up. But we were not in favour of King et al.

And the harsh truth is this board has overseen an astonishingly stagnant period of Rangers’ history. While it started brightly in the Championship with Warburton, since early 2016 Rangers have flirted between moments of being reasonable and downright despair.

And have come nowhere near being second best in Scotland, never mind challenging Celtic.

The managerial saga is the one which has seen a greater level of criticism aimed at the board than ever before – they lived for a long time on the goodwill of ousting a seemingly hostile Rangers board, but unfortunately under this tenure Rangers have simply not grown.

We remain stagnant, mismanaged and, to quote former Rangers striker Steven Thompson; ‘rudderless’.

This board is answerable. This board must take responsibility for where Rangers are as it is their managerial appointments that have helped cause it. Rangers have survived more or less on soft loans since they got elected and someone will have to explain to me how those soft loans are any better than the interest free ones Sandy Easdale used to support us with.

The board must deliver something useful on Thursday. They must prove they are up to the task of taking the club forward because all signs point to them not being.

Prove your doubters wrong, guys, prove this site wrong.

Because right now Rangers are going nowhere.


  1. quite simply these men dont have the money to take the club forward, they may be well off in terms of you and i but in terms of owning a football club they are miles short, they have been given way more leniency because of whats been gone before and that they are supposed to be rangers fans, i dont trust any of them as some of the decisions that have been made they seem unaccountable for, we need a billionaire to come in and spend considerable amounts of money to take us back to where we should be, what if when ashley sells newcastle??

    • Ibrox noise obviously did not like my comment as it ain't been published. But in answer to Andy C, tell me who is going to invest?? This is the SPFL not the EPL there is no big money investor going to save us. Supporters need to wake up to the fact that we are just an average SPFL side just now.

      If we get the vote at the AGM to launch a shares issue yes, it will bring in some but not enough unless someone across the pond is willing to put in and take control we just have to make do with what we have.
      I would not bank on Ashley coming to our rescue he has had enough of football period.

    • It's a big world out there, there were interested parties during administration. If club was listed on stock exchange then at least someone could. Under current structure it's impossible.

  2. I think its time to bring back Mike Ashley. He has the funds to help us catch Celtic.You will get people on here saying it’s a bad move and they don’t want Ashley back but give me a better option.

    • Other than propaganda and empty words I don't see how club is any better off under King. We have all the same problems.

      It's a lie to suggest Ashley would have let club fold as King supporters claim. In fact it's highly likely he would have invested far more when we reached the app.

      Personally I think Ashley is a horrid person.

    • Ashley could easily have been a hero to Rangers fans. All he had to do was not cheat us and screw every possible penny out of us for his company instead of making a fair deal which would benefit both parties.
      But he preferred to screw us.

      Anyone who wants Ashley back can start by explaining why someone who screwed us for a few quid just because he could will suddenly be willing to lose millions to make Rangers competitive and so Rangers fans happy.

      I look forward to their explanations

  3. Ashley won't touch us he wants out of Football with his bucket full . I agree certain personnel need to be changed out on the board and hopefully that will happen . But I say again there is no one waiting in the wings to rescue Rangers . It would be great if we could get an investor that is wishing to put the money in and move us forward but Basic Facts we owe the Directors/Three Bears mostly King £15 Million . This either has to be paid or converted into equity there is no other alternative !!! If we do the share issue then we might get some more money in to try and settle it down and even bring in a couple of players with the new manager. It does mean though that it will dilute the stock held and certain individuals like Easdale and Mc Coist wont like that .. but they don't seem to want to invest in Rangers anyway ….Anybody else got any better ideas I will be at the shareholders meeting and we will get some clarity and hopefully remove those who recruited Caixinha. WATP GBTQ

  4. what needs to happen is the club has to be run properly & only spend what it earns. All this nonsense of we need a billionaire to come in and spend all his money to challenge celtic. It's not going to happen.
    Fans need to realise we need to buy players cheat with potential , coach them, make them better than sell for a profit. It took celtic 20 years off hard work & shit teams to get to where they are today.
    Spending other peoples money has to stop or the club with go to the wall again

  5. Ibrox Noise is like a butterfly in wind. Changes its opinion with every breeze. So recap. Going into administration was a disaster. Administrators are in it for one reason. To make money for themselves. That they sold to Green was a further disaster. Note that the administrators did so without personal liabilities. Somewhat unusual and certainly a red flag to potential creditors. Green was in it for money Only and look who also benefitted. Your beloved Ally. He became rich on back of Rangers troubles. When King took over the board appointed Warburton. A year later he had won promotion and adulation of fans but not of King. In January window Warburton bought a lot of players on expensive long term contracts( from Accrington Stanley- Jesus). Then glowing in championship win and semi- final victory over Celtic he screwed Rangers for better contract and more money for players. Fair to ask board why we chose him but probably on Davie Weirs say so. We now know King didn’t like him but fans would have rioted if King had not given him new contract. He finally got caught out. How we came to appoint Pedro is question to be asked. History now repeating itself. Who chooses manager? This must be clarified. We must live within our means. Rich billionaires are not solution. We are a rather large fish in a very small pond. I have no time for King personally but he has already lost £20m plus and has said he will be happy to hand over reigns. But bottom line is we have too many poor players. Last two managers are to blame. First things first. Win on Wednesday. Only at end of season will we have a better vision. Get some decent players in January. I have no idea who is best of those available but we need a manager who does know.

  6. What needed to happen five years ago was stop chasing Selltic we need to get young players and a good man manager.

  7. tims are making decent money each year mr desmond now getting a return there must be someone who could buy out king and have a return with 5 yrs or less hopefully less bring klinsmann hes free

  8. The answer to the problem lies in the past. Ask yourself this – how did Celtic stop 10 in a row in 90's? Rangers need to adopt a similar plan today.

    In the 90's: –

    Rangers had the money, Celtic had very little
    Rangers had champions league, Celtic didn't
    Rangers had better commercial deals
    Rangers outspent Celtic every year

    Celtic brought Tommy Burns
    He recruited the best young Scottish talent and moulded into a team…
    The money they did spend was focused on 3 top foreign players all looking to establish themselves…
    They went a whole season losing only one match and were so unlucky to not win the title (such a sweet title for us!!)
    He handed over to Jansen, who bought one or two more top foreigners and it was enough to topple Rangers…

    We don't need much money, we don't need to outspend them. We need a plan and we need to outthink them if we are to pull them back.

    • BT 👏🏼👏🏼

      Well said and well put. Rangers aren’t getting a Billionaire period but one isn’t needed. Look what Fergus McCann did for that mob and lots of Celtic slated him ffs.. He saw the bigger picture looked beyond the 9 in row.. That’s what Ranges need now I think the DOF is a step in the right direction. The scouting system has been upgraded which lets face it was pure pony.. This should’ve been done 2 yrs back but it’s a start.. Have Rangers supporters & fans got the patience to see it through?? King for what he’s worth has tried his best and don’t see anybody in the wings wanting to buy us anytime soon…

    • Yeh but the one thing you are overlooking BT is that the world of football was very different then compared to now and by that I mean the financial disparity between those that have and those that do not have is bigger now than ever before. Consequently results more than ever before are directly linked to the corresponding finances. Look at the Champions League as an example, there are a few teams who are wealthier than the rest and consequently hammer everyone else. Apart from the obvious reference, last night on youtube I was reminded of this again as I watched PSG hammer Monaco (The French Champions WITH Mbape in their team) 7-1 a few months earlier too. I think everyone needs to accept the road ahead is going to be a long and gradual one…. maybe four, five six years until after gradually going in the right direction and eroding away at this gulf there is some form of parity.

    • Agree it will be a long road ahead. But if we can get a team together that can match Celtic in terms of the results against all the other SPFL teams (like Aberdeen have been doing) then the league comes down to four Old Firm games to decide the title.

      That's essentially what happened when Tommy Burns lost the title despite only losing one game…

  9. Whilst i agree the current board stand accused and are guilty of gross incompetence you cannot compare them to the previous board ie easdales ECT as the were guilty of deliberately running the club into the ground as directed by their postmaster Ashley, I'm surprised you would even raise the point that this page supported them as they are a poisonous part of our history best forgotten , I too hope this board can organise and start doing right by rangers fans before they destroy their own good deeds through mismanagement however good ententioned

    • For the life of me I can’t understand IN for ever supporting those before King & 3 Bears.. Near had the Club under again I bet they even liked CG ffs…

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