Manager hold up; why the board could be delaying the decision…


More and more Rangers fans are starting to buy into a previously implausible idea, and one which seemed some distance off being realised, but given the increasing feedback we have had on here and seen elsewhere within the fanbase, the number of supporters who think interim manager Graeme Murty is getting the Rangers job grows day by day.

There are a number of factors playing into this idea:

He is doing well. Bonkers, I know, but he has played two, won two, and already convinced more in two matches running than his predecessor probably did in seven months. He might not be the glamorous solution but Murty is getting the job done.

Secondly, price. Murty will be by far the lowest cost option – he is not a name, he is not established, and a decent wage rise will be about as much as Rangers’ board will have to put in his wallet rather than the potential millions a three-year deal for a proven pro will cost.

There is also the growing belief that the delay in finding a new man is not a delay at all, but a ‘buying of time’ and wanting to see how the current man does over the next match or two. Some seem to think Hamilton could well be a major marker, and should the 43-year old (happy birthday yesterday btw) manage another win, it may convince the board to go with him.

The players like him. We have heard a lot of positive words, particularly led by Jason Holt who seems to be really thriving under Murty. The midfielder has arguably been our best player recently and he has taken advantage of the loss of Graham Dorrans with aplomb. Other players also have good words to say about the temporary boss.

The ‘Everton factor’. The lads at Goodison have also had a modest upturn since Ronald Koeman was fired – they also have an interim chief in David Unsworth and just like Murty Unsworth is an outsider for the job but certainly in the frame. And the Dutchman was fired a month ago now – The Toffees are certainly taking their time too.

And another curious theory has been doing the rounds too; the Aberdeen double header ends this month and starts December. If Rangers appoint someone other than McInnes before then and he does not do well in those matches, the outcry will be why we did not appoint the Aberdeen boss. Meanwhile if Rangers win both it puts McInnes under pressure at Pittodrie and gets Aberdeen fans on his back. As for Murty? Who knows how he fits into that one but it certainly argues towards the delay anyway.

Fans like him. A poll on the site was a near 58/42 on Murty, so he is not a universally popular choice but certainly has a lot of support.

The longer Rangers go without either appointing someone or even apparently talking to someone (beyond unverified stories in the press to the contrary) the longer Murty stays in charge and the higher the chance of him getting the job.

There is also the upcoming ‘diddy’ factor. Rangers’ next two opponents are weak – Hamilton and Dundee should not be hard for a half-competent manager to overcome, and they may create an artificial sense of how well Murty is doing. Equally though this is unfair to an extent on the man as he can only beat what he is given.

These are uncertain times at Ibrox. And the longer the current situation remains, the more uncertain they get.


  1. Well put… I’m not denying Murty is a risk but anybody who comes in is going to be a risk at start.. I mean look at the legend that is Walter he could’ve went one or two ways.. Thankfully for Walter and us it was a huge success but you must remember he was just an assistant to start with… It makes sense to at least give Murty time the players have responded in the best way possible they’re happy and scoring..Now those that don’t think Murty is a wise choice here is one he got us a point at the Piggery.. Now what would you say when we beat Hamilton & Dundee and take full points of the Sheep ? At least run with Murty till the New Year and take it from there it’s nothing on the grand scheme of things…

  2. I keep saying this
    If he wins next 2 games for 4 in a row which Pedro didn't, give him to Christmas
    If he takes 2 or more points from Aberdeen double header, give him until June
    If we come second, give him a 12 month rolling contract
    He doesn't buy players, he coaches them
    Director of Football buys players, Murty picks or promotes from youth
    Pre-contracts for Walker, Moult, McLean and Lewis Morgan to join in June

  3. Sorry – but you ok now it is time for this Board to get serious. There is a danger creeping in that Rangers are now settling for second best lin this league. They should have known who they wanted long before they fired Pedro and in the days of old we would have quietly gone about our business and appointed. Murty is doing a great holding job but we need an experienced manager who can start the rebuild that has stalled under two successive rookie appointments. We need someone who will make us difficult to beat and then slowly add quality – 2 players at a toile each transfer window – with our sights on stooping 10 in a row.

    • We don't know they haven't decided.

      O for sure would hesitate to sre if the right man is not overlooked as we have done with many players in the past, just to look popular with restless fans.
      The fans would be much more restless if they fuck up this time

  4. I totally agree that's the reason they waiting, and rightly so, no names I've seen mentioned for the job are any less of a risk, on the contrary Murty is as I've said before probably the right guy to give us some stability for a few months. Time tell.

  5. Murty is not the permanent person to run the club just because he has won two games it's easy to win when the full team play for you just because certain players disagreed with his predecessor's tactics someone at the first team level released team news my suspect was supposed to be the vice captain who thinks he is the club or at least his ego does . I hope mcinnes doesn't get it he is to pally with one or two I would look to van brockhurst.or michael O'Neil failing that Walter or Dick with Lee mcculloch as their number 2.

    • Why so anti Miller? And lee McCulloch are you kidding us on.
      Murty is not the permanent man because….

      Walter with Souness beside Graeme Murty would be a dream.
      But Lee McCulloch hehehe not good enough for Kilmarnock but… Oh yeah he loves Rangers. So did Ally and then

  6. This is a tough one.
    I like Murty. He goes about his job with Rangers class. He's got that bridge between the youth team and the first team. He has the dressing room. But there is still an unknown quantity in how does he cope when things aren’t going well. Its one thing being Rangers manager on a temp basis but another when it all falls on your shoulders.

    We could do a lot worse (like hire some Portuguese guy nobody knows) than appoint Murty on an 18 month contract but is it fair to throw him in at the deep end over the next month against Aberdeen twice and Hibs away? If he won those 3 he’d be carried around Ibrox by the fans. Lose them and then what? Right there and then the season's over and the knives would be out and almost everyone asking the question why have we not put someone with managerial experience in the hot seat and left it to a rookie?

    Like I said. It’s a tough one!

    Murty’s stats:
    Pd 8 / W 5 / D 1 / L 2

    W Rangers 2 Morton 1
    L Dundee 2 Rangers 1
    L Inverness 2 Rangers 1
    W Rangers 3 St Johnstone 2
    W Rangers 6 Hamilton 0
    D Celtic 1 Rangers 1
    W Hearts 1 Rangers 3
    W Rangers 3 Partick Th 0

  7. My opinion. Keep Murty in charge for the next two games then bid for McInnes and make it public. This will unsettle him, his team and their fans and give us a mental advantage over the two games and leapfrogging the sheep into second spot.
    Just my thoughts.

  8. Would take Murty over McInnes all day long.
    Neither could take on Rodgers both would give U second in the league at best, not good enough for me I will never settle for 2nd EVER!!

    We need a good tactical Manager with connections to players who will come play for him.
    Walker & McLean won't set the Heather on fire there average.
    Moult & Morgan would add to the team.
    Hope Mark Allan pulls one out of the hat as honestly some of the names getting touted are pure bomb scares.
    Italian boss must be looking for a job he will be the next one on the back

  9. Difficult situation for us to be in but I still say stick with Murty until we see where we are. If the team are winning dont stop the magic.

  10. FFS boys! What’s all this talk about second place? We are only 6 points back of that mob! Get GVB in and we will be up there. Team needs confidence and with Gio we would have a swagger about us with what he could bring.

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