Are these two ex-Bears now the main rivals for Rangers manager?


With former favourite Derek McInnes, once a borderline shoe-in for the Rangers job, now dramatically fading from the picture and no longer even favourite never mind odds on, attention has to turn to the two parties who appear to now be in pole position for the appointment.

We must clarify that we know no better than you guys, nor the board, it seems, as to who the heck is actually being appointed, but after four weeks of non-activity on the announcement front, things seem to have developed just a little the past two days.

Graeme Murty has also disappeared from the front-runners, and now two former club employees have gained substantial momentum and as former dark horses, Alex McLeish and Frank de Boer suddenly do seem to be in the front line now as the leading two shouts for the job.

McLeish is definitely a safe pair of hands – he knows the expectation level, and he knows the new era as well as anyone. The problem is his Rangers success was off the back of having money. Fans will well remember it was the £8M sale of Jean Alain Boumsong which saw Barry Ferguson, Ronald Wattereus, Thomas Buffel and Sotirios Kyrgiakos to name just four come in that January window of 2005, and those players made a major contribution to Rangers winning the league and making history by getting to the last 16 of the Champions League the following season.

But ergo is the problem – Eck probably needs money. When he did not have cash, the team crumbled – and fans will sadly remember the final season and a half under him saw only Chris Burke’s ‘breakthrough’ as something to cheer about.

That said, there is a counter argument; he managed the national team to historic results and of course you cannot sign players for an international team. Scotland made a FIFA high ranking of 13 under McLeish.

Then there is Frank de Boer. Word is this would be a double team of he and his brother. This is a very appealing prospect to many fans who think that two guys with their experience and knowledge plus awareness of the pressure at Ibrox would be a wonderful blend and the right kind of combination of ‘Rangers man’ and ‘progressive appointment’.

But there is a disappointing CV to think of. While he was magnificent for Ajax, Frank has struggled with his subsequent posts, first at the colossal pressure of Inter, and then at the relegation disaster that is Crystal Palace. The level of demand at Inter is certainly not a mile away from the ‘win at all costs’ on offer at Ibrox, so if he struggled in Italy, chances are he might struggle in a similar cauldron in Govan.

That said, there is a similar argument that the man wants redemption, and to restore his reputation; and if he was to do at Ibrox what he did at Ajax, he would certainly achieve that.

For what it is worth, of these two, we find it hard to call. De Boer plays progressive flowing football – sorry but that does not work at Ibrox. We need winning football.

Meanwhile McLeish knows the type of football we need, but whether his budget would allow for it is another matter.

Another day, more speculation!


    • You cannie be serious Mccoist set us back 5 years before,sort oot the forward line wae who, players like john daly,please get a life mate.

    • McCoist? Seriously?

      He surrendered a 16 ppoint lead and lost the title in a matter of weeks.

      He pocketed £750k a year when we could afford players wages. Aye that would win the dressing room.

      I personally cannot stand the man.

      McLiesh? Aye with a budget and a Bigger 'European Name to draw players, BUT

      Gio AND De Boer joint management

      Laudrup, Rae and Albertz as Trainers of all ages

      Scouting Team.including recruitment



      IF we don't act NOW i fear for us as a Club. 10 in a row is a probability most than possibility under this board

      We've lost player after player through landlords. Including McKay MOH Forrester blabla through bafly chosen management

      Such as McKay and compo tp manager after manager. We're throwing away players and money

      Get them tae fuck

  1. It wont be McInnis, he's now being linked with with West Brom. it won't be McLeish, if it is we may as well sack Mark Allen. there's no way he would come in as a DOF, set up a "football culture" scouting and recruitment system and then come up with McLeish as the answer to our manager recruitment, Christ even Warburton appears to be having more success at Forrest than McLeish did, is this what we want? a manager we sacked 10+years ago for finishing 3rd with a far better team than we have now.

  2. I'd take the De Boer brothers or GVB. Do Boer was unlucky Italian league and EPL a big jump from the Dutch league. Rangers although high expectancy of results is a lesser league than Holland. McLeish although I would take him, would he want it, the longer this drags on the board are looking like bufoons if the best they can come up with is Big Eck he could have been in 4 weeks ago. Mcinnes is being touted for West Brom job now. It's all getting very messy and silly now.

  3. Hope Frank's sitting in the stands come Friday nite.
    Big names attract big players, could do with a bit of Orange back at Ibrox, went rather well last time round!!

    McLeish will attract nothing but dross, I know it's all speculation as it has been for a month now, but why would we even contemplate appointing someone who we have already sacked, No logic there whatsoever!!
    Forward & Upwards 》》》》 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. McLeish has to be a a joke ok it will be mr king and the board who pick the next manager it would be good if we could get a vote on the next manager but only with fan ownership would or could that happen,but mr king and board must go if they get this wrong,i would hang off for now sort the players out who we keep and the ones we move on any money from players that we get new manager gets it on top of some other money,six weeks before the start of next season that would be plenty time to put the right package together for new manager and his team we need to get it bang on this time no hurry take our time.

  5. I'd take Eck till end of season no bother. Maybe De'Boer or Van Bronkhurst ready for summer. Eck will steady the ship no doubts about it. Maybe not long term but right now absolutely. Let Mcinnes the man who can't beat Motherwell trot down to West Brom and save ourselves 800k and get the youth coach out the managers area and back to his job with the kids!

  6. It will be a scandal if we end up with big Eck back at Rangers. He is a money manager and in my opinion a backward step. This has turned into a shambles again. We are a compete laughing stock on and off the pitch.

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