It’s not just Ryan Jack


For Ryan Jack from Rangers, it should have been a very special moment! Jack may never forget this moment, but for a reason that is different.

The moment his fans noticed him wearing his national team’s dark blue uniform, his fans started booing him instead of cheering him. Jack quit Aberdeen to join Rangers.

It’s not just him, but there are a number of other players who have been jeered by their fans.

Gary McAllister

McAllister, who was a well known midfielder for Leeds United was also jeered by his own Scottish fans the moment he faced a defeat in 99. Some how he had failed to take a penalty goal against Czech Rep. forcing his team to lose the Euro 96 v England first time on account of Uri Geller.

That very moment he decided to retire from the international football facing abusive comments from fans. He had shared his comments about being disappointed from fans stating that he could always perform better. Later he helped Anfield giants Liverpool win UEFA cup, League and FA cup.

Wayne Rooney

This superstar has always been a major goal scorer for his team. Till date he has made over 119 hits for his country following Peter Shilton.  But even with that big number he had to face jeer from his fans in Malta cup October season. After being criticized by his fans he decided to stop playing international soccer matches.

Lee Wallace

On websites that offer with free bets no deposit options you can still collect more news about this Ranger star. In 2016 against Lithuania he managed to gain a draw 1-1 but was abused by the soccer fans watching his game at the stadium.

It was may be because of his withdrawal from the previous squad on account of his injury. Apart from him, Keiran Tierney and Leigh Griffiths were also ones who had to pull out against Malta. So if you were to place bets in this game play then you might only have 50:50 odds of making your win, as the game play was affected.

Besides anyone who would had placed bets on Keiran, Leigh and Lee Wallace, might not have better odds of winning on account of their performance.


Ronaldo, Romario and Pele and now Fred! The country that has been known for generating best soccer superstars- Brazil had to face a 7-1 defeat against Germany in the semi finals cup. It was this time when Fred had to face the fury of his loving fans, at the home ground.

His fans booed the team and him during the game play. Later on he was also substituted by Luiz Felipe Scolari in the game play on accounts of mercy. Even when he was sitting at the bench he was booed by the fans in the stadium. The moment the camera rolled on his face he was jeered by the fans in large number.

Ian Black

This Ranger had to suffer abuse in his international match against Australia. He was constantly abused during the match by Easter road stands. According to few fans booed came very often as he was playing for Rangers, as the team was placed in the third place in he league.