Why this Rangers man doesn’t deserve it


There was little doubt Graeme Murty was not the man for the Rangers job. We have time and respect for the man, and he has done the best he can, but he is clearly not the right guy.

However, we felt anguish when we saw his post-Dundee interview, as it was evident Graeme Murty was both close to tears, and a broken man.

No one should have to tolerate the grief he currently is, and we think it is high time he was put back to the youths where he is in his comfort zone.

In short, Murty has been lumped with this role, and is not happy in it. He had implied he might actually want the job permanently, but following the debacle at Dens Park, that is surely off the table now.

We do not like seeing Rangers men broken, upset, or grief-laden. It was not nice to see, and clearly not good for the man’s mental health – he does not deserve it.

Sure, he has made mistakes, and I am sure he would be the first to admit a few of them, but he is only human and he is not a big club manager, and seeing his desperate interview where only pursed lips stopped him breaking down completely absolutely hurt us.

The sooner this guy has the pressure off him the better. He has generally carried the role well, as well as someone like him can, but the pressure told after Hamilton then completely cracked after Dundee.

We hope this board can find a big personality and a strong man for the job and soon – Murty has repeatedly said he does what his employers ask, and we thank him for that – he has taken on a role too big for him but done his level best, and now we need someone capable of dealing with that grief.


Management is not for everyone, and only a few have ever truly coped with being Rangers manager. It takes a special person to successfully manage the Famous. No slight on Murty but he is not of that ilk.

And the sooner our suits get someone who is, the better.


  1. He should have let the "players " know exactly how he feels,whether or not that would upset them they don't deserve to be in a position to destroy not only the man but our club by continually not turning up,not doing what is asked of them ,they are supposed to be professional footballers ,for me there aren't many who could even remotely hope to qualify for that job,not the manager's job to play he can only prepare them and it was quite clear they were not doing what had been asked of them

  2. Totally Agree…He isnt in the mold of a Rangers Manager but Should Remain a Part of The Rangers Family
    The Abuse He Gets is Disgusting and Totally Undeserved

  3. Murty brought a bit of humour when he stepped in to help out and a couple of good results but your right, put the guy back to the youth team and let him develope there. We are all hurting though at this time.

  4. Murty did what he was asked to do and i thank him for that,he did get lucky but deep down he knows he is not going be the next manager.

  5. It's obvious to me the guy cares whereby the players do not give a damn! It appears Murty wants to be the players pal, but that just wont work.
    It angered me when I watched waste of space Windass come out after half time against Dundee, and all he did was go to players laughing and joking. No focus. He is a waster who should simply not be there, but still gets a starting spot!
    Murty continues to give Miller a game and make him Captain. Massive mistake, I would put Hardie in front of him, and that pains me to say that cause I don't rate Hardie either.
    Murty should pray Alves is fit for the sheeps game, and dump Wilson like a hot potato.
    I do feel for Murty, but he needs to toughen up and make the right decisions and be professional towards the players, not personal!
    My team for Wed – Foderingham, Tav, Alves (if fit), McCrorie, John, Jack, Pena, Holt, Candias, Hardie, Morelos. Subs – Miller, Barjonas, Atakayi, Beerman, Wilson, Alnwick.
    4:4:2. Our players need to grow a pair and bury our chances and take the game to the sheep with intensity, urgency and energy as they are favourites to win this one. If not, its nine points behind them!!
    Murty needs to get tougher, not namby pamby with the players!!

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