Momentum shift; is ex-Scotland international now in pole position to get Rangers manager job?


Graeme Murty has become second favourite for new Rangers’ manager for the first time with the latest odds showing the ex-Scotland international is now 3/1 as lead candidate Derek McInnes’ odds continue to fall.

The Dons’ chief has gone from 1/7 favourite in the past 48 hours to 4/7 which is a huge reduction and it appears now only a matter of time before the ex-Rangers player loses his place at the top and slides down entirely.

Meanwhile Rangers’ caretaker boss finds himself quietly gathering momentum, shifting up from fourth favourite to second in the matter of around 24 hours.

It marks quite a shift for a man who few gave a real shout of getting the gig permanently, but his performances with the media have shown savvy while the team has equally produced and that has gone a long way.

As for now fourth favourite Michael O’Neill, the Scottish FA’s approach has significantly hurt his odds, and he has fallen in the reckoning, while Feyenoord’s chief Giovanni Van Bronckhorst has also slipped away to third favourite.

It is starting to look more and more like Murty and his assistant Jonatan Johansson will indeed get the gig for the rest of the season while the Rangers board decides on the long-term solution for the club.

Whether fans would be happy with this outcome is another matter.


  1. I would not be disappointed, he knows his way about the club now, seems to be comfortable and knows his stuff. He will be no fool in front of the media and the players respect him.

  2. Crook lawyer sues police scotland and sfa does that not tell you how the Rangers fc was humped by SNP CATHOLIC CEPTIC.

  3. Have said as much on here all along,that graeme murty wouldn't be as risky a choice,as some of our supporters seem to think,to become our new manager!I've continually said i'd like murty to be given a 1 year rolling contract!Ticks practically every box over derek mcinnes imo!Manager experience is the only thing mcinnes has over murty!Murty has the full respect of the players,they'll go through brick walls for him,has proved he's got tactical nous,prepared to change formations to perform against certain teams,knows the club right through from top to bottom,the players really like him and his training methods,he's already at the club so no compensation needed!Its a no brainer for me at least until the end of the season!Graeme murty as manager,jonathan johansson as his assistant,with kenny miller helping out as first team coach!The only thing is we'd need to find a new rangers under 20's coach,to replace murty,as he was doing a tremendous job with them!!

    • Completely agree, Murty and JJ until end of season is the right move! Glad to see opinion moving away from DMcInnes, he couldn’t do much against Celtic even when Delia was there!!

  4. I think it’s a stick on. The fact they are hanging on until the end of this week “for CV’s” suggests that Derek MacInnes hasn’t been contacted and he’snot likely to submit a CV. They are most likely waiting until Murty extends his and our unbeaten run to three against Hamilton and possibly four against Dundee in order to justify His selection. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily the wrong choice but I fear that it’s simply because he won’t cost us anything and it’s a risky choice as he is unproven in so many areas of top flight management.

  5. Cheap option, that's why he will be the new manager. Then we will sack him just before season ticket renewal is just round the corner & we get sold a load of pish about this & that manager before ending up with mcinnes or some other low key appointment

  6. They've had long enough, should have been announced start of this week.

    If it's Murty, then good luck to him. But not on a "caretaker until end of season" as it creates uncertainty and potential disharmony in the squad. Also the new manager needs to install a philosophy and playing style, along with identifying playing to buy and sell. We cannot have a new man come in and do this during preseason, let's use the rest of this season to do this vital work so we can start strong in summer this time…

  7. Some people really need to wake up when it comes to Murty! – He's struggled with the under 20s!!. Yes he's done a decent job with the team in the last couple of games and yes got a draw with Celtic. But the guy is under absolutley no pressure that a Rangers manager would be typically under! We haven't seen what he would do in the transfer market, we haven't seen him on an extended run, we haven't seen him under pressure. All we have seen is him TWICE taking over an unhappy team and giving them a lift, which could be down to themselves knowing the manager has left and thats enough to have some fans shout for him to be given the job??

    Absolutley no way in million years does Greame Murty or Derek Mcinnes for that matter have the experience or the gumption to take us back to the top!

    I know we have been through hard times but stop being utterly ridiculous!

    To clarify – Murty has no experience, won nothing, done nothing never taken a team under pressure and struggled with the under 20's department!

    Mcinnes has been second place in a league that hasn't featured Rangers, Hibs, Hearts or Dundee United or when they have been in the league they have been poor! He's failed 3 times at third round qualifiers for Europe. He's won 1 cup, he's been put out the Scottish cup and league cup at round 4 or 3 on more than 1 ocassion. And he said before the league even started that Celtic will win it. He is not Rangers material!

    Guys like Pardew, Mclaren or the Belgian guy would scoosh the Scottish league with a half decent team yet fans think these guys aren't on the level of Mcinnes or Murty….Jeezo!

    • Rubbish Mr Hayes. What planet are you on? Go back and look at the records of Pardew & McLaren. They have had the sack more times than Santa Claus. They would not "scoosh" the SPL – they would "scoosh" our money away and have us in the bottom half of the table. You are deluded. I want McInnes in now – or if not then Murty, permanent – but I want it now, not in 2 weeks or 6 weeks or at the end of the season. This BOD is the biggest joke in football.

    • You can't seriously say look at the records then say you want Mcinnes in?

      Pardew has managed around 400 games in the top flight. Thats 400 more than Mcinnes in the worlds top league league gaining experience!he took a team from the 2nd to the championship, he took a team from the championship to the EPL, he won the Football league trophy,he has been in two FA cup finals, he's won premier league manager of the year and LMA manager of the year all in tougher league and a much much higher level than Scotland. He may not have been the best manager or got the biggest clubs but to say Mcinnes could even lace this guys boots is a joke mate! Mcinnes was abysmal in the championship and dragged his team away off the bottom of the table into the relegation zone before getting sacked. He's managed an Aberdeen whos been stronger than everyone other than Celtic and won 1 trophy, never beat Rodgers in a game.How can you seriously even suggest he's not only on the same level but a better manager than Pardew? Agree about BOD..they are a joke!

    • Spot on Mr Hays.
      Murty & McInnes will get us absolutely nowhere.
      To be honest once the new manager has been appointed and the dust settles I doubt both of them were ever in the frame.
      FFS Mark Allan get our new manager paraded I can't listen to any more nonsense!!

    • dont agree with a word you say give murty job until end season then we will know if hes man for job he just might be this is scotland its crocked we all know it hes done better than pedro all ready .your looking for someone who has beat smelly mob .big terry butcher he was fed up beating smellies .and that was with inverness and motherwell .all we need is a manager that the players respect that alone will take us far .come on rangers board up the size of ibrox to 60,000 we will show smelly mob were serious .w,a,t,p

    • Stevie 1 – What don't you agree with?

      Murty not having managerial experience with a big club?
      Murty not been tested under pressure?
      Murty not being tested in the transfer market?
      Murty bring tested over a run of games?

      Think you will find they are all 100% accurate sorry!

      So your answer is giving it to Murty till Summer. Great idea and what happens when his lack of knowledge with signing players see's him signing more duffers? What happens when guys a new manager may have brought to the club in January to bed for the summer aren't now an option? and he's taking over an even worse mess with less money and none of his signings bedded in for next summer?

      Give Murty the job till the end of the season..tssk

      Give Murty hee haww. He's our under 20's coach and has struggled with that at times but because he's managed to steady the ship for a few games after our 2 worst managers in history have left you want to give him the first team managers job?? Doesn't work like that. This club needs experience it's as simple as that!

    • P.S Stevie 1 – Dunno if your aware, but we are desperately trying to stop Celtic getting 10 in a row. We don't really have time to make ridiculous gambles on whether our youth coach who has never managed a club in his life is the right man for Rangers by giving him till the end of the season do we?

  8. F?J. … for me Murty is a none starter for the same reasons as William gives. I've a question for all Rangers supporters…Do you think that Mcinnes is a better manager than Lennon… 'cause I don't …

  9. what a story if murty were given till end of season and triumphs over the invincibles, it would haunt them forever. won't happen now bt would be the ultimate boot in the baws for them. bye brenda?

  10. McInnes hasnt done ANYTHING except make Aberdeen better,than the weak of the Scottish premier league, he hasnt beat the Scum….in five years…
    We need a MANAGER,someone who has balls and HATES Celtic,as well as having the ability to remind players, that losing to the dross,is NOT acceptable,WE NEED TO COMPETE,somehow AND very soon.. We need a manager,who is willing to understand,that just being great passers of a ball,IS NOT the answer,we need players who are willing to go to soccer war during games…and then take it from their….

  11. Ok here it is we can not offer any money for new players and the wage of a new manager would be in or around £1 million top managers would not look at a job like this pay is well below what they could earn elsewhere no money for new players this job could end them as seen as a top manager,there are only two who could get the job is McInnes but Murty is the Fav you can bank on this.

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