Could EFL appointment affect Rangers’ manager hunt?

Could EFL appointment affect Rangers’ manager hunt?

Sky Sources have tonight claimed Wales manager Chris Coleman has resigned and will take the reins at Sunderland, causing a ripple effect with the Rangers vacancy.

Michael O’Neill, a strong contender for the Ibrox slot, had been equally tipped to take over at the Stadium of Light, and having cited club football as being his preference in the event of quitting Northern Ireland, was officially approached by the Scottish FA and in fact has been granted permission to speak to them.

But with his reported reluctance to take that kind of job again, Coleman’s appointment in Sunderland could increase Rangers’ chances of securing O’Neill in a club capacity, with Sunderland now seemingly out of the picture.

Interim coach Graeme Murty has confirmed he is reluctant to become manager, but will accept it if offered it, which definitely pours cold water on the idea of any enthusiasm he might have for the job, and Rangers’ board would probably be better off giving the position to someone whose heart is truly in it.

Whether that now turns out to be Michael O’Neill is not yet known, but the longer this saga drags on, the more frustrated Rangers fans get at the lack of clarity coming from Ibrox.

Incidentally, Ibrox Noise apologises for throwing all these names at our valued readers, but our job is to bring the news to you and analyse it – and right now there is a lot of it.

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  1. Personally I think the only thing thats gonna after our manager hunt, is if the board suddenly finds millions stashed under a sofa at Ibrox. Lets be honest here – lack of money to invest in a new manager and team is the major issue we are facing. I don't believe we have the money to pay the Dons or attract a high calibre coach, we as fans need to understand this and set our expectations accordingly…

  2. Pedro had little experience of managing a top tier club at the highest level. So yes lets give the job to Michael O’Neill. A manager with little experience of managing a top tier club at the highest level.

  3. Murty has NOT confirmed anything of the sort.
    He said The board know what he can do. Aka Come get me if you want me

  4. Frank Dr Boer has basically told Rangers come and get me.
    Not from Scotland media from Dutch media.
    Good God if he's interested hand him a pen ffs!!
    Also reading in some media we should drop Morelos cause he's not scored for a while, what a joke coming out with that malarkey he's worth his wait in Gold, up front on his own working his Ass off, if anything get another like him!! (He needs support up there) Pena or Herrera it's only Hamilton at IBROX!!!

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