Former Everton defender emerges among Rangers managerial favourites


Croatia’s Slaven Bilic has emerged as a serious contender to take over at Ibrox, it has been reported.

Recently-fired from underperforming West Ham, the former Croatia boss has always admitted his affection for Glasgow and that he would be more than happy to manage Rangers or indeed their green and white cousins.

The 49 year old has actually had a pretty good managerial career since he hung up his boots, never managing less than a 37% win rate in any job and achieving up to 68.75% at Croats Hadjuk Split.

Many would point to his outstanding record for his country, with a stunning 64.62% win rate and appearances in two major championships, and there is little doubt Bilic is a far better manager than his ultimately difficult end to life in the London Stadium suggests.

It is also worth noting his successor has only managed a point in two matches so the Hammers are a struggling side for sure who have not adjusted to life at their new home yet.

As for Rangers, with tomorrow’s AGM very much on everyone’s lips the board could do worse than announcing Bilic as new manager – he is a capable pair of hands who clearly wants to prove he still has it.

He currently sits joint fourth favourite at a very tempting 16/1.


  1. Wouldn't mind him he would take on Rodgers and that's exactly what we need.
    Never mind all this pish has to be Scottish has to be a previous player bla bla bla. Murty,McInnes, McLeish Really!!
    What total tripe!

    If Miller,Windass & Holt start were getting a humping they are at best 2nd team.
    Murty fuk Miller off hes finished and pick a team to win not a happy team.
    Try This》》》》》》

    Jack Wilson Alves John

    Tavi McCorie Candieas

    Pena Morelos

    If not 12 points looks a probability for sure!!!

    • I'm hoping that's you in the defence rather than Danny! If he plays we WILL be humped. But it looks like you have Ryan Jack at right back, Tavernier and McCrorie in midfield and Pena up front in a 4-4-2 formation? Interesting idea…but not a winning team I wouldn't think. And isn't Dorrans still out?

      A better team (assuming Dorrans unfit) would be:

      McCrorie Cardoso Alves

      Tavernier Jack Barjonas Holt John

      Morelos Candeias or Hardie

  2. I wouldnt be against Bilic. Payet caused alot of his problems and he was never replaced. Moving stadium can have an effect as article mentioned.

    It is becoming ridiculous though, we are being linked with every Tom,Dick and Harry and i actually doubt he would want to work with us in the current situation.

    We need to win these two games against Aberdeen or even Jim Duffy wouldnt touch us.

  3. the money tree has been uprooted and stolen. there is no money to pay the massive salary these 'names' command in England. if the money was there someone would have been appointed immediately. the directors are fighting inhouse as the lenders are refusing to lend any more.what part of being pratted isn't being understood. the finql hurrah was in the summer when the board sanctioned the signing spree. it hasn't worked and the board cannot finance any more sprees. no Allerdyce, No Pardew, No De Boers, no GVB, no AVB and no Billic …….cheap option , Murty, didn't work either ala Dundee result . BR went to east end because salary was £2.8m and transfer kitty was agreed. We have no real salary in line with EPL/Championship or transfer kitty, so no BIG name will be announced.

  4. At least we know that it won't be big Sam or pardew with the news step up slaven billic to the fore. My head hurts with all this media speculation fact of the mater is we don't know who it's gonna be. But for the love of god please let us know what the fuck is going on at the AGM tomorrow.

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