Are these three Rangers’ best managerial choices?


So Rangers’ manager hunt approaches a fourth week (just about) and there has been much chopping and changing at the front. With all the names banding about so far, fans must have some idea of who they want in charge, and Ibrox Noise is no different.

In this guide, we will take you through our top three contenders, any of whom we would probably be quite happy with.

Michael O’Neill:

Has already evaded the Rangers question like a pro, and now that his charges are out of the world cup, the former Dundee United player will be assessing his position. The players want him to stay, with ex-Rangers midfielder Steven Davis saying that he understands other parties being interested in MON, but from a selfish point of view he wants him to stay in charge. Understandable – Michael O’Neill has taken the Ulster lads up a level – a full Euros for them in 2016 plus an unjust penalty away from next year’s world cup, they are a serious side, and O’Neill has become coveted.

He certainly knows the SPL, regularly using players from it such as Lee Hodson and Kyle Lafferty, and will have kept tabs on Rangers – he also knows and understands the pressure at Ibrox having plied his trade in Scotland in the 80s and 90s and like any home nation manager will have kept tabs on post-admin Rangers and the new climate.

And at no point has he come close to rejecting the stories.

Tommy Wright:

He has wanted the Ibrox job for long enough, happily putting his hat in the ring when Warburton left. Been more reserved this time, but in the way Rangers have not opened discussions with McInnes, they equally have not with Wright. Chances are pretty slim, but here is a guy with loose Rangers connections, a friend of O’Neill incidentally, who has done wonders with St Johnstone and with modest resources. A good organiser, Wright certainly understands pre and post admin Rangers, and he knows the SPL like the back of his hands. His would be a safe pair.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst:

Inside the past four days GVB has become a real possibility. Second favourite and has done brilliantly at Feyenoord, the ex-Rangers man knows Rangers well, if maybe not the new era at Ibrox. But he knows the pressure, and he knows what it takes in Govan – he has shown real managerial quality and the last time we had a manager switch from a top Dutch side to Rangers went really rather well thank you.

This guy is a winner, a motivator, and he ticks a lot of the boxes we need.

And before you all ask; correct, Derek McInnes is not in our top three. We see him as a good manager but he does not inspire us. We do not doubt he would probably be a decent manager at Ibrox, but we are not buying into the media-driven hype about him and would be happier with the three we have mentioned.

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  1. Nailed on this article, defo the best for a month by a long way.
    GVB. Would be a Godsend.
    O'Neill. Does what it says on the box.
    Wright.Blazer may be to heavy for him but respect him as a boss he gives Rodgers a game.
    McInnes can't beat Rodgers so no good to us.

    Would bite your hand off if this is Mark Allans final 3!!!

  2. Hearing through the grapevine that if rangers get another positive result against hamilton on saturday,then graeme murty will be announced as our new manager,on a deal until the end of the season!All this wasted time,when as i thought all along,this was probably going to happen!We've no money so why kid us supporters yet again,that the board were taking their time,for the right manager!Just a load of propaganda they fed us!!

    • A much better post. Gio for me only in that I believe we should look outside the tiny self obsessed market that is Scotland. Unlike the English brexiteers we should be in Europe. We are still a world brand , although declining. The Boards job is to get us back to Europe and build us world wide.

  3. Not sure how I feel about Murty long-term. The two results against Hearts and Partick were good, but they were very poor sides.
    And for all I think Kenny Miller is talismanic at the moment, making him captain was a bold statement that may not help in the long run.
    The players clearly play for him, though, which is refreshing!

    As for the three above, Tommy Wright does not strike me as the right choice. GvB would be a very interesting choice, as would O'Neill.

    I am not sure about the whole "Macinnes can't beat Celtic" thing- he would have a different level of resources available to him. I suspect he would do a good job of giving some well needed stability to us for a while and bring back some of the dignity we expect from our managers after some of the flannel spouted by Warbs and Ped.

    So not the most exciting, but I can see him in the role.

    All interesting, all speculation and all important. As I've said before, I'm not interested in the Pardew, Allardyce and Mclarens of this world, but I'm ready to back whoever it ends up being.

  4. I would swap out Wright, who may find blazer heavy, for Murty in short term. If he wins next 2 games give him job until end of the year. If he gets 2 or more points from Aberdeen double header give him job until end of season.

    Then judge

  5. Wright ahead of McInnes? Based on what, McInnes has achieved much more than Wright. When he inherited Aberdeen team he had to rebuild it and has done so twice successfully. St Johnstone were 4th when Wright took over and haven't changed.

    I agree Wright is a good manager but not further up the pecking order than McInnes.

    He is, and was, the obvious choice so just get it done…

    • BT…
      Neither good enough for our club, we need someone to take on Rodgers
      Rodgers who is miles ahead of them 2 and tactically beats teams at H/T when it's not going well.
      If we don't have that in place and real fuking soon there 10 will be a walk in the park.

  6. I think it should go to Murty , we’ve no money as it is and can’t risk another mess , Celtic will be worried about him getting it

  7. I think Michael O'Neil would be a cracking appointment. He has done a sterling job as manager of northern Ireland and he knows Scottish football well. A further bonus would be that it would send a clear message to our detractors that our support and club is anti Catholic.

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