Former La Liga and EPL manager in Rangers frame


A stunning new entry has appeared among the favourites for the Rangers position with the uncertainty over Wales coach Chris Coleman’s future propelling him to fourth place over the past 12 hours.

The 47-year ex-Sociedad manager has been subject to rampant speculation over his international future and has admitted he may well leave the Wales role if he and the Welsh FA disagree on the route forward.

He said:

“That’ll be probably another two or three conversations I’d imagine before we get a yes or a no. Whether Wales will say ‘no Chris we can’t do that, we can’t take it to there’, or I’m saying ‘that’s what I need and you can’t give me that and that’s fine, let’s shake hands, it’s been great…’”

Such uncertainty over his future has led to his appearance in the running for Rangers boss following the fading of both Michael O’Neill and Derek McInnes. The former has been approached by Scotland and Sunderland are interested too, while the latter seems to be disappearing in likelihood the longer Rangers are managerless.

We do not doubt other names will appear before any appointment is made, but we do wonder just how likely now it is that anyone other than interim manager Graeme Murty will get the job.


  1. If GM leads the team to 12 points over the next 4 games then give him the job till the end of the season and review then. Looks like he's got the 1st team at least right behind him and is not stubbornly playing duds. We are only 6 points off top of the league, initial tinkering from a new management team could lead to losing ground.

  2. Do not let our self be be rushed into appointing a new manager if we get this one wrong Selltic will rule for the next five or more years and ten in a row will be a Reality and that is some thing we can not let happen,next season is plenty time for a new manager let Murty learn his trade and we can get behind him you never know he could do better than most think,stay cool there is no rush.

  3. Three weeks after arguably the worst manager in our history and we still have no appointment, surely a club our size should have had someone lined up long before he went, so there’s taking time but this is just getting embarrassing. Clearly finance is an issue, possibly why Murty is apparently a contender, but please god no, he has clearly picked up a dejected team that had long since lost faith in their manager, in that state my granny could’ve made them feel good about themselves, long term though, I think not, and long term appointment is what we need now, or two weeks ago. Yet another manager linked with the job!! unfortunately it’s not my gran! to be honest the whole thing is just boring me. For f*#*k sake board just appointment someone.

  4. we should give Murty until the end of the season. I read an interview with Nutty yesterday where he was talking about the work they have just completed regarding style of play throughout the youths into the 1st team. with Allen in place as DOF all recruitment/scouted players should now fit into this system and we should only employ coaches that have proven they can develop youth and play the football we want, but also be tactically astute to change style when the required based on opponent. Murty has shown potential in this regard so far, especially with how he set us up for the draw at parkhead last year. He has shown in the last game that he isn't afraid to drop big personalities, and as he has had a say in the culture/structure of the youth development he's in a great position to bring through the youths. let's face it we're unlikely to make any worthwhile signings in January anyway, as there's no good deals, plus a recruitment should be by the DOF going forward so it shouldn't matter who the Manager is as he will be working with what's provided rather than demanding the club change. if it isn't working by Feb start looking for a new manager, if Murty does well we could end up with the next Pochettino on our hands.

  5. Steady on fellow Noise contributors we don't need to head in to this with our eyes shut again !! We need someone who knows what we are about and what he needs to deliver . The board then need to back him with funds and investment in his methods and requirements … If we cant find someone who fits the bill then we should turn to McLeish with Billy Dodds Alex Rae combinations , We need people who know Rangers. Murty should be 1st team Coach . Mc Innes is not the answer he has no bottle for this job he likes being comfortably numb with the Sheep Shaggers . If he really showed some fire in his belly by coming out and saying he wanted it for the right reasons then …Yes Come On.. Bring It On

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