Are Rangers taking a big risk on Steve McClaren?


Sky Sources have today claimed not only is former England manager Steve McClaren interested in taking over at Rangers, but that Rangers have opened informal talks with the former Twente boss.

The reaction is mixed at best, with McClaren having no knowledge of either the SPL or crucially Rangers, making him a potentially risky punt in light of his lack of success with big clubs and the national side.

But with Rangers reportedly making moves to secure the former Newcastle chief, the odds have been slashed to 7/2 which makes him the strongest odds outwith Derek McInnes to take the role.

The fact the English League Cup winner is open to negotiations makes the deal stronger, with Rangers having spent millions (around £8M) this calendar year on failed transfers plus freeing the club from the retail deal, the reported £800,000 compensation payable to Aberdeen for their manager’s release may be too much.

As such, a free agent like McClaren may be seen as a safer and less expensive route.

Whether the ex-Derby man is the right call, should this story continue, remains to be seen.

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  1. What kind of people are running our club, haven't they learned from the last two disasters……. the last board was ousted because of their disasters,,,, I feel a Deja vu coming on

    • The sad answer is incompetents: Robertson, Dickson and Park should have fallen on their swords already (or been kicked out) for the Caixinha debacle

  2. i thought this was a joke. sure he has a good CV but didn't senderos? If he cant cut it at Newcastle how the f**k will he at an even bigger club like Rangers even later on in his life….

  3. For the sake of Rangers leave Graeme Murty in the job at least until the end of the season. The board should confirm that now and end this disruptive speculation. Get behind the guy who knows the players and can motivate them to achieve at least 2nd place. Mark Allen should enforce this and support Graeme. Murty would bring much needed stability.

  4. McLaren has three failures for every success.

    I'm not worried, I'm not disappointed, I'm angry.

    If he's manager then give Celtic 10 in a row right now.

  5. Mc Claren is a good coach …but Rangers Please !!! No Thanks . Mark Allen will be heavily involved in this and so should the whole coaching team . Murty has done nothing but good since he has stepped in both times and should be given a hearing and serious consideration . We need to stop this false Euphoria at the Midden They are a decent side in a pish poor league Come On… Look a the European Stats ….Shite … and miles away from any of them including Anderlecht who are in crisis. Please Not Mc Innes he disrespects us every opportunity he gets, and has won bugger all

  6. I am 100% against this appointment if indeed it was to happen. Still trying to get my head around the idea to be honest but i thought i would list some pro's just to see if there is any.

    1) I couldnt think of any
    2) I looked on wiki , I couldnt find any
    3) His brolly might get some use in glasgow

    As you can see from above WERE F*CKED

  7. How long before a lazy blogger or so called journalist links Slaven Billic to the Rangers job…just wait for it!!

    Although as a Scotland fan he might be a decent should for the Scotland job.

    • Its happening


  8. Slaven Bilic a well respected and excellent coach who I would rate above previous candidates.Would raise the bar above any other considered up to now.

    • I'll go for that big Slavan would be a great move for Rangers and he's just left the hammers with moyes taking over

  9. Graeme Murty should be given a chance. He has shown he has potential. If we don't offer him a chance, another club might.

    I sure as anything do not want McLaren or Moyes

  10. Another Sun reporter has rubbished this story on Twitter. Just the Sun trying to stir up crap as usual, with a load of folk taking the bait.

  11. I see West Ham are supposedly giving Moyes a 6 months contract. That's what we should be doing with Murty (or whoever, but preferably Murts). Brains must be engaged!. Mon the Gers

  12. Listen there are not many managers out there that have not been sacked some more than twice some sacked many times i like young managers the one who is in charge now is doing a good job yes there will be ups and downs but the players play for him and i like that.

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