Former Ibrox title winner back in the manager mix


Former Rangers manager Alex McLeish is now firmly in the running to return to Ibrox in the same capacity, according to reports.

The ex-Birmingham and Scotland manager is the preference of a number of board advisors, and was strongly in the frame for the job when Mark Warburton vacated the premises, but the powers-that-be elected instead for the disastrous appointment that was Pedro Caixinha.

Now the former Hibs manager is solidly back in the running for Rangers’ hotseat and certainly did not deny his interest the last time the job was available:

“I wasn’t close. I had doubts about it. I did speak to them and I said that if they were to come back and offer me it, I would like to speak further. It was a very casual chat. It wasn’t what I would call an interview, it was meeting old friends again and seeing where they were going with the club. They say don’t go back and that was in my mind but they asked to speak to me and it was worth listening to what they had to say.”

However Eck did also concede the politics were toxic and not something he wanted at the time:

“It was totally different to when I first went. It just wasn’t for me at this time of my career. I felt that there is a lot that goes with it as well, in terms of the other side of the actual football and training. There is a lot of politics and I don’t know if I needed that at this stage of my life.”

It would be arguable not a lot has actually changed since McLeish last spoke to the board, and while he is very much in the frame again this time around (fifth favourite at the time of writing) whether the man would actually want the position is another matter.

But Rangers would know exactly what they were getting with him, and a lot of fans are keen on him coming back too.


  1. Bring Him Back on a Short Term Deal just to Steady and then go for someone more long term maybe in the summer.

    …Cant be Any Worse than Le Guen/Caixinha

    • Ah dont know whit age u r mate but do u remember helicopter sunday or the old firm cup final when he was the boss

    • He is exactly what we need. He's a Rangers man and understands exactly what the clubs should do in any situation. He would believe he could take selic in at least one of the 3 remaining games this season…McInnes wouldn't.

      7 trophies last time and the had their blessed Martin at that time.

      He is the only answer right now. He would stop the rot immediately.

  2. Christ all mighty. Every name that is mentioned gets the same response. I am seriously worried. Pedro ffs where did that come from. Seriously! We need a proven manager that can take the team forward and build. This won't be an overnight fix because we are light years behind Celtic. For f sake lets get a realistic perspective. No one is going to be good enough if you read this website. For hat it's worth my view would get Murty until the end of the season (which is over) and then evaluate where we are, where we need to be, and who can get us there.

  3. He would not be a poor appointment however, it is alarming that it has taken three weeks. If he was the best candidate then he might have been appointed after a couple of days. I sense desperation here. Just appoint Murty and get on with things. He conducts himself well, talks sense in a measured fashion (especially in the media) and can take the team to victory. What else is needed? Sad as it is we are no longer desirable for many potential managers (wages and transfer budget) so let's face up to reality and take the necessary steps to take the club forward. References to the club's past history are valid but they are in the past. Do what needs to be done NOW and for the FUTURE.

  4. why does McLeish keep getting brought up. we sacked him the last time. in his last season he finished 3rd with a far better team than we have now. he was also manager when we lost every old firm game in a season and from what I can remember we went 2 or 3 of those games barely managing a shot.

  5. We have to look to our future bring in new style of footballer not the ten men behind the ball again so boring .

  6. After today i am now sure its not the manager but the players we have. McLeish is to old now we sacked Alex McLeish now we going give him the job again what a joke is this a wind up from the board we need a good young manager but we must give him time more than a few games or six months

  7. when are our fellow supporters going to wake up and smell the coffee the mind set of the first team needs to be examined the choices of murty made in todays game must also come into question certain players have got to examine themselves and
    ask themselves this question am i good enough to for what was a great club i believe this season goes down as another rite off lets get to the end of the season and refocus ourselves to come again next season . to do this properly for the best outcome . we must bring in an intrim coach be it big Eck,Walter smith its got to be a manager with a strong personality and a winning mentality someone with the ability to reign in the egos of the entire first team .As right now we are unable to challenge for any silverware this season the bad publicity over the past events and the comments from other so called professionals has hurt the team .but you would have thought it would have galvanised the team but no it has not it has demoralised the team . So any incoming manager has their work cut out and the board have got to make sure they have the right man this time round and all the senior players must support their choice we pride ourselves on only having 17 managers through out the clubs history The club cant afford to let the fans down again next season the players must give 100% in every match if they do not want to be at the club its time to go . and the board must punish players who under perform rather than just picking on the manager its easy to make the manager a scape goat when a team crosses the touchline he can do no more .the captain needs to take over and make sure the players adhere to the managers tactics .

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