All change in manager hunt as favourite for Ibrox job slips dramatically

All change in manager hunt as favourite for Ibrox job slips dramatically

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes’ chances of becoming Rangers manager have taken something of a dent if the latest odds are anything to go by, with the former 1/7 odds-on favourite slipping back quite some distance to 4-9.

The ex-Rangers player remains the favourite, but the likelihood of it taking place is starting to look more distant.

The regular question being asked by fans about McInnes is if the ex-St Johnstone boss was likely to be Rangers’ new manager, why, over two weeks on from the vacancy opening, have Rangers’ board not even apparently opened discussions with him?

Meanwhile recently-confirmed second runner Giovanni Van Bronckhorst’s odds have shortened again, with a tempting 11/2 now on the Feyenoord boss taking the reins at Ibrox.

Real doubts now exist about McInnes and whether the Dons’ chief was ever in the running for new manager at all – many have argued he has been a media-driven favourite, with the bookies and the press being the ones driving the story, while Rangers and our fans have never really cheerled for his appointment.

In an article later today, Ibrox Noise takes you through our three preferences for the appointment.

You will need to tune in to see if McInnes is one of them.

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  1. Now your talking, I've said all along why in Gods name is he odds on favourite.
    9% better strike rate than Pedro (Very Poor)

    Openly admits he doesn't know how to beat the manky mob (Fuking Scarey)

    Inclined to agree he's the media fav and also agree possibly never ever on Rangers radar, for me he's not the answer, the proofs in the pudding》》》 statistics never lie!!

    If your happy with 2nd place and fuked 4 times a year by the unwashed he's UR man!!!

    • Matt not forward, upwards mate!!.
      As U say it's not quantum physics, I prey we can manage to get him and all that comes with him.

  2. GVB is the strongest candidate by a country mile. However….he is, currently, with the club he has always loved, playing in a superior like to ours, been successful so far, able to work with a bigger transfer budget AND, least not forget, he will be on a wage Rangers simply cannot afford. Neither can we afford the buy-out clause Feyenord will demand. For all that, I would take him in a heartbeat. Murty, McInnes? Neither has proved they have it in them to succeed at Ibrox. Like all Rangers fans, I have tremendous respect for Murty but he is simply not the answer. Sky did a piece about the success of caretaker managers. Many were successful over 3 – 6 months. None, however, were in a job 12 months later. Murty, as a Ibrox number 3, would be a realistic position for him to attain and deserve).

  3. we could of course consider another ex ibrox player who has all the badges including RAC and AA to keep him on the right road I assume and although he doesn't like Ross Jack if the wages are good enough he,d get by but someone might need to tell him its very unprofessional to get personal with his fellow professionals eg current staff at the club.

  4. We need a manager who WANTS to over ride THE SCUM…
    So far, i havent seen ANY who have PROVED they can do that, thats why we should sign ALEX McLEISH….if we cant afford him, then i think we are in truelly dire straits.

    • Yes! I thought I was the only one wanting him back, he knows what the expected standards are from a rangers player!

      We need a manager that fits the rangers way rather than a manager that has a set of methodologies and the club have to shoe horn into it.

      A good example of this was Pedro's antics, regardless of his ideas and CV, yes he was passionate but I dont care who you are thats not how a rangers man behaves on the touchline.

  5. Let us hope the delay in appointing the new manager is to ensure we get the right man or men for the job. Most of us would have no qualms if the appointment included Murty somewhere in the first team infrastructure. We go on about more funding to bring in players, with King pumping money back into the club to bring us back to our former status. The previous incumbents failed with the players they chose and wasted precious funds on players who were and are inadequate.
    Rangers need to restructure completely, we are slowly beginning to see a trickle of potential coming from Murray Park and do what should have happened when our finances were settled. I am sure King and other investors would be keen to provide funds necessary to allow whoever takes over to fund bringing in new players to the club.
    Pedro failed, but he brought in players most fans wanted, Dorrans, Jack, Alves and a few other players have been accepted as reasonable Declan John, Candias, Moreles, others haven’t quite made their mark, but how many from the previous management set up can we class as up to a standard we need to progress.
    We need a manager and infrastructure to move onwards and upwards.

  6. How many times must it be said no jumping in with two feet lets see who is in the running and I dont mean what the media are saying who is in the running for the job some of the names and betting odds are just fantasy Murty is doing ok lets see how we progress with him and get it right one more dud coming in would be catastrophic

  7. Isn't it time we saw some chink of light coming out at the end of the tunnel?

    Our Supporters deserve after all the fuck ups by King and Co, a colossal revamped Playimg and coaching staff.

    Something on the scale of Souness.

    Otherwise forget stopping 10 in a row

    If King and never hurry anything Murray want a sensational stoppage in season 10 and it fails.
    Africa won't be big enough to hide in

  8. Rangers were only a ‘big thing ‘ in the 90’s because of bent financial management . They are not the same club , if at all they’re at best the same level as they were in the 70’80’s now . Chasing Celtic is what killed them first time round , now it’s a hurried panic to try and stop 10? Forget it , ain’t gonna happen . Only way rangers can level with Celtic is by starting again (after this next administration which will lead to a closed Ibrox ) and getting serious money from an Arab or some Sheikh ! But by then it’s lights out I’m afraid

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