Manager update; fans won’t be pleased


According to Sky Sources, despite Saturday’s disappointing loss to Hamilton, Rangers have not stepped up managerial efforts at all, apparently continuing to ‘take their time’ with regards the correct appointment.

Tony Pulis’ sacking today has thrown a bit of a cat among the pigeons, with a few canvassing for his appointment, but as of earlier on today, it seems no one, including favourite Alex McLeish or recently-deposed favourite Derek McInnes has been approached for the job, and while the board are reportedly now compiling a shortlist, they seem no closer at all to actually initiating contact with any candidate.

A definite feeling of unrest is starting to build among fans who might have felt they would at least have seen an interview or two by now, but not even Hamilton’s first win at Ibrox since before the second world war has prompted the board into quicker action, and King and co continued to bide their time over the manager hunt.

Quite frankly, we are getting to the stage of wondering what the hold up is. We know what managers are in ‘circulation’ and surely the board have some idea of who they want, and yet with no actual contact initiated with anyone, we are in the dark over their strategy.


  1. They have no one lined up. No real cash to tempt anyone. I reckon there looking at another bad choice of managers list, knowing there track record.

  2. The closer it gets to Saturday and nobody appointed the more it begs the question have Rangers asked Aberdeen for permission to talk with McInnes and been told not till after the two games!

  3. I think our club must be on the verge of a club takeover. It is the only logical explanation for the inaction of the board and their total dereliction of responsibility. No hand on the tiller, no direction, no idea for me sums up a new ownership and it must be quick.
    Whether Graeme Souness is a part of it I do not know but our club is riddled with weakness and it must change or go under.
    Our present status is unacceptable.

  4. To many chiefs n not enuf Indians! Is it not correct that king needs to b careful because he's going through a court case the now because they're saying he owns enough shares n is the one pulling the strings at the club, the stock exchange rules state that if one person has more than a certain percentage of shares n is seen as being the on pulling the strings he must bid for the club , so maybe he can't personally been seen to b pumping more money in soft loans, so the guys that can like park n that maybe they want to choose the next manager n maybe that's wats happened the last twice with warbs n caixinha I think king has actually said in press releases he had nothing to do with picking the last two n maybe now kings putting his foot down n saying use are not choosing even tho yur putting the funds on the table.
    It's just a theory reading between the lines

    • Reading between the lines kings lawyers claimed he was skint in court.3weeks later he's offering rangers a loan the guy usca financial criminal and your club will be in administration by end of January

  5. I'm all for taking your time making sure the correct decision and appointment is made, however the longer this drags on, the more concerning it becomes and does not fill me with confidence that the board know what their doing. Prior to Sat result, I really think they were hoping Murty could plod along until the end of the season.

    • Because they have no money rangers fans need to start understanding their club is run by a financial criminal IE Mr King

  6. See all these comments whats the actual point? Could it be that the board see themselves as accountable for past mistakes in the appointmens of the loaf and Ped?

    Why not credit the board for taking thier time considering Murty has apptitude for the job despite limited experience.

    Murty never sanctioned any of the transfer's of past and present sqaud members.

    We need cool heads, club stategy and sqaud/player value.

    Rangers remain an attraction to managers but presently not an attractive proposition due to a legacy of mismanagement and transfer gambles.

    Im not convinced a new manager can turn things around given Celtic have £100M+ in potential transfer value in playing sqaud and under Brendan continue to invest wisley due to transfer sratedgy and champs league income.

    We are a million miles away from competing agaianst Celtic added to the continued' of getting things wrong and have the burden of financial and past glory legacy.

    We sold Mckay for 500k yet a manager like Brendan would have seen his qaulity and potential and would have made him a world beater, now he ain't gonna be part of our future.

    What a DISGRACE!!!! nuff said

    • Except he didn't sign a new contract, so we had no choice but to let him go. You could argue we should have given him whatever he wanted, but then the players run the club.
      Incidentally, have you looked at his stats last year? A quarter the player Walker was last season. Maybe why Hearts held out for a million.

  7. Its high time we came into the real world weconomy need a manager who won't be walked over by certain players who think they are bigger than the club and it's hightime the board took acation against players that don't give their all for their big wages instead of jumping on their managers back players have got to be held accountable for their poor performances our club captain must make sure the team play the way the manager wishes whilst on the pitch we all know what happens when a player disagrees even though he is the teamsame vice captain mcinnes isn't their yet mcleish is an outsider to me you need a manager in the mould of Sir Alex ferguson who is respected throughout football to stabilise the club and their is only one man and that is Walter whire you take time to find his replacement as you don't seem to be able to do it quickly I would have Walter with possible barry as his number two failing that michael O'Neil with Lee mcculloch as his number 2 we need to stabilisenable the club before we become a further laughing stock and we need to back the next manager 100% over the egos of the team as it is not the team who choose him they are paid to play football as professionals. I've seen better from boys clubs who play with passion .

    • Michael O'Neil and Lee McCulloch…..we are up the creak with out a paddle! They can beat seltic with Barcelona's players…

  8. Sadly any decent manager will see our club as a minefield, one wrong step and your agoner. Plenty managers out there needing wages for their bank accounts, i think it is just sit back and see what happens next, we are carrying too much dead weight in the squad and any decent manager will know this, no easy answers to our problem,

  9. I would take Pulis or McLeish. Free, experienced, can stabilise the club.

    Move forward next summer or stick with them if they do a good job

    • MCleish appears desperate for work, couldnt afford Pullis, but anyone coming in is putting their reputaion on the line. Club has no money, no plan, and the future is a concern for all Ramngers fans

  10. Our beloved stadium is crumbling before us and no decisions are being made. A club with one of the biggest supports in the world must be a viable proposition.
    If every supporter paid £5 per month ×12 well do the sums..
    If we dont act Now the mhanks will disappear over the hill and we will never catch them. Do you want to have to tell future generations how big a club we used to be.

  11. I would like the Director of Football to actually provide some leadership to the fans and maybe direct some football too…!! It's a leadership role and the fans need to know there is a plan. He's been invisible. Man up and face the music…

    Regards Big Eck. If he was first choice he would be in place. Either they are trying to raise 800k for McInnes but having trouble raising the funds or they believe another candidate is better but why haven't they approached him? Maybe the takeover rumour is a possibility, maybe they are just a rubbish board…

  12. In All my 40+ years following by beloved club through good and bad times, I truly Don't think I've ever been as concerned as right now.
    I really REALLY want to give the current board and saviours of our club from the previous pariahs support and believe they have a master plan (Why else would they make a decision to get rid of the previous gaffer and the financial implications involved, makes absolutely no sense).
    So I really hope they are playing a blinder, playing with the Lawell media, doing their due diligence, keeping a lid on all leaks and laughing internally at the media circus and fake news.
    And announce soon the "Marquee" gaffer we all crave and NEED.
    IMO that should not be:
    But as I started saying I am VERY concerned.
    Please Please I hope I am proved wrong

  13. No manager in the world will bring success to our club whilst we have this incompetent board , hurts to say it and it sounds defeatist but our boardroom lack football knowledge , common sense and money most of all . Wish Brian Kennedy had taken over , Dave King is happy spending everyone else's money apart from his own .

  14. Mr King and the board you will get time to get the right man in after all you will be out of a job if this one goes ass up.

  15. Listening guys . The board don't win games the eleven players that enter the field of play at the start of every match as for the inept director of footbaLl where is the leadership we have what looks like a inept board if they don't have the money then find a buyer and stop making us the laughing stock of scotish football . sort out the stadium.The players and the finances get rid of deadwood miller and others if they don't perform drop them and send them to play with the best squad until their performances improve .

  16. Sack the board for incompetance in the highest order they have let us all down we are actually going backwards unbelievable WATP

  17. This board have invested a lot, several millions of their own personal money and the only way to get that back is to invest more. They need to get the club back into Europe and earning money. So to say we have no resources is not strictly true as this board as no option but to put in more or they lose what they have invested. However, investing in McInnes would be a big risk, we need better and we need to think beyond the current situation. The measure is the £2.5m Brendon Rogers is being paid…that is the calibre of manager we need if we are to get beyond seltic. If they can't raise that money and money for the squad then in my opinion their only safe bet is McLeish.

    Right now McLeish could by them time. If he's appointed we will beat Aberdeen next week and we will move forward. I also think we will beat that lot in one of the remaining games this season.

    The only other alternative for the board is to bring in a very rich investor. I know all think we are in very poor shape but looking at the size of the club, the fan base and the opportunity to be in Europe every year our club has fantastic value to the right people. Realistically this would not take a lot of money, maybe £10 to £15m then you are in a position like seltic where the club is bring in £30 to £40m a year from CL. This is the sort of plan the board need…IMO.

    • I agree with most of what you are saying but to pay McLeish 1 million a year i would stay clear from him,bring in McInnes pay him the 1 million a year and to make him feel at home bring in the two Aberdeen players in jan for nothing and that is how i would like to see it done.McInnes will not just by them time he will put us second and a big chance of cups and make us better than the rest and give us time to grow and get a hold of some money from playing in Europe year after year McInnes is the man and most would agree if the board went down that path.

    • If only it was that straightforward – the figures you quote in your last paragraph are appealing but not realistic.

      I do agree that the only way out of the current mess, is for a major reputable investor, but as I say for you to say "realistically this would not take a lot of money" is totally wrong – It will take a significant amount of money.

    • John Gillies – I disagree…McInnes would not be up to the pressure of the job for me. Also the £1m was what they would have to pay him not McLeish. I would think McLeish would be around £500K. The balance saved on not going for McInnes could be put to buying Moult.

      Robert Walker – £10 to £15m would get us player solid enough to get to the CL. Our squad is not that bad it just needs a solid manager who is strong enough to take the pressure.

      Joe Bloggs – You don't think £15m on players could beat septic? We are not that far away IMO…

      The real measure is the £2.5m being paid the their manager. The board have to invest or sell to get the money they have invested so far back. A bold plan would be for them to invest £10 to £15m ( and they have that kind of personal recourse, don't be fooled by the press ) and get a big name…Mark Hughes ( just as an idea ) someone who would not see challenging Rogers as a problem. He's only looking so very good because we have looked so very bad.

      I believe if the board go for McLeish that will be a reasonable option at the point…he will stop seltic. They can then either find a rich backer or invest themselves to get their money back.

    • Blue Blue,i disagree with that McInnes would do the job,as for £15 million going stop Selltic then they will put down £40/50 million yes we may get second but we can get there without going down the road spend spend spend with no hope of catching,they must be sitting on a big pot of money just hoping we go after them,we can not go after them just now i do not want to end up where we went last time,as for buying Moult etc or any player in SPFL then it would be a case if they want him they take him out bid us every time so we must play our cards face down and show them when we win.

  18. Education time pigs were smart Celtic bot all Scottish talent deihla or deidrie used coaching skills and turned pigs in2 a fitba factory Brenda is now reapin th rewards it's a mutual baw likn wi him and young boys makin money and winning titles cheers king wud rather ma team died wi dignity poundstore chairmen if u can't c it ur a clown

  19. I can’t believe the hysteria of some Rangers fans. Had we won on Saturday we’d be chirping from the rafters demanding Murty gets the job, but because we were beaten it has become a disaster, calamity and crisis. Saturday was a bad day at the office; we should sit back and look what happened, we created more chances in that game than 5 games in some of Warburton time in charge.
    Another point, bleating about us having no money, skint, etc. does us no favours either.
    Realistically, we know the failings of the board in their choices of managers, but all of our fellow fans who frequent this forum I ask this question. Is there any manager, available, who has a credible record fit to manage Rangers football club at this moment in time?

    I can’t think of anyone.

    • Cladue Prudhomme has an impressive cv. Probably one of the best cvs out of all the managers that has been linked to the job.

  20. What do you do with a team who can't play as one? That's not the managers fault the team need to sort themselves out before a new manager gets involved with the club we need an investor to come in I would bring in an interim manager while the search goes on and ifor that means leaving us with murty till the end of the season so be it but don't bring eck back I'd rather have Dick advocate or Walter Smith or michael Laudrup in the meantime .

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