Manager update; new third favourite amidst change at the top


Derek McInnes has lost his status as odds on favourite for new Rangers manager, hitting evens for the first time. The 46-year old Aberdeen manager appeared genuinely flustered by the subject when questioned at his club’s presser, and the feeling really grows by the day that if Rangers were interested or could afford him, contact would surely have been made by now.

Graeme Murty’s side welcome Hamilton to Ibrox today, with the interim boss an increasing number of fans’ pick for new manager, while he himself is guarded over such a promotion.

Should another win be claimed this afternoon, it is the belief of many that the ex-Scotland international may well be offered the job till the end of the season, something many fans would be happy with.

As for McInnes, with every passing day his chances of becoming the new manager do seem to fade, and while it is true that odds reflect betting patterns, they also reflect information bookmakers have. McInnes is 1/1 now, having fallen from 1/7 and it may just be a matter of time before he is odds against.

Meanwhile there is a new third favourite thanks to his comments yesterday; Frank de Boer has now moved into contention while Alex McLeish props up the top three.


  1. Could you clarify?
    McInnes is favourite, then "Meanwhile there is a new third favourite thanks to his comments yesterday; Frank de Boer has now moved into contention while Alex McLeish props up the top three"
    That would imply De Boer 2nd and McLeish third, so Murty 4th at best
    Is that what you meant?

    • Hi Scots,

      A prop is something underneath. Therefore to prop up the top three is to be fourth. As of writing McInnes remains favourite, followed by Murty, then FDB, then the bold Eck.

      Sorry this wasn't clearer old bean.

  2. It is unbelievable the amount of hype the search for a new manager has been given. Everyone and their granny is in contention. The fact remains that this is a pure guessing game and the only people that really know the true contenders is the board, not news media, not so called well informed pundits but the board plain and simple. The rest is sheer media hype and guess work.

  3. After this weekends results what have we learned.

    1. Murty is a good guy who represents our club well but he's not the manager.

    2. McInnes has now lost twice to Motherwell – he not the man we need. Also he would cost at least £1m and another £1m in wages….seriously that would be stupid.

    3. If we had a manger who knows Scottish football during the Pedro era we would have bought Moult and we would be in the cup final next weekend.

    4. Right now we need someone who can steady the ship and get us to 2nd, beat septic at least once this season and win us the Scottish cup. That man is Alex McLeish.

    5. Our board have broken their promise to be open and transparent as they are not informing us of what is going on at our club ….because they don't want the press to know! Really!

    6. The biggest concern our board appear to have no clear vision of how to take us forward. They have now thought their own incompetance created a situation that requires some radical thinking like David Holmes did when he appointed Souness. They are paying Rogers £2.5m a year…and he has banked them over £40m in CL money and won a treble. We are kidding ourselves if we think Derek McInnes can be that guy. I only put McLeish forward because right now he can stop the rot and steady the ship but we need some serious thinking outside the box. Yes money will be required but that's not our concern as fans, the board bought the business and invested and made a balls up so far, it's down to them to invest to save their initial investment.

    We need someone with vision at the helm like we have with David Holmes back in the day. The CEO doesn't seem up to it, Martin Bain ( only a suggestion as he is doing a good job, although he did try and hire McInnes ) should be brought back from Sunderland and given the power and authority to do what David Holmes did other wise we will see 10, 12, 14 …in a row.

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