Is it the end of the road at Ibrox for this star player?


If one player has summed up Rangers’ season in a nutshell, it has been Kenny Miller. Trying with all his might but delivering next to nothing.

There is no question Kenny was Rangers’ best and most important player last season, but that form has deserted him this campaign and even taking into account Pedro Caixinha’s dropping of him, his two league goals all season in eleven matches tells their own story.

This site was a vehement defender of Miller – and we do still respect what he has done for the club, but enough is enough. The guy is completely finished as far as top flight football goes, and has been atrocious this entire season.

One incident summed his season up against Dundee – the ball was in midfield, there to be won – three Rangers players, Miller included, surrounded the home player, and Miller just watched. He did not get stuck in (as is often used as his defence, that he harries back and tackles) – he stood there and just looked.

He is no longer offering anything up front, either as a supporting striker or as the main man, and cannot deliver deeper in midfield either. His passing is now diabolical and you would not bet on it improving at

It is also evident the man simply has too much influence and power at Ibrox – while we were not in favour of Caixinha’s treatment of Miller, there is a nagging increasing feeling now that the Portuguese was onto something. He just did it the wrong way.

Miller’s time is over. He is nearly 38 and it is now ridiculous to have him start every match. He offers zero (albeit not dissimilar to everyone else really) and is not even leading by any great example either. Not any more.

This is not to smear him, we remain indebted to his past contribution and what he has delivered for us many times in months and years gone by.

But it is time to move on. We would be absolutely fine with him in a staff coaching role – the man has wisdom and knowledge, and can certainly help the youngsters.

But as a player, absolutely not.

Mind you, there is one slight flaw with ditching him; who the heck replaces him?


  1. This sums the whole sorry situation up, he is still in our first 11. Makes you want to bloody weep.when oh when will this board get their fingers out their arses and get this sorted it is a massive embarrassment to everyone who works for or follows this once great club. We live in hope WATP

  2. Agreed. Try Hardie, lets find out if he is any good. If not, release him. If he is, keep him. But let's not run his contract down then watch him become a multi million pound striker somewhere else. Ross McCormack anyone?

  3. Kenny's Time in A Playing Capacity is Over.
    They should give his Spot to a young lad like Hardie or Barjonas

  4. Do not agree! I think he is trying to cover other players inadequacy try cover to many positions wer players aren't pulling ther weight that how he falls deeper a lot of the time cos he takes it on himself n wears his heart on his sleeve to try n defend from the front showing other players this is the attitude the players shud have. I feel a lot of supporters are just looking to blame sum 1 for the failures now caixinhas away n Miller is the fall guy.
    The man is a legend n has carried the club with nothing but dignity n professionalism n in my opinion still doing it, possibly he's trying to hard n it's having the adverse effect maybe he shud just do a windass n hide for 80% of every game.
    Give the guy a break!!

    • How's he a legend – what's he actually done? He's always been an average player with a better than average work rate.
      And what do you mean by dignity? Honest question – what has Kenny Miller done that makes you say that? Kissing the Celtic badge? Winding down his career in Canada before coming back for a paycheck? Getting Caixinha sacked with his antics?

  5. Kenny is worth a fiver at 100/1 to be our next manager!

    I say that as he is the only one there that knows what Rangers are about!

    He's a total pro and wouldn't waste a second getting rid of the slack….daft as it seems he might just be the right man all things considered RTID

  6. Kenny has been our worst player all season by a fair bit.
    But he's not the only pish we have to endure.
    My 11 year old daughter could take the ball off Holt.
    Windass OMG he's just rotten.
    Herrera & Candias average at best.

    Any decent manager will show all of them the door and no doubt they won't be alone.
    Can't wait for Thursday

  7. Liam yur one who hasn't got over Miller signing for them yur just blind to wat gd he's done for us since he's been bck, after caixinha gate he's put his head down n got on with it n hasn't slated caixinha that's wat I mean dignity.
    yur name suggests to me u don't kno wat u are!! Is there a 50/50 Irish n British blood running thro yur veins, contradiction there.

  8. Agree it's a good article but I would say Fod was the better player last season. Perhaps more importantly, KM was playing with better players last season – it doesn't make me happy to say it but the likes of Waggy, Garner, McKay, etc., were better than we have now with our foreign imports. There was also a clear game plan based on football under Warbs which didn't exist under Pedro and the team was harder to beat.

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