Sky Sports confirm status on Rangers managerial candidate


Sky Sports News have today confirmed what the BBC claimed this morning; Alex McLeish has stated he has had no contact from Rangers whatsoever, suggesting the betting flurry on his name may have been misguided and based on completely false information.

The former Helicopter Sunday man spoke to Sky today and reiterated what he told the BBC’s Alisdair Lamont – that no one from Rangers has spoken to him about the Ibrox vacancy, either meaning he is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and keeping the truth completely under wraps, or the entire story is hogwash.

Ladbrokes’ spokesman David MacDonald seemed pretty convinced this morning that the betting signs pointed to McLeish being announced new boss, but the man himself has spoken to two media outlets now dispelling the claims once and for all.

It does seem that Rangers’ managerial hunt is as directionless now as it was before this morning’s whirlwind of apparent activity.


  1. Is McLeish the four week secret?i thought we where going put some good money down to get a top notch man manager and that is how this was taking so long,never did i think he McLeish would have been a secret never mind one for four weeks.

  2. We seem to be deciding it's directionless because of the deathly silence from the Boardroom.
    With so many dedicated fans itching for any info about our beloved club, rumours ignite and flare like brushwood.

    I for one am hoping that the Board are calmly and quietly putting in place a solid name that will surprise and delight us all.

    Reason I'm not holding my breath is that I haven't a scooby who that might be…

    None of the proffered names have me salivating, so whoever it is I just have to get behind them and hope for the best.

  3. It is a misprint for sure. Alexis McLeish of the Ottawa Wolverines is the new favourite for Manageress. The announcement has been delayed as she is still waiting patiently for a first win in five years. Once achieved she will have the "outstanding candidate" nomination awarded to her by the noble Stewart Robertson who will once again disappear into the Ibrox fog… this space.
    Just in…… Elvis has now taken his seat on the moon shuttle and is on the phone to Stewart Robertson. He has zoomed in to even money at joint favourite with Alexis.
    Let the battle of the giants begin.
    Meanwhile in Aiberdeen while attending his sheep, shepherd Derek McInnes expects his flock to be twelve points clear of the rudderless Rangers by Sunday suppertime.

  4. Just f-in great the great unwashed will love this for f sake we demonstrated Tae get rid of McLeish his results at the end were worse than Pedro and warbs put together and these clueless cunts want to bring him back ,please please no let us not grab anyone to fill the space our chances of second won't improve ,and possibly hinder our search for the right person who has vision for the future

  5. Really glad sum people find this funny a don't king should shut th doors lbroxis a listed building turn it in2 a museam and stop embarrassing itself and th fans

  6. We Need to Get Rid of King and Co! …We Need someone with a Real Bank Balance to come in and just referesh the club from top to bottom

  7. Dear IN

    Is there anyway you can stop the unwashed trolling your site?

    Big Eck will never be asked back a. We can't afford him b. He sat with the board pre Hedgerow and he probably interviewed them! c. Bookies tend to shorten odds to attract punters to lump on…..

    Resolution 11 will be passed on Thursday much to the joy of the board…soft loans payed back by fans. However, as long as King is around no serious investment will be forthcoming (I think we all agree with that).

    As has been said on many sites this board rescued us but have neither the nous or the dosh to take us forward…..the appointment of hedgerow was their downfall only club 1872 are saving them…..but that support is dwindling!! RTID

    • There is no way McLeish will be the new manager. Not even this Board would be so feckless! And a plea please…..can contributors to this forum (not John Marr) please learn some grammar and even basic spelling before attempting a post!

  8. Everton are now moving into their 5th week without a manager and with a clearly unsuitable interim.

    Does anyone know if their fans are totally freaking out too?

  9. Get the boy Dallas and hardie up front barjones in for holt bates at left back atakayi sub. And then get Tommy Wright in for Saturday, he gives the shite a game home or away.

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