Why Rangers’ board is accountable for the Pedro Pantomine


So another big match, another Pedro Caixinha debacle. Before I continue, it is clear some of you readers think the sun shines out the man’s backside. You will defend him beyond the club, and you think he deserves years. If you are one such, I advise you to stop reading and go to another site which caters for your tastes.

With that out of the way, Rangers have been, again, disgraced on and off the pitch, both by the team, the manager and the tactics.

Ibrox Noise never had a hope in hell we would win against Motherwell – an in form side, Scotland’s most so, while we patch our way in and out of some fleeting flirts with form. We knew this match would be tough, and Motherwell, like Celtic, bullied us into submission.

They did cross the line, yes, and referee Steven MacLean was a disgrace of a ref, but he let our own Bruno away with murder and failed to spot a multitude of other sins on both sides.

So it is nothing to do with him, but the harsh reality is, again, it all comes back to those board members who reckoned appointing an unknown random from Portugal with a lifelong sub-50% record was good enough for Rangers.

And it is has turned a great number of fans, eager for their side to do well, into resigned into mediocrity because they believe it will come good.

It will not. Pedro is not, never was, and never will be the right manager for Rangers.

The guy drops the excellent Jason Holt, rendering Graham Dorrans impotent again, while persisting with the absolutely horrendous Josh Windass. Meanwhile Carlos Pena retreats back into his Mexican shell and becomes invisible, making this site and those who gave him big credit v St Johnstone look like absolute idiots for daring to believe in him.

And it is all the will of Pedro.

It was telling that when sent off, Pedro kept as far away as possible from the directors as it was possible to be – meanwhile his Motherwell counterpart Steven Robinson was right among his suits as thick as thieves.

That is a picture of a board that knows it made a mistake, and a manager who knows they do not support him any more.

Pedro is a joke of a manager, it is that simple. We are Rangers for heaven’s sake – our managers have been Uncle Walter, Alex “Helicopter Sunday” McLeish, big Jock Wallace, the great Scot Symon and the legendary Mr Struth.

To back Pedro as good enough in company like that is unfathomable. And that some still think the board got the appointment right is beyond us.

Pedro needs to go. He needs to take his crazy management away from Rangers, as far away as possible.

Rangers have still not won one single big match under his management. Every single meaningful match under Pedro has ended up an embarrassment. The one exception appeared to be St Johnstone but then they just got gubbed by Hearts for their third loss in a row – they are absolutely out of form and the win against them means so much less than it was felt it did at the time.

Up against in form Motherwell? Mince. Pure and simple.

We have been criticised recently – claims there is an ‘agenda’ to get Pedro out. Wow – way to state the obvious guys. Yes, we want a GOOD manager at Ibrox, good players – you are absolutely right there is an agenda to get Rangers GOOD again.

Anyone disgusted by this ‘agenda’ really needs to figure out why they support Rangers.

Here is another pointer for you – Steven Robinson signed 18 players this summer – a whole new team for Motherwell. They are fourth in the table and absolutely smashing it. Rangers signed 10 new players, scraping onto third, with 20x the budget of Robinson, and some fans think Pedro deserves more time and is the right man.

Pull the other one guys.

But he did not appoint himself. Three or four board members made this call, and are every inch as culpable as he. Their decision was not in the best interests of Rangers and they are accountable to that.

Where we go from here is simple. Sack Pedro, admit your mistake, and appoint a manager who can take us forward.

If Walter could turn Rangers around in 2007 and turn PLG’s shambles into Scotland’s best team overnight with the additions of just Ehiogu, Weir and Thomson, it is possible to turn round this squad into something that can deal with the SPL.

But it cannot be Pedro.

Rangers board, you have made a mess of two appointments now in a row. This really is last chance saloon.


  1. A crazy appointment from day one but there's an inherent dilemma. There's not enough money to recruit a top-class manager. Not just for his remuneration package and that of his management team but to recruit the players such a top manager would insist on.

  2. I have been saying for some time now that Pedro must go–as soon as possible. Ibrox noise have said it all, and they are correct in everything that they have written. There IS AN AGENDA: TO GET US A NEW MANAGER AND A FEW QUALITY PLAYERS TO MAKE US LOOK AT LEAST A BIT MORE LIKE THE RANGERS TEAMS THAT WE GREW UP SUPPORTING< AND WERE USED TO SUPPORTING UNTIL DISASTER STRUCK FIVE YEARS AGO. I am glad to see that I am not a voice in the wildernedd asking for Pedro to be sacked. At the time of Caixinho's appointment, Dave King said that he was NOT PART OF THE GROUP THAT RECRUITED HIM. That should make it all the easier for Dave King to sack Caixinho–and do it as soon as possible–like tonight or tommorrow. Our season is nearly over and it is still October. We are out of Europe, out of the Scottish League Cup, have NO CHANCE OF WINNING THE LEAGUE–maybe finishing third at best–and I do not think we will do any better in the Scottish Cup UNLESS we bring in a few players–like Jamie Walker, Louis Moult, and Walker, the great young talent from St.Mirren. Rangers fans have been patient until now–nut just watch the attendances drop sharply if we continue to suffer many more humiliations –particularly by teams who do not have a fraction of the money or support that Rangers have. Pleasesack the idiot now, Mr. King.

  3. Get behind the manager. Albeit disappointing today we are defo improving so get behind Ped ! Chris Sutton saying we should sack him tells you all you need to know, get behind Ped

  4. Ibrox Noise nailed it again.
    Caixinha and the selection committee are now in a "Mexican standoff"
    Mark Allen needs to step forward and rid Rangers Football Club of every single one of these individuals.
    Rangers F C are in the toilet and are one flush away from losing their supporters and finance.
    Mr Allen it is now or never, anything less will show utter contempt for us long suffering fans. Many of us have fuckin' had it with the Neanderthals running our club. For fucks sake get them out of Ibrox or they will be the only ones left.

  5. I have defended pedro many times on this site, believing that we are improving as a team and that he did need time as hiring and firing constantly was not the way forward. I stuck by those thoughts until today. That was the last straw for me. I also respect both sides of the argument and that is what makes this site my favourite rangers site but I don't like ibrox noise telling our fellow fans not to read on and that your opinion is final. I have turned in my opinion of pedro but my previous patience was down to my love of rangers and believing hopefully that we would improve. Please allow the fans who comment 100% freedom in their thoughts. WATP

    • I'm with you mate, after that today it's hard to defend him now…we are pish and if we get beat on Tuesday he should walk WATP

    • I have been patient also. Giving him chance after chance. Yesterday was so hard o take as we never turned up. Time togo Pedro and the quicker the better

  6. Yet another gameinwhich we were a disgrace both on and off the park. Once again, Caixinho proved that he is not fit to be Rangers Manager. He picked the wrong team. Jason Holt should have been in the team, in placeof the invisible Pena, who cost us 32.5 million. I don't think that either Kenny Miller or Ryan Hardie would have been as poor as Windass, who had yet another bad game. Caixinho cannot complain about the physicality, as we all knew that Motherwell would be physical, and some of Caixinho's comments seemed to encourage Rangers to be the same. Rangers will not beat teams with inferior skills by being physical–no chance. It does, however, raise the issue of how can Motherwell, who spend almost nothing in the summer put together a team that can beat a Rangers team that had a further £ 8 million spent on it? It should not be possible–but it has happened. Once again Caixinho's behaviour during the game let us know that he is simply not good enough gor Rangers. The Motherwell Manager used the right tactics to beat Rangers–and Caixinho did not seem to know what to do about it–the sign of a very bad manager. Caixinho MUST BE SACKED NOW, as THINGS ARE NOT ABOUT TO GET BETTER ANY TIME SOON.

  7. If the board doesn't go we won't move forward. It's that simple. Our problems are much deeper than the manager. Much deeper.

    We haven't been making any progress under this board.

  8. I really like listening to Pedro he is colourful however I whole heartedly agree with this article. With all that Rangers have been through its no time to experiment. Get a top class, well know, experienced premier league manager now. The board should look after the money side and leave the selection to the manager to the new director of football I'm sure with his connections he has opinions on a good fit and would know who would come in immediately. Don't wait until January go and get three players signed now (leave them at Aberdeen, Hearts and Motherwell until January). Show us something, give us hope. We can continue to use Pedro's players and hopefully recoup our investment on those deemed unable to win at Rangers. Let's get it done and win this league this year.

  9. Couldn't agree more. I was one who said give the man to Xmas but as we get closer to it I have to say there is no improvement and he isn't getting the most out of our team.

    We probably can't afford an absolute top drawer manager, but we don't need one who is top drawer – we need someone who can get the most out of a limited squad and can be clever in adapting tactics to suit us when playing better teams.

    Pedro plays exactly the same formation every game. No plan B.

    Also, why do we always seem to concede 10 corners every game? Even when we beat St Johnstone comfortably we conceded 16 corners and only won 2. Surely this says the way we attack and defend in the wide areas is not working.

    Finally, to discount guys like Louis Moult, Walker, McLean etc in favour of guys who've never played in Euorpe was stupid. Gamble on one of the foreign guys but dont gamble on half the team…

    Any of the managers mentioned (Eck, McInnes, Wright, De Boer etc) would get more out of this squad with decent tactics. I don't care who we pick as long as it's not a guy with zero experience of how to win in Scotland.

  10. Go now. Get mcleish till end of season unless we show ambition by gettin mcinnes now. An experiment that was never goin to work if u took 1 look at his cv.

  11. Here here! The board has gotten it too easy for too long. Hard questions need to be asked of them. The club seems rudderless with no clear strategy for progression. The background issues need to resolved to give any new manager a solid foundation to build from. What happened to the share issue? What's going to happen if the court rules against DK? There's too much unresolved at board room level. I fear we won't move on in any meaningful way to things are more stable behind the scenes

  12. Time to go Pedro. I never thought you were a Rangers manager and you have proven that again today with that shambles of a display in the technical area. No Rangers manager has ever or should ever behave like that. You need to go.

    So we are at a place where we don't expect to beat Motherwell in a cup semi…really! Also we are talking about a game a against St Johnstone as a 'meaningful match'. This is where we are after this man was given £10M to spend on who ever he wished. This was a lunitic appointment and this is where it has brought us…losing, easily to Motherwell!!

    Its a shambles and everyone is laughing at us, again! Time to sort it out Mr King.

  13. I contribute regularly in this forum, sometimes I agree other times not. Most of this piece rings truth and I will not contradict the general statements made.
    However, yes there has to be a however, the board has made its second dreadful appointment. This is a board 90% of Rangers fans wanted tou oust the previous collections of alleged hooks, crooks and vagabonds. So instead of constant bemoaning of an incapable manager, should we collectively not put pressure on the board to appoint a home based Scottish manager or someone who knows the game, with a tried and tested record to manage our club?
    Had we that person in place, the man who dumped us out the league cup today would be at Ibrox, Moult, Walker and possibly McLean might be in our team today.
    As for the referee today, he was a as dreadful as I can ever remember. Motherwell used brute force at times today to hammer a side, let’s make this clear is weak in physique anyway, but challenges today were totally ignored today that if played in Europe could have reduced Motherwell to 8 players and yes we might have lost one too.
    So what you are saying here is Sack the board, Sack the manager sack the back room staffand sack all the players he brought into the club?

  14. Putting my head above the Broomloan parapet here but I did say he needs time and the players need to gel as a team. Now I'm not afraid to admit that I was wrong. Yes the referee was abysmal, yes Motherwell should have been down to the 10 men but so should we, yes they played better as a team than we did and yes I'm disappointed. The time is past now for Pedro and he should go. In some games we have flattered to deceive and now, after the debacle of today I realised that Pedro was never of the calibre of manager we should have and I apologise for saying we should stick with him and his team. Whatever happened between him and Kenny Miller should have been put to bed long ago. When Kenny was in the team, even though he wasn't at his best and wasn't scoring, Morelos was. Since Kenny has been out there has been a goal drought from the Rhino, maybe coincidence or maybe something more but it's a fact either way. Pack your bags Pedro, you're no longer welcome.

  15. I can only hope that King felt as ashamed and embarrassed as I did watching Pedro's antics shame the managers office of our great club. Just as he did v Celtic instead of keeping a calm head, and concentrating on what he can do tactically to change the game – he rants and rails at everyone on the sidelines, trying to deflect attention and blame from his own deficiencies.
    Caixhina has failed every major test, lost every big game, and hasn't managed three wins in a row in seven months. This is not good enough for a manager of a club with the second biggest budget in the league.
    He has created division in the dressing room with his childish rants about Scottish players not welcoming him. Alienating true servants to the club such as Miller and Wallace.When he finally hooked the woeful Pena, instead of being able to turn to an experienced player like Miller all he has available is Nemane – a 19 year old loanee that hasn't yet played a full 90 mins – well who else could he bring on Dalcio!! Morelos was isolated today as he has been in most games recently. Pena offers no support and it is no coincidence that Morelos hasn't scored since Miller was dropped.
    King has to sack Caixhina now – today. This time the Board need to go for an experienced manager who knows the Scottish game. No more experiments.

  16. Stuck up for him but today was just a step too far…crap talking in build up to game..picking wrong players..no plan when it all goes wrong again..shocking behaviour on the touch line again not befitting our standards…job miles to big for him so do the right thing board members and put him and us out of our misery…there’s been zero improvement so nice last year …get big ek in till summer then get McInnes in or get him now and have big eck as no2….this shit needs sorted now before we lose even more money and time that we ain’t got

  17. Look we had to give him the benefit of the doubt, well today was the straw that broke the camel's back.
    I have like so many defended him because he was the Rangers manager but again like so many been very wrong.
    Also I'm not defending the manager but having a real dig at our players, they were fuking shocking.
    Windass (can join pedro) 2 easy chances and got in John's way all the game.
    John free header.
    Alves free header.
    Pena (rotten) free header
    candies X2 woeful shots
    Morelos 8 yards out.
    The whole team was total pish

    Don't actually know if we can afford to bag the manager but if we can and move forward I hope it's with Dr Boer.
    If there's no option to change out the manager well Moult McKay walker and Mckinn are musts come Jan.

    I'm totally gutted me!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  18. Told my son months ago Pedro would never be a Rangers manager while his backside was pointing at the ground. It's all waffle and bluster and why he was appointed when McLeish was desperate for the job is beyond me. I hope he is gone before the Kilmarnock gamed on Wednesday because no manager would be better than Pedro.

  19. Any Rangers fan that has eyes and ears could tell that Pedro's appointment was a very big mistake and after earlier shite results could never turn his team around to compete in this league or any other. Pedro, you are a FUD. Realise this today and move on. Dave King, act now and bring in a decent caretaker manager. Listen to what the fans are telling you.

  20. Motherwell showed a lot of fight and effort, as well as physicality. But those are attributes you'll find in most SPL teams, they should not be enough to see off a rangers team.

    In the past good rangers teams would win that physical battle and produce the goods football wise. Pedro isn't practical enough for rangers or Scottish football. All the philosophy in the world sometimes doesn't matter when a team is just going to battle and be physical like Motherwell, I'm not saying that we should match like for like but how can that have been a surprise yesterday? It's the only game Motherwell have.

  21. said in May again in June and last month as well that he wouldn't see Halloween just about that time now. As a manager he shows nothing that is required for a Rangers manager, no class, no respect, no tactics and poor signings. He is not and will not turn any corner does not have the above so its an impossibility. What he does have is a stupid mouth, a short fuse and no idea of what it is to be in charge of Rangers. Go away u stupid man and take the majority of your signings with you. Our season is all but over. Our young lads in Murty's set up will do a better job. At the very least they will show some fight.

  22. Pedro has to go yesterday was hurtful to watch and looking at Dave King leaving the game he himself knows the board made a massive mistake so I urge him to do the right thing and sack Pedro before it gets any worse and believe me if he stays it will get worse.

  23. I have also been saying that he needs until Christmas to be properly judged, however it's now clear that the problems are more than just giving the new players time to gel. Ped is floundering and it will be a kindness to him and the players to end this sooner rather than later. It will also be an abdication of responsibility if the Board don't man-up now and admit they have got it wrong.

  24. I agree with U all but if he's getting the bullet the board must go find a intrim or full time manager first, keeping in mind the language barrier. leave it till after the Partic game that gives the new boss 2 weeks with the team by fuk he'll need it.
    Dr Boer has to be the obvious choice he can speak Spanish.
    Honestly what a fuking mess the board BETTER get it Wright this time if they have the backbone to man up??
    That's 50/50 also!!

  25. Steve Robinson told his players yesterday at half-time, " We're fitter and stronger than them". It was bloody true. It's been pointed out before that this rangers team does not look fit, in spite of having possibly the best training facilities in Scotland. Caixinha has been out- managed this season by Rodgers, Lennon, Robinson and some guy in charge of a team of part timers..( Progres Niedercorn) . Basic logic tells me that they're all better coaches than Pedro. Hes obviously brilliant at interviews but that's where the brilliance stops. Please board, just sack him. He's incompetent. He's an embarrassment. If we promote Graeme Murtie for the rest of the season we'll fare better. Maybe our Director of Football is working behind the scenes at the moment trying to line up a replacement , but we can't watch any more of Pedro's blustering efforts at trying to impersonate a coach. The Gers will just be another name on the long list of teams he's already been an experiment with. He's led us out of Europe, out of the league cup, and away from contesting the league. He sent the team out yesterday with 9 players plus Windass and Pena. It beggars belief that he can't see that Windass isn't strong enough to carry the jerseys never mind play. Pedro, get on your caravan and go back to some obscure league where we won't hear of you again. You've succeeded in consolidating Scotland in the eyes of the UK and further afield as a one team league. That needs to change Now! Action plwase board. It's your mistake, now fix it. Mon the Gers

  26. This was for m the worst EVER I was in tears watching those Famous Blue Jerseys being disrespected by those wearing them … No Fight No Desire Nothing we are rock bottom really rock bottom this time . Caixinha and his garbage have to go immediately Mr Dave King .. The Board needs to be refreshed and Money found as soon as possible . Mc Leish in now with Billy Dodds real Rangers Men who know Scottish Football and don't settle for 2nd Best . Please get it done as soon as possible or the AGM will be carnage !! Just when we thought we were moving forward Ashely etc. etc. we end up with this sorry sorry outcome.

  27. give murty a crack till xmas, he's on the payroll already.he overseen our best display against cetic despite been thrown in @ the deep end.the players fought so hard for him that day (respect).

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